!!Tropes found in the card game include:
* TheWoobie: The people of Bograth are almost nothing ''but'' Woobie-people. Poor folks.
* TooGoodToLast: Sigh...

!!Tropes found in the video game include:
* BreatherBoss: Korg the second time you fight him, who comes before [[ThatOneBoss Zet and Morag]]. He summons many more creatures than before, but all of them are more {{Stone Wall}}s than anything else, and they still come out slowly.
* GoodBadBug: Shopkeepers will sell you a variety of gems, that increase your monsters' stats in battle, for five animite. They'll happily buy it back from you for ''eighteen'', permitting you to max out your money count within minutes of starting the game.
* ThatOneBoss: Zet actually proves to be one of the harder bosses in the game, with the ability to act twice in one turn and very high energy. This is especially surprising given how relatively easy Korg was, and funny considering that Korg spent the entire game bossing Zet around.
** Morag is also pretty bad. Especially since, aside from Zet's Cunning Blow, Morag knows the most potent enemy spells in the entire game.
* ThatOneLevel: The Shadow hold. UGH. It's a good thing you can ''skip'' it!!
* ThatOneSidequest: Ormagon! Who knew?