* CrowningMomentOfAwesome: In every live version she's done of "The Bonny Swans" since ''The Mask and the Mirror'' came out, but especially the one from her ''Live in Paris and Toronto'' concert, the moment when the harp reveals to the entire court what her "false sister Anne" did to her is punctuated by an absolutely badass electric guitar riff which underscores just how screwed her sister is by the reveal.
* CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming: Many of her songs which are not tragic ballads (and even some that are) act as this due to their being expressions of love and devotion, but particularly notable are "Penelope's Song" and "Never Ending Road."
-->''The road now leads onward''\\
''I know not where''\\
''I feel in my heart that you will be there''\\
''Whenever a storm comes''\\
''Whatever our fears''\\
''The journey goes on''\\
''As your love ever nears''\\
''Here is my heart, I give it to you''\\
''Take me with you across this land''\\
''These are my dreams, so simple and few''\\
''Dreams we hold in the palm of our hands.''
* NightmareFuel: "The Bonny Swans". Specifically, the part about the harp-making. Also, in the music video for the song, the rather terrifying skull mask the harp's "false sister Anne" is wearing for the court masquerade.
** [[FridgeHorror The likely]] [[TheFairFolk fate]] of the "Stolen Child".
** What happens to both "The Highwayman" and his lover, the landlord's daughter Bess.
** The ultimate conclusion of "Cymbeline"--rich or poor, educated or not, even if you're a doctor, [[YouCantFightFate nothing can change how it ends]]...[[DownerEnding "all follow this and come to dust"]].
* SignatureSong: Probably "The Mystic's Dream". Or "The Mummers' Dance".