* CrowningMomentOfFunny: Lenny & Squiggy on "The Dating Game".
* FunnyAneurysmMoment: In [[WholeEpisodeFlashback "Laverne and Shirley Move In"]], Shirley is expected to move to California to be with her mother. At Shirley's going away party, the devastated Lenny and Squiggy say goodbye to her. They then say goodbye to Laverne, leading to an exchange that had new meaning after the last, Shirley-less season.
-->'''Laverne:''' I ain't goin' nowheres.\\
'''Squiggy:''' Yeah, I know. But without her, what good are you?
* HollywoodHomely: Averted with Laverne; Penny Marshall didn't have conventional Hollywood looks but was usually portrayed as a very attractive woman. It helped that her brother was in charge of the show.
* LesYay: Laverne and Shirley kissed in "Airport '59."
* SeasonalRot: The last season. It's ''Laverne and Shirley''... without Shirley.