* CoolLoser: Billy isn't super cool; he's a bit whiny and he drives a van. But he's a fairly good looking guy and certainly seems closer to an average guy so it is a mystery why even Froggy picks on him. What is also is a mystery is this 'darkness and edginess' his girlfriend sees in him.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: The turtle aliens are amongst the rare bright spots in the film.
* FetishRetardant: The sex scenes.
-->'''Servo:''' "Urgh! Nature videos of big spiders going at it are more appealing."
%% * HollywoodPudgy: Franny
* MemeticMutation: Nerf Blaster of Ultimate Destruction.
* SpecialEffectsFailure: Stop-motion animation (used for the aliens) ''seldom'' ages well...
** And it's still the best SFX of the entire movie!
* WhatAnIdiot: The two main aliens. When they kill the person wielding the blaster, they don't take the technology with them, and leave it there for some random person to find. At least they're ''thoroughly'' bitched out by their superior for that. [[TheUnintelligible Probably...]]