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%%* BadassDecay: Riku in Reverse/Rebirth until the last two stages.
* BreatherLevel: Like in ''VideoGame/KingdomHearts'', the 100 Acre Wood fills this role, with no enemies and a trove of new, free cards and sleight combinations.
%%* DisappointingLastLevel: Reverse/Rebirth mode.
* EarWorm: The new version of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoLD5Z--WvY Traverse Town]].
* GameBreaker:
** The Duel system in ''Re:Chain of Memories'', especially Barrage. This attack will always hit and always do 1 bar damage. It's possible to beat [[spoiler:Ansem]] easily without Dark Mode because of this.
** Certain sleights can make the game very easy, if you build your deck right. With enough 0s, you can't be cancelled, and a ton of Sonic Blade + Elixir = Win. Once you have the Jafar card this makes using sleights like Sonic Blade even more deadly. A deadly pair to use would be Jafar with Ars Arcanum. Normally this sleight would require 3 cards from 1-6 in value, very breakable. If Jafar is used before, the sleight becomes unbreakable. This makes [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qk9O4GjWeqw most bosses become a breeze]].
** The Tornado Sleight (Aero + Gravity + Summon card) is absolutely unfair in both versions of the game: it creates a large funnel cloud that the player can control, which sucks up and immobilizes all Heartless it touches while dealing massive damage.
** The Oogie Boogie card (Regen) ''quickly'' becomes one of the ''best'' buff cards, especially against tough bosses.
** The Lethal Frame ([[SpellMyNameWithAnS mistranslated as "Lethal Flame"]]) sleight (Stop + Attack + Attack) stops time and allows Sora to quickly deliver a bunch of hits. When time starts again, the enemy starts taking damage and can't act for a few moments, allowing you to set up another one. Long strings of these can deal massive damage in boss fights.
** Simply using 0's to Card Break your opponent's deck. Every card you break with 0 can't be reshuffled by the boss, while you can recharge your deck indefinitely. After awhile, the boss will simply begin to run out of cards to make combos with, making him easy prey.
** The Jafar Card in the GBA version. As mentioned on the main page under BoringButPractical, it makes your attacks immune to breaking so long as you attack first. The thing about the GBA version, however, is that the effect was limited was 20 ''attacks'', not cards like the later versions. That means [[LoopholeAbuse sleights don't count]], so you can use risky low-value sleights like Ars Arcanum without being broken, and ''keep'' using them throughout the whole battle.
* GeniusBonus: In the manga adaptation of ''[=CoM=]'', Larxene is seen reading a book about French writer Marquis De Sade. We'll let you do the math.
* GoddamnedBats:
** ''Any'' enemy you have to attack from behind in the Game Boy Advance game. This is remedied a bit in ''Re:[=CoM=]'' because you're able to attack from more angles - in the original, it's roughly 2D so you have to be ''right'' behind them. Defenders are easily the most annoying mooks in the game.
** The Creeper Plants have a terrible tendency to break your cards.
** Neoshadows. They also have a tendency to turn two-dimensional and avoid everything you throw at them. This is especially annoying because they seem to wait ''right'' until you use a sleight.
* GoodBadBugs: The "Double jump glitch" in the Game Boy Advance version. When you double-jump (B twice) and perform an attack, Riku will jump down at his enemy and hit them numerous times... but if you have an attack modifier like Overdrive, Berserk, or Attack Bracer on, it doesn't take down the charges and this attack ''still has the effects of the modifier''.
* HarsherInHindsight: After Sora's battle with Marluxia, Riku [[spoiler: Replica]] leaves. Try rewatching the scene after playing Reverse/Rebirth mode, where you see what happens to him. [[spoiler: Remember what happens to him by the end of Reverse/Rebirth? Guess what, [[SuicideByCop meeting the real Riku was what he wanted to do all along.]]]] [[PlayerPunch Yeah...]]
** Vexen's shockingly brutal death was mitigated somewhat by the "Can't feel real emotions" tidbit from ''Kingdom Hearts II'', but [[spoiler: then ''3D: Dream Drop Distance'' reveals nobodies regrow hearts and can experience emotions, it becomes just as bad if not worse than it first was, because Vexen was legitimately terrified at the thought of dying.]]
* HilariousInHindsight: Larxene's voice actor, Shanelle Gray, also narrates some of the Wendy's commercials. Then, during the cutscene just before fighting her a second time,
-->'''Larxene:''' Okay... '''Have it your way'''. More pain for you means more fun for me!
* JerkassWoobie:
** When one considers Zexion's life, from his childhood in ''Birth by Sleep'' to when he meets his end in ''Chain of Memories'', he sorta becomes this.
** Vexen and Larxene also count, mainly due to their deaths, which are [[AlasPoorVillain played tragically]]. Larxene gets bonus points in the Japanese version due to being voiced by Creator/YukoMiyamura.
* LoveToHate: Marluxia, Larxene, and Axel are so ''deliciously'' evil.
* MagnificentBastard: Both Axel and Marluxia vie for this position with their treacherous schemes.
* MemeticMolester:
** Xehanort's Heartless. Taken to truly unnecessary levels in Reverse/Rebirth.
** Larxene is this for some. She apparently has no concept of personal space for both sexes, and is shown to be a sadist.
** Marluxia. He gets up ''way'' too close to Namine, and how she flinches when he touches her shoulder and how she's generally pretty scared of him does not help at all.
* MemeticMutation: Xehanort's Heartless, again. "'''DARKNESS'''!"
* ParanoiaFuel: You know that big crystal ball in the room where Marluxia, Larxene, and Axel talk about their plans? They use it to see everything going on in Castle Oblivion. So the three of them are watching ''everything you do'' throughout the whole game.
* {{Narm}}: While Marluxia dies, he has this extremely obnoxious yell that makes it sound like he's taking the biggest crap of his life, which tends to make people laugh while he dies.
* ReplacementScrappy: Naminé was this to some, although it got better as more people played the game. And even more when it was discovered in ''Kingdom Hearts II'' that [[spoiler:she's Kairi's Nobody]].
* TearJerker:
** Closing scene, after defeating [[spoiler:Marluxia]].
** Also, Riku [[spoiler: Replica's death]]. It's a PlayerPunch in both versions of the game, but the GBA version's script takes the cake for [[spoiler: his last words: "[[ShootTheShaggyDog Oh, well]]".]]
* ThatOneBoss:
** The final battle against the [[spoiler:Riku Replica]] (in both Sora AND Riku's modes), so freaking much.
** Ursula in Reverse/Rebirth. She may actually be harder than the Final Boss.
** ''Any'' time you fight Vexen in the original ''Chain of Memories''. You have to attack him from behind - this is harder in the original than it is in the remake. He also has a tendency to turn ''right'' around and attack you when you try to hit him.
*** Vexen also has a one-time use Enemy-type card that, when HP goes to 0, revives him with a quarter of his HP restored. Yeah, you thought you were finally finished with him, didn't you? Thankfully, it's also his drop loot, so you can acquire and use it afterward.
** That isn't to say that ''Re:[=CoM=]'' Vexen is easy. His attacks are pretty hard to dodge and can stunlock, he still can't be attacked from the front and his deck is stacked with high-numbered attack-cards. He also has Elixirs and Hi-Ethers with him, making the strategy of breaking all his good cards hard to execute - especially in the rematch, in which he also owns a card that prevents breaking items.
** Captain Hook. His GeoEffects screw up your summon cards, his dodge rate is insane, he can throw bombs seemingly without end, and his sword attack is extremely difficult to dodge. Better bring your zeroes and your cures - you're gonna NEED it all. This review says it all:
--->You may think that all the bosses before Captain Hook might have been annoying but otherwise easy. You might have thought that the rest of the game would go along like this. Even if that wasn't the case, even if you thought that there would be at least one tough boss along the way, ''nothing'' could prepare you for the brokenness that is Captain Hook.
** Hades is a good example of this trope as well. He is one of the only Disney bosses (Hook above being the other one) that uses sleights, and loves making your life a living hell with them, which hit like a truck.
%%* UnfortunateImplications: Some of Marluxia's behaviour towards Naminé in the remake can fall into this. This serves to make him even ''creepier''.
* ViewerGenderConfusion: Some thought Marluxia was a woman in the advance game.
** FridgeBrilliance: [[WhatCouldHaveBeen Originally, Marluxia was conceived as a female character]] - but was changed male because the two female members[[hottip:*:Not counting Xion, who is technically genderless.]] in an organization full of men trying to overthrow it and take control of the operation would bring about UnfortunateImplications.
* WhatAnIdiot: All Jiminy writes in his Journal at the end of ''Chain of Memories'' is [[spoiler:"Thank Naminé"]] with no explanation whatsoever. Cue the mass confusion for Sora & co. at the beginning of ''KHII''. Considering that this was fairly important to them, you'd think the note would be a bit more thorough.
* TheWoobie: Naminé, [[spoiler:Kairi's Nobody, who is confined by the Organization to the top of Castle Oblivion for the most part, is forced to do their bidding, and is perfectly aware of her status as a temporary being.]]