!!''King Solomon's Mines'' provides examples of:

* FairForItsDay: Early in ''King Solomon's Mines'', Quatermain explains that he doesn't use the N-word because he's met more gentlemen in Africa than England, and more people deserving of the N-word in England than Africa.
** On the other hand, the book also features an interracial romance between Captain Good and a native woman, which was quite cutting edge for its day. However [[spoiler:the black woman dies in a heroic sacrifice. Afterwards Quatermain reflects this was for the best because Good couldn't spend the rest of his life in Africa, and the relationship would cause a scandal in England. Okay, he has a point -- the romance is doomed. But that doesn't mean her death is the best solution]].
* FirstInstallmentWins

!!Haggard's sequels and prequels provide examples of:

* SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome: Very many, but one of the best comes in ''Allan Quatermain'' when [[NobleSavage Umslopagaas the mighty Zulu]], holds a stair against over a score of enemies in a HeroicSacrifice, killing nearly every single one of them with his great axe Inkozi-kas 'the Woodpecker' before dying in defense of a young woman he'd only just recently met. The kicker? [[BadassGrandpa Umslopogaas was in his sixties]].