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* AlasPoorScrappy: In-universe example: [[spoiler: Rex Splode.]] Few people would have admitted to liking him when he was alive, but those who knew him were all very much hurt by his death.
* ArcFatigue: The "Robot Takes Over The World" arc. In a comic that seemingly prided itself in being fast-paced (to the point that the obligatory CrisisCrossover was ''an issue long''), this arc has (comparatively) dragged on. Doesn't help that Robot is seemingly unstoppable.
* BadassDecay: It's debatable if Mark has suffered through this. Although justified as he hasn't been the same ever since [[spoiler:Anissa raped him]].
* DarknessInducedAudienceApathy: Starting out as a light-hearted superhero comic, it quickly takes a nosedive into DarkerAndEdgier territory, as the bad guys come out of the woodwork to heap piles of shit on Mark, killing thousands of people before he's able to put them down, assuming they don't get personal and attack Eve or his mother. That SHIELD expy he works for? Employs psychotic killers to make cyborg zombies [[AndIMustScream that are fully aware and horrified at their own existence]] and more than once tries to kill Mark for not marching to the beat of their drum. After a while it gets hard to care.
** Mark not only letting a villain take over the earth but abandoning it as well didn't help much either. And there's the villain being pretty much {{i|rony}}nvincible to those heroes that are still around on Earth.
** Nolan, now Emperor of the Viltrumites, agreeing to a truce with Robot to protect his people, and shooting down the idea of fighting him. Looking at the characters' many horrible actions in the past, its hard to feel any sympathy for the decision whatsoever.
** [[spoiler:And there's Anissa raping Mark and his reactions to the fact (like hating being intimate with Eve. There is also Anissa's constant mocking of Mark afterwards with said fact). Whatever things could have been done to drop her over the MoralEventHorizon, the writers could not have chosen one that made more people sickened.]]
** You also have the massive amounts of {{Gorn}} shown in the comic. Sometimes it comes off as cheap shock value, and the fact that [[spoiler: a lot of the recipients end up surviving anyway, often in ways that feel like an AssPull]] only makes it feel cheaper.
** AnyoneCanDie is enforced in the most brutal ways possible (which comes back to the aforementioned {{Gorn}} issue).
** Its also less about superheroes helping people but more about superheroes so caught up in their own problems that they're more than willing to let villains roam free and rule with an iron fist.
** [[spoiler:Mark is given the chance to [[PeggySue go back in time and undo all the bad things that have happened since he got his powers]]. After much {{Wangst}} (''some'' of it understandable, like not wanting to risk the possibility of his daughter Terra ending up RetGone), [[StatusQuoIsGod he declines doing any changes]] ([[TheNeedsOfTheMany even if would save countless lives]], [[WhatTheHellHero which the alien points out repeatedly]]) and the alien that put him back in time brings him back to the "present"... and the battle he was supposed to assist on went to absolute shit without him and the arc ends with the {{Cliffhanger}} possibility that his daughter was RetGone ''anyway''.]]
** The series waste no time in reminding us that the other heroes who aren't Mark, Alan, or members of Mark's alien heritage are inferior and are used as nothing but canon fodder. So it makes it difficult to really give a crap about the rest of the characters.
** Overall, there's a feeling that nothing Mark does really matters, as he can rarely stop anything without incurring massive causualties.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: The little-seen but hugely popular Allen the Alien. Kirkman has stated that, in his experience with the fandom, Allen is nearly ''everybody's'' favourite character. He's also Kirkman's favourite character, which is part of the reason why he hardly shows up; Kirkman's well aware that all it takes is a little overexposure to turn the EnsembleDarkhorse into TheScrappy.
** Astounding Wolf-Man and Techjacket. Enough that they've both spun off into their own books and have pretty much become independent characters in their own right.
* LikeYouWouldReallyDoIt: In issue 63 [[spoiler: Conquest appears to have killed Eve. She involuntarily heals herself the very next issue]]. In issue 100, [[spoiler: Mark himself appears to have been killed within the first two pages by Dinosaurus. The succeeding pages show that Dinosaurus killed a clone of Mark, who's completely unharmed.]]
** Issue 114 Mark confronts Robot, who has just assumed control of the free world in the name of logic and peace, but has killed hundreds in the process, including main characters. [[spoiler: He successfully convinces Mark to give up, letting him stay in control.]]
** [[spoiler: A Random Omnipotent Alien gives Mark the chance to [[PeggySue go back in time and undo all of the bad things that have happened to him since the very first issue]]. After ''much'' {{Wangst}}, Mark decides [[StatusQuoIsGod he would rather keep things as they are]] (and the arc ends with the {{Cliffhanger}} that he got ''even more screwed by the universe'' (like, for example, his daughter getting RetGone ''anyway''). The three-issue arc, called "Reboot", even keeps advertising the ''Invincible'' universe as "so good it ''doesn't'' needs a reboot", so we have a rare case of LikeYouWouldReallyDoIt lampshaded ''right there on the cover''.]]
* MoralEventHorizon:
** Robot [[spoiler: murdering various regular characters, heroes and villains alike, in his mission to take over the planet]].
** Anissa [[spoiler:for beating down Mark after his girlfriend broke up with him and proceeds to rape him in the hopes of getting pregnant. She even taunts him later about how she wants to do it again]].
** Dinosaurus [[spoiler: attempting to kill off eighty percent of the world's population, which doesn't quite succeed but still manages to kill almost a million people. Even he considers this to be unforgivable later, which leads to him asking Mark to kill him]].
* {{Narm}}: Among other examples...
** The sequence where Anissa [[spoiler:rapes Mark]] does not lack {{Squick}} and has a very long-lasting effect on Mark, however it loses some of the punch when every other frame during the sequence and flashbacks afterwards [[spoiler:cuts to Anissa having an absurdly stereotypical "rape face" of wide eyes and dropped-mouth-bare-teeth-pseudo-SlasherSmile that she is occasionally ''licking the lips off'']].
* NightmareFuel:
** Most of the more brutal fight scenes, especially ones involving Dinosaurus.
** [[spoiler:Mark getting raped by Anissa.]]
* RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap: Oliver became a lot more tolerable after he began to appreciate humans better.
* TheScrappy: Oliver, [[InvokedTrope deliberately so]].
** Robot. Just check out the villain sue section and you'll see why.
*** Mark's {{Wangst}} and his WhatTheHellHero behavior can have the tendency to rub some readers the wrong way.
* UnpopularPopularCharacter: Rex Splode.
* WhatAnIdiot: During his initial FaceHeelTurn, Nolan is completely shocked that Mark doesn't want to join him in conquering Earth. This after almost twenty years of raising him as nothing less than a good natured hero, making no attempt to inculcate his son with his race's BlueAndOrangeMorality growing up. Possibly justified in that, even if he didn't realize it yet, his time on Earth had changed him for the better.
* WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids: PlayedForLaughs in the 'Allen the Alien' issues, which always cut away from sex scenes, with Kirkman claiming [[BlatantLies he wants to keep the comic family friendly]]. These same issues tend to contain [[SkewedPriorities some of the most violent battles in the comic, the first having Allen's intestines and eye ripped out]]. It's a ShoutOut to the MoralDissonance of the old Comics Code, which was very lenient towards violence but extremely conservative in regards to sexual content.
* {{Wangst}} : With good reason for sure but Mark really needs to have someone tell him to get a grip.
* TheWoobie: Mark's fiance breaks up with him and later [[spoiler:Anissa rapes him when he's at his lowest]], all in the same day. Even when he and Eve reconcile, the latter still haunts him.


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* CriticalDissonance: U.S. Reviews, while mixed, weren't very kind to the album, and (by Jackson's standards) it virtually bombed in its home territory, selling only two million copies. International sales and reviews, however, were much better.
* HypeBacklash \ OvershadowedByControversy: The main reasons for its underperforming.
* SnarkBait: The album earned that, particularly on how it had a NonIndicativeName - The typical joke was/is to say "Ha! MJ is certainly no longer invincible!" Even as it was followed by his career bottoming out as he left Sony.
* SoOkayItsAverage: What listeners eventually felt about it after the controversy about Jackson's personal life died down. By all accounts, yeah, it's not a great Music/MichaelJackson album, and contains some of his more infamous post-''Music/{{Dangerous}}'' trademarks: songs that [[EpicRocking go on for a hundred years]], borrowing from [[GenreAdultery several then-popular styles of music]] and trying (and failing) to repeat the success of ''Music/{{Thriller}}'''s title track. However, this is ''still'' the King of Pop, who refused to release ''anything'' unless he felt it was as flawless as possible, so the songs on their own are still good. It's telling that "You Rock My World" was the #1 downloaded song on iTunes the day MJ died and not, say, "Billie Jean" or "Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough."
* VindicatedByHistory: While still regarded as his weakest solo album, many agreed after Jackson's passing that is was no where near as bad people said it was back in 2001.