For ''VideoGame/TheHouseOfTheDeadOverkill'' examples, see [[YMMV/TheHouseOfTheDeadOverkill here]]
!!The games:
* AccidentalInnuendo: "[[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything Don't come! Don't come!]]"
* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: The Magician and Emperor's boss themes.
* BigLippedAlligatorMoment: Just before the FinalBoss of ''4'', as you infiltrate DBR Corporation's headquarters via the same path traveled in ''2'', you see one room that's since been inexplicably decked out in Japanese decor, something just so contrary not just to the rest of the building, but to anything else in the mainline games. It's never mentioned why the room is decorated this way and it's never brought up again after you leave it.
* ContestedSequel: With regards to the ''Typing'' spin-offs, ''[[VideoGame/TheHouseOfTheDeadOverkill Overkill]]''. While it's still the same B-movie hilarity as its original counterpart, only with typing instead of shooting, they lack the unique boss gimmicks of previous games -- most of them are just a continuation of the "type stuff to damage them" premise rather than posing unique challenges.
* DemonicSpiders: There's bound to be at least one or two per game. The Hermit and The Lovers are literal examples (though they're bosses, so they don't really count).
* EnsembleDarkhorse: The Magician is very popular among fans, due to his distinctive looks, general badassery, an ''amazing'' boss theme, having a surprising amount of personality for a zombie, and having one of the few voices in the early games that wasn't completely narmy. It's quite telling that he's the only boss that appears in multiple games.
* FamilyUnfriendlyAesop: "Remember, there's no such thing as a second chance". Also a BrokenAesop since this is said ''after'' Judgment's second chance, as well as HypocriticalHumor because of the fact that you can use continues.
* FandomRivalry: A small one exists with ''Anime/HighschoolOfTheDead'' due to [[AcronymConfusion both series sharing the same acronym]] ("highschool" is represented by one letter rather than two). Both of them involving zombies doesn't help.
* GoddamnedBats: Every. Single. Game. In addition, ''HOTD 2'' manages to add the even-more-annoying kamikaze zombie owls alongside energetic, knife-handed midgets.
* InferredSurvival: Temperance from the fourth game. Some fans believe that, due to how [[ImplacableMan shooting Temperance in the head isn't enough to hurt it beyond stunning it,]] [[TheJuggernaut neither did the face of a giant clock being dropped on his head]].
* MemeticMutation:
** Sega and Namco shooter translations seem to feature a running joke of having hostages shout "Don't come!" They've been doing it for years, bless them.
** The infamous "Suffer like G did?" line in ''HOTD 2''. It would have been imposing if the creature hadn't presented it as a question. And didn't have such a high voice.
* MostAnnoyingSound: "RELOAD! RE-RE-RE-RELOAD! R-R-R-R-R-R-R-RELOAD!"
** The grunts and groans when a character is injured ("''AGH!''") also count.
* {{Narm}}:
** "The original sin that man is resphaansible to... To protect the loyfe coycle! I have maaaig a creacher to rule over ''maaahn kiiine''! This is tha ''faynl bawdl''! Shoe yourself! Our new ruler, the Empurr!" *followed by the camera pointing at a wall*
** In fact, anything ''anyone'' says in ''House of the Dead 2'' (and there's plenty of examples in the other games as well). There's enough to fill [[Narm/HouseOfTheDead their own page]]. How could anyone '''do''' that?
* NauseaFuel: Fail to stun [[FatBastard Temperance]] during his first phase and he jumps up and ''butt-stomps you.'' Eww...
* NeverLiveItDown: The first two games will forever be remembered for the infamous voice acting, even though they are very playable, if NintendoHard, run-of-the-mill zombie gun games.
* PlayerPunch: [[spoiler:James [[TakingYouWithMe getting hit by one of The Star's finishing attacks]]]] at the end of ''4''[='=]s fifth chapter. [[spoiler:He is seen in several cutscenes in the next chapter limping and having to be physically assisted by Kate.]]
* SoBadItsGood: The voice acting and translation, particularly in the first and ''especially'' the second game. "[[MemeticMutation Don't come! Don't come!]]" "[[{{Narm}} Suffer like G did]]?")
** "G's bloodstains!"
** Done [[NarmCharm intentionally for such purposes]] in ''Overkill''.
** And, of course... "[[ HM HM HM HM HM. PEE-PLE-OFF-ZE-AY-EM-ASS. AI-EMM GOLDMEN!]]"
* {{Squick}}: Fat zombies that can have holes punched in them, incest in ''Overkill'', open beating hearts... there's frequently stuff one shouldn't dwell upon. Some of the water zombies in ''House of the Dead 2'' look like they could be [[Film/TheReturnOfTheLivingDead Tarman's]] clone, and Tarman is rather Squicky to a lot of people.
* SurprisinglyImprovedSequel: While all of the games in the series are generally good, ''III'' is notable in that the voice-acting took a serious level in competence. By ''4'', it's easy to forget the earlier games' {{Narm}}y goodness.
* ThatOneAttack:
** The Fool's final attack: Jumps at you and you have a very narrow window of time in which to plug an entire clip of shells (6 shots) into its claw, or else you lose one life. [[MultiplayerDifficultySpike It gets worse in a 2-player game]], as the attack now requires ''12'' hits to disable, meaning that if your partner is not reacting fast enough or is just plain goofing off, you'll lose a life along with your partner even though it's not your fault.
** The Star has two attacks that could prove troublesome - a BeamSpam attack where he fires a volley of about 8 to 16 (''20+'' if playing 2-player) energy rays at you, and his [[TurnsRed critical-health]] attack where he rapidly spins around like a tornado as he approaches you. For the former, you must either shoot down the barrage of rays while ignoring The Star, or concentrate fire on The Star to get him to prematurely stop the barrage while risking taking damage from one of the rays. For the latter, simply pray you can hit him in the head fast enough as he wildly moves around you - sometimes even off-screen - before swiftly slicing you up.
* ThatOneBoss:
** Magician, Wheel of Fate, The Fool, The Emperor, The Star, The World, the list goes on and on, really...
** It should be noted that in ''HOTD 3'', each bullet a boss takes will empty more of its yellow BreakMeter every time it succeeds in attacking you; a boss has its maximum "stamina" level at the start of the fight. [[FakeDifficulty The Fool's stamina is initially just BARELY low enough to where it is possible to halt it the first time if every shot is accurate, done as fast as possible, and you begin with a fully-loaded shotgun.]] As such, The Fool ends more games (or causes more continues/coins to be fed) than even the final boss. Fixed in the console versions, though.
** The Magician in ''The Typing of the Dead''. His gimmick is simple: type phrases out like usual. Except, if you miss, he automatically hits you.
* TheyJustDidntCare: Sega's downloading service has a bit of a [[ typo for HOTD 2]], saying it's rated [[EarlyChildhoodRating EC (Early Childhood)]].
* WhatAnIdiot: In ''House of the 4'', [[spoiler:during the ending, after [[FinalBoss The World]] has been beaten, it mutates even more, followed by James activating a bomb in his PDA powerful enough destroy it]].\\
'''You'd Expect:''' [[spoiler:For James to chuck that thing like no tomorrow, destroying The World so he ''and'' Kate can continue fighting the zombie apocalypse together. Even [[TheOnlineWarrior Max]] would have done the same if he was in James' shoes.]]\\
'''Instead:''' [[spoiler:James performs a HeroicSacrifice by diving right into The World ''with'' his PDA time bomb in hand, [[TakingYouWithMe taking The World with him]].]]

!!The films
* SpecialEffectFailure: Some shots of the protagonists shooting at zombies in the film were from ''the original game, with an "Insert Coin" message blinking on the screen!''
* TheyJustDidntCare: Nowhere does it become more apparent than in the "Funny Version" of the film, where we see endless scenes of everyone involved in the production screwing around.
* VideoGameMoviesSuck: The film has the dishonor of being the first game series Creator/UweBoll got to butcher.
** With a plot involving teenagers going to a rave, in-game footage used as part of the movie, and only a brief cameo of the games' characters at the end, [[FanonDiscontinuity let's just say that movie never existed]]. Though, it's just bad enough to be great [[AlternateDVDCommentary riff]] material.