!!Original Film
* AcceptableTargets: Since it's a Creator/JimAbrahams creation, pretty much every group under the sun - yes, even Native Americans (in 1991!).
** AcceptablePoliticalTargets: SaddamHussein. It ''was'' [[UsefulNotes/GulfWar 1991]] after all.
* CrossesTheLineTwice: Possibly Dead Meat's death, but for sure his funeral.
* HoYay: Wash out is very interested in Topper from the beginning of their acquaintance, he wants to say goodbye to Topper when he is fired, and when Topper manages the action and comes out in one piece, the others cheer, but he bursts out in tears of joy. Not to mention [[MeadowRun running to him with open arms]] in the happy end.
* RetroactiveRecognition: Washout is played by Jon Cryer, who would later reunite with Charlie Sheen on ''TwoAndAHalfMen''.
** In ''Part Deux'', Ryan Stiles plays a member of Topper's team ("I'm looking forward to blowing something up.") and would later play Dr. Herb Melnick, who marries Alan's (Cryer) ex-wife Judith.

!!Part Deux
* EvenBetterSequel: The original film is a clever spoof of ''Film/TopGun'' but the "AcePilot Flyboy" movies just don't have the same wealth of material to joke around with as the ''Franchise/{{Rambo}}''-esque action movies. In ''Part Deux'' the jokes come faster and is a more spot-on parody.
* GeniusBonus: At point Benson calls the Japanese Prime Minister "Tojo". He's not an essential character so it's pretty easy to have already forgotten that his name is Sato. But it's not just a random CloudCuckooLander moment - Tojo was the prime minister of Japan during WorldWarTwo.
* HilariousInHindsight: After Creator/CharlieSheen's breakdown and claims of "[[MemeticMutation Winning!]]" the FightClubbing scene where he defeats his opponent and says in a high-pitched voice "You win!" is funnier than it should be.
** And, of course, a second invasion of Iraq with [[UsefulNotes/GeorgeWBush an idiot president]] at the helm. Mighty also count as HarsherInHindsight.
** Said invasion involves a one-on-one duel between the president and Saddam himself. In the build up to the real war, Saddam actually challenged the president to one (although it never happened).
* StalkingIsLove: Ramada's first husband.
* UncannyValley: The chicken about to be fired from a bow.