* CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming: Van Helsing taking a moment to comfort Tania. Creator/PeterCushing, [[MeanCharacterNiceActor a big softy]] in real life, might well have enjoyed dropping Van Helsing's all-business demeanor for this:
-->'''Van Helsing:''' ''(handing his coat to Tania)'' Put this on.\\
'''Tania:''' ''(sniffling)'' I want to go home.\\
'''Van Helsing:''' And so you shall. I'll just go and fetch Mr. Holmwood and then we can all go home together.\\
'''Tania:''' Not Aunt Lucy?\\
'''Van Helsing:''' No, not Aunt Lucy. Now, you sit there and be a good girl. ''(wraps Tania in the coat)'' There. You look like a teddy bear now. Will you wear this pretty thing?\\
''(Van Helsing places crucifix around Tania's neck)''\\
'''Van Helsing:''' There, isn't that lovely? Now, you promise not to run away?\\
'''Tania:''' ''(smiling now)'' I promise.\\
'''Van Helsing:''' ''(also smiling)'' Good. If you watch over there, you'll see the sun come up. Keep warm.
* EvilIsSexy: Creator/ChristopherLee was a handsome actor, but this is arguably the most monstrous interpretation of the character to date, with some later sequels reducing him to a non-speaking, near feral (but good looking) beast.
* HoYay: Van Helsing and Arthur.
* MagnificentBastard: Dracula, who else?
* {{Narm}}: Lucy's ridiculous scream and expression when faced with Van Helsing's crucifix.
* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter: Having a vampiric Harker could've been actually pretty cool. At the very least at the start, where he could've taken over Dracula's job of terrorizing the nearby village. Think about it, Helsing arriving into area, the townsfolk in uproar over an attack. Helsing goes to the manor to confont whom he thinks is Dracula only to find his now vamped friend, corrupted and eager to feed on him. Would've made for a nice act 1 confrontation, extra points if he turned the barmaid he met earlier. Alas...