!!The book:
* {{Anvilicious}}: Death's speech to Susan about how humans need fantasies like the Hogfather (i.e. Santa Claus), or [[AuthorFilibuster Terry Pratchett's books for example]], to believe in when they're young so that when they grow up, they can believe in big fantasies like justice, mercy and...''purpose''.
** The point was that something doesn't have to be a concrete idea to be a valid one.
* CompleteMonster: [[AxCrazy Jonathan Teatime]] is a PsychopathicManchild who horrifies even hardened criminals whove earned their reputation on murder. Lord Downey let him into the Assassins Guild out of pity that his parents died, only to later suspect that [[SelfMadeOrphan he killed them]]. If he is [[PsychoForHire sent to kill someone]], he will mercilessly slaughter them, [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill their family]], and [[BadPeopleAbuseAnimals their pets]]. He kills any accomplices he has the instant [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness they're not currently useful to him]], not excepting Ankh-Morpork's most gifted lock-picker who was an incredibly valuable asset to the Guild. The most terrifying thing about him is that he honestly [[ObliviouslyEvil doesn't understand that his sadistic behavior is wrong]]. He sees no difference between having a friendly chat with a man and stabbing him to death.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Teatime is quite the popular character among fans, despite only appearing in this one book.
* GeniusBonus: Many of the computer references made towards Hex. In particular the teddy bear being removed might be a reference to the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Bear#Microsoft_Bear Microsoft Teddy Bear]] which was used as the icon for a vital file in the early windows [=OSs=]. Many users (helped by an email hoax) mistook the strange file for a virus and deleted it, with disastrous consequences.
* IronWoobie: Death. A recurring theme from his own MythArc, true, but it's especially visible when you see just how much he prefers giving presents to the living instead of [[DontFearTheReaper guiding the dead]].
* NightmareFuel: Hoo boy. Mr. Teatime. [[spoiler: The scene in the Tooth Fairy's castle where the ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve aspect goes horribly wrong for the mooks.]]
* NightmareRetardant: In-universe. [[spoiler: Gawain and Twyla don't find [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: Death ]]
scary, thus not identifying him as a "monster", partially because he's on a big comfy chair and eating a biscuit.]]
* UncannyValley: [[spoiler:The kids find Teatime's freaky heterochromia is a great deal scarier than a talking skeleton. Particularly because, as mentioned above, the skeleton is sitting in a comfy chair and eating a biscuit, and because Mr. Teatime's speech and mannerisms are never ''quite'' natural.]]
* TheWoobie:
** Poor Bilious. Sure, we don't feel quite as sorry for him as we do for, say, [[TheChewToy Rincewind]], but the poor guy gets all the hangovers from the god of wine without ever getting to actually enjoy earning them.
*** There is a chance that since adult concepts such as death do not exist in the Tooth Fairy's world, then hangovers might not exist either.
*** Except Bilious gets queasy again just as he and Susan enter the building. If anything, alcohol may cause ''instant'' nausea there, for the same reason that the mooks couldn't smoke inside without feeling ill: because that's how a little kid who's sneaked into the drinks cabinet and tried some would feel.
** The Cheerful Fairy. The Senior Wrangler, at least, falls for her because of her Woobie-ness. Then ''he'' becomes a Woobie when she vanishes just before he was about to get serious with her.
** Banjo, the MinionWithAnFInEvil.

!!The movie:
* CantUnHearIt: Regardless of your opinion on the TV adaptation, Michelle Dockery and Marc Warren's performances as, respectively, Susan Sto Helit and Jonathan Teatime are probably going to be definitive.
* FoeYayShipping: Between Susan and Teatime. Apparently based on the confrontation scene in the Tooth Fairy's home which, with the right sort of squinting, can come across as sexual tension.
* HarsherInHindsight: Ian Richardson died shortly after recording his lines as Death.
** Albert's YourDaysAreNumbered situation if you look at the German dub. His voice actor, Eberhard Prüter, had died of a long-term illness at the age of just 69 in October 2014.
* HilariousInHindsight: Seeing [[Series/DowntonAbbey Lady Mary Crawley]] working as a governess.
* UglyCute: In the movie, the Eater of Socks looks like a fat, little, grey-skinned, rhino-elephant [[BuffySpeak ...thing.]] In a good way.