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* ''YMMV/HellboundHellraiserII''
* ''YMMV/HellraiserIIIHellOnEarth''
* ''YMMV/HellraiserBloodline''
* ''YMMV/HellraiserInferno''
* ''YMMV/HellraiserDeader''
* ''YMMV/HellraiserHellworld''
* ''YMMV/HellraiserRevelations''

!![[Franchise/{{Hellraiser}} The Franchise in general]]:

* DracoInLeatherPants: Creator/DougBradley famously quipped about how much fan mail he gets from women and how they love Pinhead, even though he hasn't done a good, benevolent thing over the course of the entire film franchise.
** While not good in an heroic sense, punishing evildoers like Winter and The Host is hard to describe as anything but just.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Chatterer, who's the second most recurring Cenobite after Pinhead.
* FanNickname: Pinhead was originally listed in the first film's credits as "Lead Cenobite," and Barker himself has been known to say calling him "Pinhead" makes him sound stupid. Which didn't stop the sequels from [[AscendedFanon adopting the fan nickname as the official one]].
* {{Fanon}}: ''Film/EventHorizon'' is considered by many as an unofficial ''Hellraiser'' film.
* FoeYay: Between Kirsty and Pinhead. Especially in the [[ deleted scene in Hellseeker.]]
* LesYay: In the first two movies, the female Cenobite seems more intent on getting her hands on Kirsty than the others.
* NauseaFuel: It's Clive Barker. Hellbound is the worst, with the maggot-infested corpses and [[spoiler: the inmate shredding himself with a razor,]] but all of the movies have it to some extent.
* {{Sequelitis}}: The first two films are worth watching. The others are all over the place, with Hell on Earth, Bloodlines, and Inferno being the only generally-well-liked ones.
* {{Squick}}: Again, it's Clive Barker.
* VillainDecay: Pinhead is a rare inversion. In making him ''more'' evil (and usually the main villain) after the second film, the writers also made him less interesting. He's also an odd case in that how malevolent he is goes back and forth across the films. He's pure evil in the third and fourth films; the fifth, sixth and seventh installments feature Pinhead about as much as the first two and in the eighth, [[spoiler:the real Pinhead only shows up at the end.]]

!![[Film/{{Hellraiser}} The first film]]:

* AdaptationDisplacement: The number of fans unaware there was ever a book is astounding. The fact that the book and the film have distinctly different titles doesn't help.
* CompleteMonster: Frank Cotton was a cruel hedonist before he was taken by the Cenobites. After his escape, he shows no remorse in murdering innocent people to drain them of their vital fluids to repair himself. When his niece Kristy Cotton, finds him, he attempts to rape her. He also murders his own brother and wears his skin as a disguise. When Kristy uncovers the truth, Frank also murders his accomplice and lover Julia with no remorse, taking her life as well. When he's taken by the Cenobites again, Frank languishes in a private hell and sends Kristy letters begging for help...pretending to be her father so she'll come to save him, solely so he can keep her as a sex slave.
* EvilIsSexy: Julia's motivation for choosing bad-boy Frank over his good brother Larry.
* MemeticMutation: "Jeeeeesuuuuuussss wept....."
* SpecialEffectsFailure:
** There was no budget left to complete the special effects in the first film, so Clive Barker and "a Greek guy" hand-drew them on the film over the course of a weekend. Barker was impressed with the results, considering how much alcohol the two of them had consumed.
** During the scene with the Engineer, you can clearly see the tracks the puppet is riding on. Harder to catch in VHS copies, but in HD it's more than visible.
* TheWoobie: Kirsty.