* AngstWhatAngst: Billy Deep from the "Deep Trouble" series always seems to get his cocky attitude and thirst for adventure back, even after surviving dangerous incidents with sea monsters, sharks, and criminals.
* CanonSue: In the TV version of ''You Can't Scare Me'', Courtney comes off as this.
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* CompleteMonster:
** The villainous dummy Slappy. Whenever a person finds him and reads a piece of paper that has the spell to bring him to life, Slappy always tries to turn the person's family against them by framing them. But that's not all. He would try to make the family his slaves, which normally involves preteen girls. In one book in particular, the protagonist in the book throws a birthday party in the basement, and Slappy sprung to life and grabbed the birthday boy by the neck. He then threatened to kill everyone in the basement if he didn't receive a bride. The doll, Mary Ellen, offers herself as his wife, but he turns her down and was referring that the protagonist, [[{{Squick}} who is a preteen girl]] be his bride. When she refused, he punches her, and states that it was only a love tap. In the book ''Slappy's Nightmare'', Slappy is forced by his ventriloquist to act good or face certain death. When Slappy felt that Georgia was picking up on him, he pondered on whether or not to kill her and her family in order to avoid being caught. Slappy then ups this in the Goosebumps Horrorland book entitled ''Slappy New Year'' in which he tried to cut a boy's head off with garden shears.
** There's also the BigBad of ''Goosebumps Horrorland'', the Menace. When he was completely alive, kids ''died'' on his rides but he didn't care, due to his experiments in fear. The park was so scary, it somehow ended up in an alternate universe. Later, he found out Horrorland was made on his park, so he got contact with a horror to invite guests there so he get them to panic park, and make them bring the fear meter up so he can PP back to the normal world. it's implied he's done this before...but the previous kids got so scared they ''died'' and he simply doesn't care. He even got several other goosebumps villains to follow him, including Slappy, and King Tutten-Ra from another GBH book. However, this could also be a case of BlueAndOrangeMorality, since the Horrors had their own set of morals.
** Mr. Toggle from ''Piano Lessons Can Be Murder'' is a self-described brilliant robotician who runs a piano school that Jerry is sent to by his parents. When Dr. Shreek was trying to get Jerry's, our protagonist's, hands, Mr. Toggle comes and rescues the boy. However, Mr. Toggle turns out to be the one who wants Jerry's hands. Despite his status as a famed robotician, he couldn't make robotic hands properly. So, he lures young children to his piano school and cuts their hands off and uses them for his experiments in hopes of creating beautiful music. When Jerry tries to leave the school, he is confronted by the ghost girl again, and she reveals that her hands were also taken from her. Toggle is then taken into the forests by the vengeful spirits of the deceased children that he killed and is never heard from again.
** Karl, from the three-part episode ''Chillogy'', gets sick pleasure out of [[WouldHurtAChild physically and mentally torturing kids]] simply because [[ForTheEvulz it's his hobby]]. He transports them into his miniature town and personal playground Karlsville, where he toys with them before he plans to kill them. He manipulates Jessica into pursuing her own greed to sell more of his lemonade, then [[BalefulPolymorph turns her into a pig]] and sends a mob of angry townspeople after her to [[ImAHumanitarian serve her up to him for lunch]]. He plays a lethal game of baseball with Matthew where Matthew has to do such things as fight a team of monsters, dodge killer baseballs, and crawl over a lava pit to make it to the next base. His last victim is Matthew's brother Todd, whom he prepares to "make a citizen of Karlsville" by [[AndIMustScream turning him into a small plastic figure who will be forever conscious]]. He delays Todd's fate as long as he possibly can to enjoy Todd's fear.
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* CreepyAwesome: The Masked Mutant.
* DudeNotFunny: The main reason "Chicken Chicken" is so despised.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Slappy
** And Andy, the female friend of Evan Ross, the protagonist of the "Monster Blood" series. Many fans of the series, especially readers of {{Blog/Blogger Beware}}, wish that Andy would have been the protagonist instead of Evan.
* HarsherInHindsight: A lot of the stories centered on kids being made fun of and wanting revenge, fearing for their lives at school (or children dying or said to be dead) are more depressing to read in this post-Columbine/Virginia Tech/Newtown world.
** In the TV adaptation of "Say Cheese and Die!", Doug said "News flash! This is a camera, not a weapon!"
* HilariousInHindsight: ''The Haunted Mask'' features a kid named Steve who dresses up as a pirate. So... that would make him [[Film/{{Dodgeball}} Steve the Pirate]], wouldn't it?
* JerkassWoobie: Della, the titular ghost of ''The Curse of Camp Cold Lake''. She's not really evil, it's just that she ''really'' wants to escape from her existence on the lonely camp grounds.
%% * MagnificentBastard: The Masked Mutant. He would've been a force to be reckoned with had he not been so gullible.
* MoralEventHorizon:
** Mr. Wood crosses it in the first ''Night of the Living Dummy'' when he threatens to kill the family dog.
** Alexander betraying the Deep family and allowing them to be murdered, all out of Greed and [[DirtyCoward fear]] [[ItsAllAboutMe for his own life.]]
** Again, ''Chicken Chicken'': The ''entire book'' is Vanessa's.
* {{Narm}}: A strong occurrence in the TV adaptation mostly due to the mediocre child actors.
** NarmCharm
* RetroactiveRecognition: A young Ryan Gosling, well before he became a movie star, appeared as Greg Banks in''Say Cheese and Die''. Scott Speedman, also young and up and coming at that time, did a cameo in that episode as a policeman.
** Also Hayden Christensen as the nerdy cousin in ''Night of the Living Dummy Part III''.
* TheScrappy: To some people, a lot of the [[AnnoyingYoungerSibling Annoying Younger Siblings]] in the series were this, since they were often irritatingly [[ItsAllAboutMe selfish]] and [[BrattyHalfPint immature]]. They also had a tendency to cause the series' iconic [[CruelTwistEnding Cruel Twist Endings]] - sometimes ''[[KickTheDog intentionally]]''.
** Evan Ross from Monster Blood.
** [[HeroAntagonist Courtney]] in ''You Can't Scare Me!'', the very definition of a "little miss perfect" SmugSnake. She's even worse in the episode.
** Larry from "Welcome To Camp Nightmare", especially his TV counterpart.
** Sarah Maas, the incredibly whiny and unsympathetic protagonist of ''The Curse of Camp Cold Lake'' ([[TakeThatScrappy though she did get what was coming to her in the end, when the girl who saved her from Della revealed that she only did it so ''she'' could kill Sarah and make her her friend in the afterlife]]).
* SoBadItsGood: At times, maybe somewhat intentionally.
* TastesLikeDiabetes: ''A Holly Jolly Holiday'', about a disgustingly sweet Christmas movie available on a cursed video cassette that brainwashes a family into acting as cheery as its main character, Susie Snowflake (until the main character turns on a wrestling match while rewinding the tape and the family snaps out of it).
* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot: When ''Horrorland'' was launched it included reprints of classic Goosebumps stories as companions, although some of the accompanying reprints don't really match up with the Horrorland books. The original Horrorland story was reprinted alongside ''Dr. Maniac Vs. Robby Schwartz'', even though ''Attack of the Mutant'' seemed like a more natural choice. ''Weirdo Halloween'' received ''The Scarecrow Walks At Midnight'' instead of ''Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns'' which was also a book about kids dealing with aliens on Halloween.
* UnfortunateImplications:
** ''Chicken Chicken,'' again. Considering the entire story involve two kids going through a horrible humiliating transformation into a chicken, simply because they forgot to say "I'm sorry." Troy Steele made the uncomfortable parallel to a small child being beaten by a parent for not showing them respect. Since Vanessa got ''zero'' comeuppance for what she did, it appeared as though the book was saying the kids deserved it.
** The sheer amount of negative British stereotypes in the TV adaptation of "A Night in Terror Tower". In the book, the security guard helps the children find a cab - in the episode he refuses to believe their story, yells at them and threatens to call the police. The receptionist at the hotel is condescending and snobby. The waiter in the restaurant is also snobby and rude. And we also get a pompous old lady who has an insanely over-the-top reaction to getting pie in the face.
** ''Revenge R Us'' has "If you're harshly bullied by your older sibling, you probably deserve it. In fact, doing anything to try and stop it will make ''you'' the bad guy."
* {{Wangst}}: There's quite a bit, considering it's an adult writing through the viewpoint of twelve year olds, but Sarah from ''Curse of Camp Cold Lake'' really stands out.
* TheWoobie: Carly Beth Caldwell, especially in the TV show, and especially Crystal and Cole.
** Gary Lutz in "Why I'm Afraid of Bees". He's picked on by bullies, his sister hates him, her cat hates him, his attempt to impress a girl ended with him crashing his back, and when he has a chance to get a better live, he turns into the very thing he hates most. Let's just say the point where he wants to [[spoiler: sting someone, and thus die after]] isn't entirely out of nowhere.