!!In general
* AlternateCharacterInterpretation: The fact that the same actor (traditionally) plays John the Baptist and Judas opens up whole volumes of speculation, even if the production plays it as one actor playing two distinct characters (John's holy mission was to prepare the path for the beginning of Christ's ministry, then was it Judas' holy mission to close Christ's ministry on Earth?) If they're the same character, than you can have a Judas who began the movement but is frightened of what it has become, or a heartbroken John, his most loyal disciple, following Jesus' orders no matter what the cost.
* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: There are arguments to be made for, depending on the production/performers, "Alas for You", "Save the People", and "Day By Day", but the one song ''everyone'' agrees is amazing is the "Crucifixion/Long Live God" finale.
** What, no love for "Bless The Lord" or "We Beseech Thee"?
* EarWorm: Most of the songs are immensely singable, but the crown has to go to:
-->''"Day by day, day by day/Oh, dear Lord, three things I pray/To see thee more clearly, love thee more dearly/Follow thee more nearly day by day..."''
** I'd beg to differ:
--->''"Some men are born to live at ease/Doing what they please/Richer than the bees are in honey"...''
*** Not to mention
----> ''"We can build a beautiful city/Yes we can..."''
* GeniusBonus: For those not in the know, the song "Day by Day" is based on a prayer spoken by [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_of_Chichester St. Richard of Chichester]]:
-->Thanks be to Thee, my Lord Jesus Christ\\
For all the benefits Thou hast given me,\\
For all the pains and insults Thou hast borne for me.\\
O most merciful Redeemer, friend and brother,\\
May I know Thee more clearly,\\
Love Thee more dearly,\\
Follow Thee more nearly.
* MisaimedFandom: The complaints by detractors of the show's plot regarding the lack of an obvious depiction of Jesus's resurrection completely spits in the face of the fact the show's focus is Jesus's teachings of love, not his life, death, and resurrection.
* OlderThanTheyThink: Many of the lyrics that aren't from Literature/TheBible are from old hymns and prayerbooks.
* RetroactiveRecognition:
** The 1972 Toronto production has become legendary for the number of high-profile performers that came out of it including: Creator/VictorGarber, Creator/EugeneLevy, [[Series/{{SCTV}} Andrea Martin, Gilda Radner, Dave Thomas, and Martin Short]]. The musical director was none other than Paul Shaffer.
** The 2010's revival cast did an event called "Godspell Cast of 2032" which featured child actors in place of the regular cast. Jesus was played by a ''very'' young Gaten Matarazzo, who went on to star in Creator/{{Netflix}}'s ''Series/StrangerThings''.

!!Specifically for the film
* BigLippedAlligatorMoment: The "Alas for You" scene comes out of left field, with the Pharisees depicted as some strange metallic monstrosity made of various junk that speaks in a VoiceOfTheLegion. It comes apart and gets taken down as the song finishes, and the incident is not referenced again as the segment goes immediately into "By My Side."
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Jeffrey Mylett (plays the recorder, wears the derby hat) has a surprisingly sizable fanbase. Unfortunately, he died of AIDS in 1986.
* FunnyAneurysmMoment: The movie features a lot of dancing in front of and on top of the World Trade Center.
** In his first column after 9/11, sex columnist Creator/DanSavage said:
--->All I can think about is the cast of ''Godspell'' on top of the World Trade Center and singing "All for the Best"!
* RetroactiveRecognition:
** Creator/VictorGarber is immensely recognizable nowadays from ''Series/{{Alias}}'', ''Film/{{Titanic 1997}}'', ''Film/{{Argo}}'' and ''Series/LegendsOfTomorrow''.
** Of all the cast, Lynne Thigpen - in her film debut - has had the most success, earning several awards.
** Sonia Manzano of the original Broadway production went on to a little show called ''Series/SesameStreet''.