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* AwesomeArt: The second "Knight In Furs" story by artist [[http://jack-of-box.deviantart.com/ Jack-Kaiser (Formerly Jack-Of-Box)]].
* BaseBreakingCharacter:
** The twins' sister, Kris, rapidly developed into one. Some readers find her amusing and cool. Others find her intrusive and rather rude.
** Evelyne. Some either see her as an insanely rude person that somehow managed to obtain friends let alone a fiancee or as a socially awkward individual who doesn't want to hurt others but doesn't want to be hurt.
** Matt. Some either see him as the OnlySaneMan or as a "nice guy" who doesn't handle rejection well[[spoiler:and may have raped Lillian]].
* GrowingTheBeard: Happens several times over the course of the comic.
* HarsherInHindsight: Roomie's already rather melancholy comment in [[http://gogetaroomie.com/index.php?id=651 'They stay']] is given painful context by the revelation a couple of chapters later that [[spoiler:she suffered the death of her best friend at the age of nine]].
* HilariousInHindsight: [[http://www.gogetaroomie.com/index.php?id=79 Roomie's clarifying answers about what she meant when she told Lillian "I like you"]] are even funnier when you notice that ''every one of the answers is equally true'' -- despite the cliche of "I like you because I want to have sex with you", Roomie really does simultaneously like Lillian, like being around Lillian, and like Lillian for being Lillian -- even as she feels sexual desire for Lillian.
* InternetBackdraft: Fans got into passionate discussions to full-blown arguments over whether [[spoiler:Matt raped Lillian when they dated. [[http://www.gogetaroomie.com/comic/i-guess-not In the strip]], it's revealed that Matt and Lillian dated but Matt, not wanting to fall behind his peers, coerced and emotionally manipulated Lillian into having sex for their first time with extremely vague consent from Lillian. Some fans backed him up saying that Lillian seems to miss him when her family moves and he was a stupid teenager, but others say that he emotionally manipulated her into sex, which is rape and also may be a reason as to why she comes off as asexual in the present.]]
* MarySue: Roomie starts out as a straight example. She's an unrepentant moocher who seems to have no respect for boundaries, or even comprehension of them. Everyone she meets seems to think she's perfect, with the possible exception of the DefrostingIceQueen, whose gradual warming up to Roomie is presented as positive CharacterDevelopment on her part. She's also practically [[TheCasanova irresistible]], an able martial artist...you get the picture. However, she gradually transitions into a {{deconstruction}}, as it's revealed that she's deeply unsettled that she's everyone's ManicPixieDreamGirl but stays in the same place she always is herself. She notices [[FlatCharacter how little character development happened to her]] when she returns and realizes that people moved on just fine without her around. Later on, [[http://www.gogetaroomie.com/index.php?id=728 she even apologizes to LT if she comes off as one]]...in a typically Roomie-fied way.
* MemeticMutation: "Welcome to "[=GGaR=]" is an oft used phrase by the fanbase. Typically when a new reader completes an ArchiveBinge and catches up to the current page.
* {{Squick}}: Roomie's armpit hair can be this to some people.