!! [[WesternAnimation/FireAndIce The animated film]]

* BestKnownForTheFanservice: Let's face it, Teegra is the main reason you remember this film, right?
* EvilIsSexy: Nekron.
* FoeYay: Nekron is utterly disgusted by the thought of doing anything with Teegra, dismissive of her brother's party and then...strips with a smirk when Larn enters, give him more patience than anyone else (including his mom) and has a rowdy swordfight with him, then demands he be spared for another go.
* LesYay: The forest sorceress is eerily affectionate to Teegra before finding out her identity.
* {{Narm}}: Exacly why is the glacier making wet farting sounds?
* UnfortunateImplications: So, wait, why, precisely, are the mooks from the land of the ice and snow swarthy ape-men again?
** Darkwolf, Teegra, and the nobles of Firekeep are pretty swarthy, too. The only prominent blonde character is Larn, who seems to be a savage or a commoner, and the only prominant Redheads are a witch and her brutish son hiding out in the woods.
* TooCoolToLive: Necron, not only can outfight the hero of the story with sword play, but use telekinetic magic to control people AND a huge iceberg as well. He only lost because the last guy he fought, Darkwolf [[spoiler: was basically a god incarnate.]]

!! [[VideoGame/FireAndIce The Amiga game]]

* EarWorm: Much of the background music. (In the Amiga version, it's [[{{MOD}} sample-based]]; unfortunately, the sound effects and music contend for the audio channels, with sound effects taking priority, so it's possible for the music to be temporarily silenced if enough sound effects go off at once. The PC port has an [=OPL2=] arrangement of the music, which is usually not as good, but doesn't get interrupted by the PCM sound effects. The Amiga [=CD32=] version has a redbook-audio soundtrack which is partly arranged versions of some of the songs and partly completely different songs, and also has the original music available by setting a configuration option.)
* ThatOneLevel: The whole temple area is very difficult; it makes the final area seem easy by comparison.