[[folder: The Book]]
* LesYay: Good God. Emma even says she's interested in Harriet because she's so pretty and passionately insists to Mr. Knightley that no man in the world is good enough for her. Not to mention the wording of Emma's relationship with her former governess.
* RetroactiveRecognition: Creator/EwanMcGregor is Frank Churchill in the 1996 version of Emma.
* ShipToShipCombat: Mr. Knightley ships Harriet/Robert Martin. Emma ships Harriet/Mr. Elton, and as far as she's concerned, Robert Martin should DieForOurShip.
* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot: The newest Austen mash-up ''[[http://www.amazon.com/James-Fairfax-Jane-Austen/dp/1607620383/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1281652588&sr=8-1 James Fairfax]]'' takes place in an AlternateUniverse where same-gender relationships are not the least bit unusual... and simply {{Gender Flip}}s Jane Fairfax into a male instead of making Emma/Harriet the OfficialCouple -- although at least the {{subtext}} between them is openly acknowledged.
* ValuesDissonance: Emma's ignorance of Harriet's rank and insistence that the circumstances of Harriet's birth should not deprive her of the same respect and opportunities open to richer, less-tender-hearted women is portrayed as a bad thing. [[note]] In at least one adaptation, Emma lets her imagination run wild and assumes that Harriet's mysterious father is a member of the royal family! This is why she thinks Harriet is suitable for Mr. Elton - not because rank doesn't matter, but because she's imagined a much more illustrious background for Harriet than is plausible. (Mr. Elton would realize that no royal bastard would be enrolled in a school designed to turn out governesses and ladies' maids, but Emma doesn't.)[[/note]]
** More an 'unrealistic given the circumstances' thing. Also in-universe Values Dissonance where Harriet's obscurity isn't a problem to Emma but she considers association with Robert Martin demeaning. And another in-universe example in the great respect Miss Taylor/Mrs. Weston garners as a governess versus everyone being very sad about poor Jane having to become a governess.
*** That has more do with situation. Miss Taylor/Mrs. Weston lucked out as a governess, getting a good rich family that treated her like a member of the family and loving kids THEN marriage. Marriage is highly unlikely for a governess, which is the only way OUT of being a governess. If Miss Taylor was less beloved she would have been shipped out when Emma was sixteen. You get hints of this with Mrs. Elton being very snide about Mrs. Weston because of her background.
** Knightley's objection is probably because it's not fair to delude the rather simple-minded Harriet into believing that she doesn't have a problem... in fact, more to the point, to do so while derailing her marriage to a yeoman with whom she would have been perfectly happy. (Even to the yeomanry it would have mattered, albeit not as much- Robert is still a catch, even if he does get his hands dirty.)
** For a completely different example of ValuesDissonance, it's eventually revealed that Mr. Knightley has been in love with Emma since she was ''thirteen''...at which time he was twenty-nine!
** The book's portrayal of "gipsies" is very wince-inducing now. Not only is that term used freely, but they only randomly show up once as a threat for Frank to save Harriet from, and are portrayed as a faceless AlwaysChaoticEvil group.
* TheWoobie: Miss Bates is pretty annoying for most of the book, but you want to give her a big hug after Emma insults her.

[[folder: The Wrestler]]
* ArcFatigue: Emmalina has this and she hasn't even redebuted yet. The promos have been going on for months, including several weeks after she was hyped as appearing "next week", leading everyone to just want them to get the hell on with it.
* AuthorsSavingThrow: Emma got arrested for 'stealing' (in reality, she was using a self-scanner and forgot to scan an iPod case, and the store needed to meet a quota, so she got arrested) and ended up being fired. The fans went berserk, with quite a few questioning why Emma got fired when people like Cameron (who got arrested for a DUI, lied about where she worked and tried to bribe a cop) and Jack Swagger (who got busted with marijuana) are still on the roster. She was subsequently rehired within two hours. It probably helped that (A) she's the only Australian on the WWE roster and the company was touring there just over a month later (with Emma being featured prominently), and (B) the questions fans were asking could've gotten into the eyes of TMZ, which would not have looked good for their brand.
* BadassDecay: It's not her fault, though. It's pretty much impossible to find a fan who likes that she's been paired with Santino. A huge number of fans want Emma to go solo ASAP. [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor Since Santino retired, she's done a few singles matches on]] ''[[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor Superstars,]]'' [[DownerEnding but nothing really high-profile.]] Presumably, relegating her to the B-shows is the WWE's way of [[RealLifeWritesThePlot punishing Emma for getting charged with theft]] (which they had announced they would do upon re-hiring her).
* BaseBreakingCharacter: Her new character of Emmalina hasn't even ''debuted'' yet but already has many, many detractors. It doesn't help that the vignettes being played for it make it clear that instead of her old character, she's instead having a modeling gimmick of some sorts. Some people are dreading it, while others point out that heel Emma essentially had no gimmick and the Emmalina thing could give her a boost.
* ComedyGhetto: Avoided it on NXT as, although she had a comedy gimmick, she was still pushed as a (somewhat) serious wrestler and title contender. But she ended up falling into it on the main roster, mainly due to {{Flanderisation}} so that she became a one-note punchline and was not taken seriously at all.
* EarWorm: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P28cY6xPmis That entrance theme...]]
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Emma is ''really'' popular amongst the fans aware of her work away from the main roster.
* EvilIsSexy: Post-FaceHeelTurn in 2015.
* GrowingTheBeard: Crowd responses to her SHIMMER debut were lukewarm compared to tag team partner Rayna Von Tosh's. Yeah, Tenille Tayla was the bland one. Once she was given a slight makeover (going from brown to blonde, adopting catchier ring gear) and brushing up on her skills, she was held in higher regard.
* LesYay: Quite a lot with Wrestling/{{Paige}}, which often doubled as FoeYay during their time on NXT.
* NarmCharm: The entire point of the dancing gimmick. It was so silly and yet once it got over, it was lots of fun.
* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter: Arguably after she debuted on the main roster. Apparently the idea behind her being teamed up with Santino was that since he's a ditzy comedic face and she's a ditzy comedic face, they'd make a good team... except that hardly any of the fans agreed, because on the one hand, Emma by herself is a fan favourite who is quite capable of getting over without assistance; and on the other hand, while it ''might'' have been possible to pair her up with a male superstar in a team that would actually work, Santino is ''definitely'' not that superstar. Nobody liked the resulting team, which resulted in the two of them getting progressively less screen time, which just led to fans getting angrier. In the end, it took Emma getting punished for accidentally shoplifting and Santino retiring from in-ring work for her to finally get to go solo, and returning to NXT as a heel over a year later for her to finally get some momentum back.