* AwardSnub: At the 79th Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor.
* [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments Crowning Moment of Funny]]: Just watch ''Delirious''.
** Or ''Raw'', for that matter.
** His tenure on ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'': a genuine breakout star who saved the show in its darkest hour - when it could have legitimately been cancelled due to the miscues after the original cast had departed - providing some of the most hilarious sketches of TheEighties.
** The episode Music/StevieWonder guest-hosted, and Eddie breaks out his Stevie impersonation... '''right in front of him'''.
* DorkAge: It's generally accepted that Murphy's films between 1989's ''Film/HarlemNights'' and the 1996 remake of ''Film/TheNuttyProfessor'' comprised this. His films from the 2000s, with the exceptions of one or two ''WesternAnimation/{{Shrek}}'' movies and ''Theatre/{{Dreamgirls}}'', also qualify.
* {{Glurge}}: His hippy-soul album, ''Love's Alright'', is about as sappy as it gets. Hearing a foul-mouthed comedian singing about world peace and the racial equality is near-impossible to take seriously.
* HilariousInHindsight: One of his signature bits from ''RAW'' was taking a giant swing at Creator/BillCosby's moral compass towards his lewd routines; of course, that moral compass seemed to be a facade when Cosby was hit with over 50 allegations of sexual assault in 2014-15.
%%* MemeticMutation: "ICECREEEEEEEEEAM!!!!!"
%%* SeinfeldIsUnfunny
* ValuesDissonance: ''Delirious'' features a lot of jokes about "AIDS spreading homosexuals," this being [[ScienceMarchesOn when it was believed that the disease only affected LGBT people]], and is now considered both deeply unfunny and extremely offensive.