!!Fanfic/EarthAndSky (MLP fanfic)
* HarsherInHindsight: Soarin's eating habits making him fat was a funny and subtle gag in ''Windfall''. Then chapter 4 of this story comes along, [[spoiler: and Soarin is now so out of shape he gets kicked off the Wonderbolts.]]
** Applejack's comment to Soarin' about his mother not teaching him any manners become this when you take his [[ParentalAbandonment family situation]] into consideration. She realizes this in chapter 10 and immediately apologies.
* {{Squick}}: [[spoiler: Chrysalis]] offering to make love to Blueblood while disguised as Rarity, something he actually considers.
* WhatAnIdiot: Flam/Professor Destiny's first attempt at "sabotaging" the flight harness is to [[ComplexityAddiction fire a magic-seeking rocket at it]]. Then he, while still standing next to it mind you, uses magic to lift a spyglass to watch the results. Naturally he goes boom.