* BaseBreaker: One phrase: '''"the Ray Wars."'''
* FridgeBrilliance: In ''Free Willie'', Fraser mentions a half-remembered thing his father once told him when he was very young about sewing your wallet to your underwear, [[ButIDigress then quickly moves to a more relevant topic.]] A few episodes later, in ''Manhunt'', Buck tells Fraser a story about Bob Fraser trekking out into the wilderness to the place he nearly died previously (rescued by Buck) to recover a wallet that young Fraser had made for him. Maybe that experience was why he started sewing his wallet to his underwear.
* FridgeLogic: Fraser doesn't carry bullets in his gun because he doesn't have a gun permit. [[YouFailLawForever Wouldn't that mean he can't carry a]] ''[[YouFailLawForever gun]]'' [[YouFailLawForever at all in Chicago?]]
** That is correct: an unloaded gun would still be seen as illegal under Chicago law. However, as a RCMP Officer, he would be permitted to carry a loaded firearm in the States. Fraser should have been well aware of this considering his familiarity with all the laws.
** In ''A Cop, A Mountie, and a Baby'', the episode ends on Ray and Fraser bantering and walking off into the distance... or rather, walking onto what appears to be an active flightline at their local airport. It's not really clear where they were planning to go.
* HilariousInHindsight Paul Gross, who in this movie played the UpToEleven ideal version of a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman, would later star in a MadeForTV movie called ''Murder Most Likely'', BasedOnATrueStory about a [[DirtyCop crooked Mountie]] who may or may not have murdered his wife.
* HollywoodHomely: Ray Vecchio is this, to some fans.
* HoYay, which led to m/m fanfic with Fraser and both Rays. Not to mention the Rays with each other.
** At one point early in their partnership, RayK asks Fraser if he finds him attractive.
** [[spoiler: To say nothing of the fact that they run off to have an adventure in the frozen wastes of Canada at the end of the series.]]
** Fraser and Ray's partnership is compared to a marriage. To quote Bob "Partnership is like a marriage, son. Give and take, up and down, who left the empty butter dish in the fridge..."
*** From that same episode RayK: So… what. We still partners? Fraser: If you’ll have me.
**** And without a word of warning or explanation, the actors drop what they're doing and start miming sex. Paul Gross: "Brace yourself" Camillia Scott *suddenly walking in* "I think he likes you too Ray." It's on the blooper reel. Look it up.
** In Call of the Wild when [[spoiler: when it seems like Fraser is going to be transferred to Toronto]] Ray asks Thatcher "You ever feel like you don't know who you are? Like if you weren't around somebody, or that somebody wasn't around you, that you wouldn't be you, or at least not the "you" that you think you are? Do you ever feel like that?"
** From Seeing is Believing:
RayK: "I love you Fraser!"
Fraser: "And I you Ray."
RayK: "No, not literally, I mean symbolically or something."

* MagnificentBastard: you just have to stand in awe to [[spoiler: Victoria's]] plan: committing theft and murder while managing to leave no trace and frame Fraser and Ray for the whole thing
* RetroactiveRecognition: Also HilariousInHindsight: Fraser's partner is replaced by a [[Series/BattleStarGalacticaReimagined cylon]], and [[OnlySaneMan he's the only one to notice]].
** [[{{CSI NY}} NYPD Detective Stella Bonasera]] is a bank robber! (Or Dr.Hansen from 'Providence').
* ShipToShipCombat: Again, one phrase: '''"the Ray Wars."'''