!!Dr. Dolittle

* AwesomeMusic: Louis Armstrong's rendition of "Talk to the Animals".
* TearJerker:
** When young John loses his pet dog after his father hires a minister to perform an exorcism on John. She only attacked the minister because she thought he was threatening John. John's father sends her to the pound the next day over the misunderstanding.
** The dogs in the dog pound.
** Maya explaining to Archer that she liked the idea that John could talk to animals. Because she thinks people see her as a freak too, and thought it would be nice if she and her dad has something in common.

!!Dr. Dolittle 2

* FunnyAneurysmMoment: Hearing Steve Irwin getting his arm bitten off by a crocodile (off-screen) might be uncomfortable to watch now that he's actually dead.