!![=YMMVs=] for [[{{Theatre/Doubt}} the play]]:
* AwardSnub: The film adaptation did not receive a nomination for the Best Picture Oscar.
** There was additional outcry about Viola Davis losing to Penelope Cruz for Best Supporting Actress. When Davis was nominated again at the 2012 Awards, she was the expected favorite to win, but instead lost this time to her co-star in this film, Creator/MerylStreep.
* OneSceneWonder: Mrs. Muller. In one scene she almost completely flips the situation (and therefore, the play) on its head. It earned Adriane Lenox a Tony and Viola Davis an Oscar nomination. In the film version, Viola Davis overshadowed '''''Creator/MerylStreep'''''. ''The'' Creator/MerylStreep.

!![=YMMVs=] for [[{{Manga/Doubt}} the manga]]:
* AssPull: The final chapter is full of them, particularly in the revelation on who the mastermind is and how everything was achieved. [[spoiler: Rei managed to convince everyone that she's dead and has been using hypnotism, her specialty, to manipulate Mitsuki to do killing and will continue to do so.]]
* CompleteMonster: [[spoiler:Hazama Rei]] is a petty psychopath who, upon having her talent for hypnosis slandered and her part on a magic TV show criticized, [[DisproportionateRetribution grew to despise all of humanity for "rejecting" her abilities]]. Thus, using the game "Rabbit Doubt" as a basis, [[spoiler:Rei]] began [[TheChessmaster hypnotizing people into slaughtering others]], using her hypnotic abilities to convince her subjects that their own loved ones were coercing them into it. After getting well over a dozen innocents killed this way, [[spoiler:Rei]] pulls the stunt once more, leading to the deaths of several teenagers in particularly gruesome ways, and, even when one survives, [[spoiler:Rei]] uses the memory of her dead parents to trick the survivor into getting himself killed, promising him as he dies that she will continue her crusade against humanity for as long as she lives.
* {{Moe}}: Rei
* WhatAnIdiot: ''Thank God'' Yuu's the main character, otherwise he would have been dead from chapter 2.