!![=YMMVs=] for [[{{Theatre/Doubt}} the play]]:
* AwardSnub: The film adaptation did not receive a nomination for the Best Picture Oscar. The resulting outcry became one of the factors of the Academy's decision to nominate 10 movies for future ceremonies.
** There was additional outcry about Viola Davis losing to Penelope Cruz for Best Supporting Actress. When Davis was nominated again at the 2012 Awards, she was the expected favorite to win, but instead lost this time to her co-star in this film, Creator/MerylStreep.
* OneSceneWonder: Mrs. Muller. In one scene she almost completely flips the situation (and therefore, the play) on its head. It earned Adriane Lenox a Tony and Viola Davis an Oscar nomination. In the film version, Viola Davis overshadowed '''''Creator/MerylStreep'''''. ''The'' Creator/MerylStreep.

!![=YMMVs=] for [[{{Manga/Doubt}} the manga]]:
* CanonSue: Mitsuki and Hajime have been accused of being this.
* {{Moe}}: Rei
* WhatAnIdiot: ''Thank God'' Yuu's the main character, otherwise he would have been dead from chapter 2.