!!From the web series:

* EarWorm: [[spoiler: The bizzare song used by the Slender cult is oddly catchy.]]
* {{Narm}}: Rainwood Memorial Elementary School [[spoiler: when Slendy appears and is seen walking on camera,]] can either be seen as this or NightmareFuel.
** Also, Chris's acting. Especially when he is [[spoiler: screaming and then crying for his parents' death]].
* SpecialEffectsFailure: At the end of Log #14-1, [[spoiler:after Chris finds Greg's corpse, he turns around to find Slendy standing on the stairs with glaringly obvious human hands.]]
* WhatAnIdiot: In Log 14-1. [[spoiler: Note to Chris, exploring the darkened house alone is NOT a good idea]].
** [[spoiler: Greg]] see GenreBlind
* WordOfGod: Alex and Chris have become some-what regulars on the Around the Campfire podcast, where they share a lot of behind the scenes details. Their first appearance was on [[http://www.finalsmash.com/around-the-campfire-episode-2-11-04-2011/ episode 2]], with Chris returning on [[http://www.finalsmash.com/around-the-campfire-episode-3-11-19-11/ episode 3]] along with Tim from Marble Hornets.

!!From the film:

* CompleteMonster: [[PosthumousCharacter Elijah Baker]] is [[TheProtagonist Sean's]] great-grandfather, and a factory worker turned farmer during TheGreatDepression. One day, to get good crops, he made a DealWithTheDevil for a HumanSacrifice. He honored this deal by killing drifters who came looking for work. When his pregnant wife found out about his crimes, he made her his next sacrifice. This was his undoing, as two police officers came to investigate her disappearance and found her body. Elijah managed to [[CopKiller kill one of the cops]] before the other guns him down.
* MoralEventHorizon: Elijah killing his pregnant wife to cover up his other murders.