* FanPreferredCouple: Max and Alec, despite the pseudoincestuous aspect noted on the main page.
* HoYay: Normal's "gladiator" dreams about Alec. Also a CrowningMomentOfFunny.
* IAmNotShazam: Occasionally one finds people on the internet who think Max goes by the name "Dark Angel". She doesn't. It's a reference to her dark past, dark complexion, angelic features, and job as a bike messenger.
** "Angel" because from the pilot onwards she becomes a (beautiful female) hero to the downtrodden, and "Dark" because she has bleak past as a government-engineered super-soldier/assassin, and a somewhat dubious present as a part-time cat burglar, and ''not'' of the Robin Hood variety.
** The angel - messenger connection is made explicit in "Art Attack" when she prevents a man from committing suicide and introduces herself as a messenger, which he thinks means "of the Lord".
* JustHereForGodzilla: Many people on forums confess to only watching for JensenAckles. Unfortunately, this usually means they watch only "Pollo Loco" and Season Two and thus don't appreciate that Season One is also good.
** Both SkyOne and {{SyFy}} in the UK (when it was still Sci-Fi) implied in their trailers that the main reason to be watching was Creator/JessicaAlba. This proved to be the case for [[TestosteroneBrigade a lot of people]] (and unlike Jensen Ackles, she appears in every single episode).
%%* MagnificentBastard: Lydecker.
* MomentOfAwesome:
** Max swinging down like Tarzan in the DieHardOnAnX episode "Prodigy" and catching Logan as he's thrown off a roof.
** "Female Trouble" is basically made of Awesome (and one of the few episodes not to have a [[DownerEnding Downer]] / BittersweetEnding), but especially Max blowing Lydecker a kiss as she jumps over him on her motorcycle.
** Max ''finally'' beating seven shades of shit out of Alec in "Fuhgeddaboudit" ("[[AndThisIsFor ...that's for whatever stupid thing you do next...]]").
** Gem, the pregnant X5 in the SeriesFinale "Freak Nation," gets one of her own during the climactic siege at Jam Pony; one of the villains crashes next to her and she lays the baddie out with one punch... ''in the middle of her giving birth.''
%%* TheScrappy: Asha. Just... Asha.
* SpecialEffectsFailure: Gossamer. Dammit, the Dark Overlord from Film/HowardTheDuck looked better!
* TheWoobie: Joshua. Between having to kill his deranged brother Isaac to protect Max and Ames White murdering his girlfriend Annie, it's a wonder he's still well-adjusted.