[[folder: Clonk ]]

* BrokenBase: Between people who thought positively about Clonk Extreme and those who decided to hate it, although this argument has become relatively unimportant once it was cancelled.
* GoddamnBats: Birds are hard to kill, and will interrupt air travel.
* GoodBadBugs: With timing, you can drop explosives through the floor of an elevator, which makes mining much easier. No attempt has been made to fix this.


[[folder: Hazard ]]

* ComplacentGamingSyndrome: Because some weapons are clearly superiour to others, this is extremely common. Also, about 80% of all Hazard games in network are the deathmatch "Forsak IV" or the CaptureTheFlag scenario "Face".
* GameBreaker:
** The explosive shotgun was this before it was nerfed. Though it had to be nerfed twice...
** The particle cannon is much more powerful than other weapons as well.


[[folder: Keepers ]]

* ComplacentGamingSyndrome: Despite the great amount of available skills, some of them are almost always chosen for being strong or overpowered (like Fire Globs+Elemental Overload), while others are lame and rarely used (like Magic Missiles).
* GameBreaker: Fire globs are ridiculously overpowered in version 1.00.
* GoodBadBugs: In 1.00, you can bypass the one subweapon restriction if you drop the ones you already possess while buying more. Five boomerangs, here we come!
* RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap: This scenario made the disputed version 3 update of "Metal and Magic" (which is overloads the older version, had many objects removed and is incompatible with many older scenarios) much more popular.