These are examples of subjective tropes for the comic book character, Comicbook/{{Cable}}.

* FridgeBrilliance: Despite losing the majority of his powers, Cable recently seems to be able to survive attacks that would have previously killed him (his throat being slit, multiple bullets in the back and a katana through the chest all in the space of a few days). But then one realizes that his former powers help keep his techno-organic virus at bay, now although weaker power-wise he is much more stronger physically because the techno-organics have spread throughout his entire body. "It's hard to completely slit a metal throat"
* HoYay: Cable and {{SelfDemonstrating/Deadpool}}. In Cable's case, he seemed entirely unaware of Deadpool's man-crush.
** Either that, or he prefers to just ignore it.
** [[ Hardly seems that he doesn't know... And Wade wasn't the only person contributing subtext and innuendo to that series. Cable helped.]]
*** He doesn't freak out when Deadpool asks if they're "gonna have to kiss" or when he calls their falling-out a "divorce", but he might just consider that Deadpool being... [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Deadpool.]]
** "Bodyslide by two." That is all.
* MyRealDaddy: Despite being a creation of RobLiefeld, many believe that FabianNicieza was the one to honestly define Cable as a character.
** Interestingly, this is when he was paired up with Deadpool, who was also created by Liefeld, but known for another writer.
* RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap: Cable used to be considered the embodiment of everything wrong with the 90s. He was a "mysterious past" character whose power seemed to consist of looking cool and having big guns. Since that time, he's been fleshed out as a shell-shocked soldier fighting an eternal war against a seemingly immortal foe.