* ArchivePanic: It's a daily comic that ran for 7 years. There are 2658 strips in all. You do the math. (And that doesn't even count the numerous fan comics hosted on the site.)
* AssPull: Many of the powers and mergings that come about seem to be this, but the Author had it [[BlatantLies all planned out before]], and it is funny.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: The Author mentions that Mynd seems to be rather popular among readers.
* HilariousInHindsight:
** In the ''Mega Man 5'' storyline, [[http://www.bobandgeorge.com/archives/041029 Stone Man and Wave Man merge]] into a (quick-drying) Concrete Man. Now fast-forward four years; Capcom makes ''Mega Man 9'', and one of the new Robot Masters is... Concrete Man.
** Also, in the ''Mega Man 4'' storyline, Dr Wily is watching a soap opera, and the two main characters are called... Creator/{{Brad|Pitt}} and Creator/{{Angelina|Jolie}}. This was written ''while Brad Pitt was still married to Creator/JenniferAniston''.
** As admitted in the commentary, the line [[http://www.bobandgeorge.com/archives/060419c "Pudding Man is going all Bill Cosby on Flame Man's ass]]" has ''remarkably'' different connotations after the relentless accusations of sexual assault fell into the media spotlight.
%%** The slide RunningGag after ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros''
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* IdiotPlot: Of course, the ones responsible always ''are'' idiots.
* NightmareFuel: [[http://www.bobandgeorge.com/archives/050501c "FISH HEADS, FISH HEADS! ROLLY POLLY FISH HEADS!"]]
* SeinfeldIsUnfunny The author admits to wincing at [[http://www.bobandgeorge.com/archives/000502c this strip]], even though he knows it's the first use, because it's been done so often since.
* TearJerker: The Cataclysm and how everyone except Proto Man dies.
** The Epilogue. Everyone in the Classic period would have died somehow except George, The Author, Ran and Proto Man. George would have been back in his dimension though and he never got to see his friends again and Bob was finally killed at some point. The Author made things worse by giving Ran a more powerful Cossack Buster and because it led to Zero finding Dr. Light, Dr. Light was killed. The Author would then turn into the Shadowy Author and spend the rest of his days blaming himself for the deaths of everyone, as would Proto Man. [[spoiler:[[SubvertedTrope At least that's how it would have happened had Zero not mentioned that Dr. Wily would be killed by him.]]]]
* ThisIsYourPremiseOnDrugs: Webcomic/BobAndGeorge is Megaman after a long bender.
** Quick Man is Cut Man and Elec Man's love child on crack.
* TheWoobie: George. He gets trapped in the Mega Man dimension that the Author runs, he gets kidnapped and tied to a ceiling for six months, has Bob for a brother and just goes through a lot of hell throughout the events of the comic.