[[folder:YMMV for the original manga]]
* ABoyAndHisX: A young man and his HandCannon.
* DesignatedHero: While he certainly comes off as this, it's debatable whether Killy really is one, especially since we see so little of his thinking. In a charitable interpretation, he is the only person seriously trying to make the setting a better place.
* DoingItForTheArt: Nihei says as much in an interview.
--> The first editor from the publisher was a Sci-fi maniac and we were getting along well. My debut was BLAME!, which is a maniac sci-fi for niche fans. We had no interest in sales.
* EpilepticTrees and WildMassGuessing: Hoo boy...
* EvilIsSexy: [[DreadlockWarrior Ivy]], [[AxCrazy Maeve]], [[DarkActionGirl Sanakan]]
* FoeYay: Between Dhomochevsky and Pcell. [[EpilepticTrees Maybe]]...
* [[GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff Germans Love Blame!]]: More so than any other country, it seems. There is even an [[http://www.myspace.com/blameindustrial electronica band inspired by the series.]]
* {{Padding}}: Given that it's a WalkTheEarth story with a rather simplistic plot, this is to be expected.
* TheWoobie: Killy is an IronWoobie and a StoicWoobie wrapped into one [[TheJuggernaut unstoppable being]].
[[folder:YMMV for the 2017 Netflix film]]
* VanillaProtagonist: The movie, much like the source material, rarely gives any insight on Killy's personality, so keeping the focus on Zuru is probably a good thing.
* VisualEffectsOfAwesome: The fight scenes and backgrounds look gorgeous, to say the least.
* TheWoobie: Fusata becomes this in the climax [[spoiler:when he realizes Tae, his best friend and love interest, was [[KillAndReplace killed and replaced]] by Sana-kan, pushing him into a HeroicBSOD for several minutes while the city is invaded by [[MechaMooks Exterminators.]] Although he eventually regains his composure and contributes to the city's defense, he is still visibly grieving.