* AuthorsSavingThrow:
** The revelation that Stephanie had not in fact died at the hands of Black Mask, but had been [[HesJustHiding smuggled out of the country by Leslie Thompkins]]. It was a blatant RetCon, but it salvaged Thompkin's character and reversed the StuffedIntoTheFridge of Steph's original death.
** The revelation that Cassandra [[FaceHeelTurn turned]] because she was being drugged by Deathstroke. It still left a lot of holes in the story, but at least it stopped treating her as the bad guy.
** There ''are'' fans (such as the Feminist Batgirl tumblr) who believe that it was ridiculous for a woman in a comic book universe (surrounded by magicians, aliens, and mad scientists, most of whom have come back from the dead at least once) to remain paralyzed by a mere bullet wound, and have been waiting for Barbara to put the cowl back on since 1988.
* BrokenBase[=/=]InternetBackdraft:
** Barbara reclaiming the title is either something that should have happened years ago or something that pushes her back and removes her character development; in both cases, it leads to discussions about what is more sexist, and the argument about what it means for the others.
** There's also the base breaking about which Batgirl is better fit for the title, Babs, Cass, or Steph.
* CrackPairing[=/=]CrossoverShip: Cassandra and CaptainAmerica. We're not kidding, it exists.
** LesYay: Apparently, ComicBook/{{Supergirl}} watches ''those'' types of college movies. You know, the ones with pillow fights and [[SlumberParty Slumber Parties]], and she is just dying to reenact them with Stephanie. Later, [[ItMakesSenseInContext after Dracula appears]], Supergirl [[DressedInLayers rips off her top to reveal her costume beneath it]].
--> '''Supergirl:''' "Aren't you gonna...you know..."\\
'''Batgirl:''' "Not unless you wanna see my bra."\\
'''Supergirl:''' "Does it have a bat on it?"
* MarySue: Cassandra tended to fall into this as her character went on. Even her origin story establishes her with super human powers simply by being raised as ''combat'' as her only language, a father who is supposed to be a previously unheard of super mercenary on par with Comicbook/{{Deathstroke}}, and near automatic approval from the previous Batgirl Barbara Gordon after a storyline of Barbara disapproving of any new Batgirls. The epithet falters, however, in light of the complete lack of standard social skills and no understanding of what constitutes appropriate in several situations (usually to comic effect). They could have been emphasized more, but they were present until the massive FaceHeelTurn removed them completely through idiotic means.
* MyRealDaddy: Ever since her ongoing, most generally associate Stephanie Brown with Bryan Q Miller, the writer of her series, rather than ChuckDixon, her creator; though, Dixon is generally respected otherwise.
* RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap:
** Wendy and her brother Marvin were heavy [[TheScrappy scrappies]] when they appeared in ''Comicbook/TeenTitans'', but [[AlasPoorScrappy their brutal exit from the series]] completely reversed fan opinion over night. Wendy's appearances in ''Batgirl'' have been well-received, with praise given for the development of her character as she adjusts to being a paraplegic and continuing to be an active crime-fighter.
** Stephanie herself counts, as many fans cried foul when she [[ReplacementScrappy took over for Tim Drake.]]
* TheWoobie: Stephanie maintains her enthusiasm despite the mistreatment she receives, both in-universe, and out.