* AntiClimaxBoss: [[spoiler:Roland.]] Damien tells the others to "LeaveHimToMe", they square up, Damien [[KnuckleCracking cracks his joints]]... [[spoiler:and then takes him out with a single [[GroinAttack kick to the crotch]].]]
* CompleteMonster: Taha from the first film is a brutal Parisian drug lord who kills anyone he doesn't like, [[BadBoss especially his own minions]]. He controls the largest gang-run ghetto which the government walled off from the rest of the city to stop the further spread of crime. He's largely responsible for the deterioration in the district, but unlike the government he takes an active hand in making things worse by terrorizing the population to submit to his rule and dumping his drugs there. When a group of his minions fail to recover a large stash kept by Leito, he shoots them in quick succession until one of them comes up with an idea. When Leito and his sister Lola almost have him arrested, he uses his power to makes a deal with the cops to imprison Leito instead. He takes Lola so he can keep her as a beaten, drug-addicted sex slave on a leash in his personal quarters. When a nuclear bomb goes missing and is found by his gang, he considers selling it to arms dealers before blackmailing the police and the government with the lives of 2 million people by aiming it at the city centre with a missile launcher. He chains up Lola to the missile for good measure so she'll be incinerated by the launch.
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* CriticalDissonance: Received an awful critical reception in France, but didn't do too badly in the box office.
* CrowningMusicOfAwesome: "Determine" by Alonso, played over an extended introductory shot at the start of the sequel.
* CrowningMomentOfFunny: "Start chewing."