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* HollywoodHomely: In-universe case. Yuri is considered ''very'' beautiful in Japan, but in Anatolia she's barely seen as average-looking.
* IronWoobie: Kail and Yuri.
** Kail goes through the sickness [[spoiler:and death]] of his father, [[spoiler:the death of his favorite brother and the apparent death of Yuri at the hands of the Egyptians]], the evil schemes of his stepmother, and generally works as hard as he can to end the wars and suffering spread throughout his homeland. And while he loves Yuri and wants her to stay with him, he still refuses to force her to stay, thinking that she ought to go back to her family and boyfriend in her own time.
** Yuri, meanwhile, is kidnapped from her home, nearly murdered and raped multiple times, and quickly sees how corrupt and evil Nakia is. After extremely awkward beginnings she responds by learning how to fight physically and mentally, going to war to protect the people of Hattusa, and vowing to see to it that Nakia pays for everything she has done.
* IdiotBall: Yuri once runs with it when, despite having just survived an assassination attempt from the [[EvilSorceress evil magic queen]], she runs straight into her lair in an attempt to get her clothes back.
* JerkAssWoobie: Ursula is this, after revealing that she agreed to impersonate Yuri and ruin her reputation because after watching her family die of ThePlague and suffering through poverty, she was desperate to know wealth for ''any'' amount of time. She then becomes Yuri's lady-in-waiting, and by the time [[spoiler: she dies in an HeroicSacrifice]] she has evolved into an IronWoobie.
* MarySue: For some, Yuri. Those who think she is argue that things always work out for her no matter what.
* TheWoobie: Poor Juda is a sweet kid who genuinely support's Kail's bid for the throne, because he thinks it's best for Hattusa. No matter how hard he tries to help out with looking after his home, and no matter how much he makes it clear that he is not interested in being king, his mother continues to kill and plot evil towards his half-brothers and Yuri, while he tries to stop her (at one point, he sadly confesses that he knows his mother is capable of [[spoiler:poisoning his oldest half-brother, now the new king, as he goes to help Yuri foil the plan]]). And ultimately, [[spoiler:his own mother brainwashes him, because he refuses to play along with her plotting.]]