!![[VideoGame/{{Adventure}} The Atari 2600 Game:]]
* ColbertBump: The game (and specifically its famous EasterEgg) being used as a major plot point in ''Literature/ReadyPlayerOne'', and among the few things that made it into the film adaptation intact, naturally brought the game a lot of new attention.
* GoddamnedBats: The bat that steals your items is probably the TropeMaker.
** Making the bat the one true threat of the game is that you can ''never kill it'', unlike the dragons. The best you can do is place it in a castle without any other items inside and make certain it loops upward (because if it goes in any other direction it will get out) or that you can lock the castle with the bat still inside.
* ParanoiaFuel: The dragons. Especially in the harder modes where the [[GoddamnedBats bat]] will sometimes steal your item and '' give you a live dragon in return.''
* UnfortunateCharacterDesign: More than one player has noted that the dragons look more like ducks. Parodied in ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner'', as whenever the dragons appear as a minor character, they call it a duck.
* WordOfGod: [[http://www.gooddealgames.com/interviews/int_Warren_Robinett.html Warren Robinett]] has said he named the dragons (Yorgle, Rhindle, and ''Grindle'') and the Bat (Knubberrub), but only the names of the dragons made it into the manual, and Grindle got a slight name change in the process. ([[FlipFlopOfGod Or maybe not]], since [[http://www.stanford.edu/dept/HPS/TimLenoir/MilitaryEntertainment/Atari/Warren%20Robinett%20Interview.html in other interviews]] he says he named the green dragon Grundle from the start)
** Similarly, the Chalice was originally meant to be the Holy Grail, but [[ExecutiveMeddling Atari made him change it to the more generic "Chalice"]].