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'''Paul Bearer''' (real name '''William Moody''') (1954-2013) was a Wrestling/{{WWE}} manager and former wrestler, best known for his years managing Wrestling/TheUndertaker. During the course of his tenure at WWE, he also managed [[Wrestling/MickFoley Mankind]], Wrestling/{{Vader}} and Wrestling/{{Kane}}. In {{kayfabe}}, his character was portrayed as a funeral director with certain mystical powers centered around an urn that he carried with him that seemed to empower whoever he managed. He was also later revealed to be the biological father of Undertaker's half-brother Wrestling/{{Kane}}.

He had also been a funeral director and mortician in RealLife, which was the [[RealLifeWritesThePlot inspiration for the gimmick]].

He passed away due to complications from a blood clot on March 5, 2013. This didn't stop the WWE from using his (supposed) ashes as a gimmick in various matches. The next year, Paul Bearer would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

TheOtherWiki has a more detailed rundown of his career and kayfabe history [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Bearer here]].

!!"You can read my tropes, Ooooh YEEESSS!":

* {{Acrofatic}}: He actually took some impressive bumps every now and then, and could dart away pretty quick when it looked like he was going to be attacked at ringside.
* ActionSurvivor: Had been a wrestler under the names the Embalmer, the Mortician and Dr. X before settling into his role as a manager.
* AlliterativeName: As '''P'''ercy '''P'''ringle
* AmplifierArtifact: The urn.
* ArchEnemy: (In Florida as Percy Pringle): The Fabulous Freebirds
** (From 1991-1996): Anyone Wrestling/TheUndertaker was feuding with at the time.
** Later, Undertaker himself, also Kane here and there.
* TheArtifact: By the end of the 1990s, as a manager, he was basically the LastOfHisKind.
* BigYes: His CatchPhrase.
* TheBusCameBack: Had surprise returns in 2004, 2010, and 2012.
** Only to be StuffedInTheFridge, he literally gets stuffed in a freezer by Wrestling/RandyOrton in 2012.
* ButNotTooWhite: Subverted. Just look at the picture.
** When being interviewed: Oooooohhh, Mr. (surname of interviewer)...
* ChewingTheScenery: Tended to get ''very'' into his character.
* ChronicBackstabbingDisorder: Ever since ''Wrestling/SummerSlam 1996'' when he betrayed the Undertaker for [[Wrestling/MickFoley Mankind]].
* {{Corpsing}}: Paul Bearer had stated in interviews that he often tried to make Undertaker give in and laugh on camera. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTxmjud_IwM However, in this interview before the 1992 Royal Rumble]], it backfires and he himself...uh, [[JustForPun corpses.]]
* CreepyMortician
* DistressedDude: Was always getting kidnapped, at least since Wrestling/PaulHeyman and Wrestling/TheDudleyBoys first kidnapped him in 2004.
* DyeHard: Was actually a redhead.
** During his time as Percy Pringle, he was a bottle blond.
* EeriePaleSkinnedBrunette
* EvilIsHammy
* EvilRedhead: When he stopped dying his hair in 1997.
* EvilSoundsDeep: Completely inverted with his high-pitched voice.
* {{Fanboy}}: Of Music/GeorgeJones. Would refer to himself as "The Possum Fan."
* FatBastard: Perhaps one of the biggest in all of the WWE, matching fairly closely with Wrestling/{{Yokozuna}}. He eventually shed a good deal of weight after undergoing gastric bypass surgery.
* {{Guyliner}}
* HammyHerald: For Taker.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: Amongst other things, he really hammed it up to get Wrestling/TheUndertaker to laugh. In one memorable promo, he got the giggles ''himself''.
* HonoraryUncle: To Mankind for a while.
* [[IAmYourFather I Am His Father]]: Revealed that he was Wrestling/{{Kane}}'s father the day after Unforgiven when Kane's arm was engulfed in flames after the first Inferno match. Later related the entire story in an interview segment with Jerry Lawler.
* IHaveManyNames: The Embalmer, the Mortician, Mr. X, Percival "Percy" Pringle III, Paul Bearer.
* IHaveNoSon: Seemed to go back and forth on this with his {{kayfabe}} son [=Kane=].
* InMemoriam: On December 8, 2013, [[http://www.hollywoodwrestling.com/ Championship Wrestling from Hollywood]] held the Percy Pringle III Memorial Cup.
* IWasQuiteTheLooker: As Paul Bearer, he mentions this trope after he reveals himself as Kane's real father, having had an affair with the Undertakers mother at some point decades ago. As those of you who have seen photos of Moody in his younger days, its basically true.
* LargeHam: And ''how''! I mean, just ''look'' at him!
* LastOfHisKind: The last male manager for many years.
* TheLoad: The reason Undertaker gave for burying him in cement in 2004. He's also proven to be this to Wrestling/{{Kane}} after his 2010 return, which is partly why he didn't rush to save him in 2012 when Orton kidnapped him.
* LouisCypher: One possible interpretation, given his [[SharpDressedMan sharp dressed looks]] and father figure role to both Kane and Taker, two wrestlers frequently described as [[OurDemonsAreDifferent demons from hell]].
* MeanCharacterNiceActor: He was nothing like his in-ring personas, the underhanded Percy Pringle or the sleazy, scheming Paul Bearer. In real life, Moody was both a dedictaed family man, and had a very open relation with his fanbase.
* NonActionGuy: This was {{Lampshade|Hanging}}d on the May 10, 1999 episode of ''[[Wrestling/WWERaw Raw is War]]'' when he was forced by Commissioner Wrestling/ShawnMichaels to wrestle Wrestling/TheBigShow.
** [[MemeticMutation "I'M NOT A WRASSLER!!!"]]
* OneOfUs: As said above, he was very open and accessible to the fans, both before and after the internet age started. Because he was also a fan of the industry himself (a fact that Mick Foley's first book makes clear), it's easy to see why fans reacted with thunderous cheers when his classic "[[CatchPhrase Ohhh yessss!]]" came over the PA at Madison Square Garden at Wrestlemania XX. One of their own had just come home.
* {{Pornstache}}
* PowerStable: (as Percival Pringle III in Florida, Texas and elsewhere): The Pringle Dynasty, which included, among others, Wrestling/RickRude, [[Wrestling/{{Kamala}} Bad News Harris]], Wrestling/LexLuger, [[Wrestling/BuzzSawyer "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer]], Wrestling/AbdullahTheButcher, [[Wrestling/BarryHorowitz Jack Hart (Barry Horowitz)]], the Great Kabuki, [[Wrestling/TheBlackjacks Blackjack Mulligan]] and Wrestling/KokoBWare
** The Wrestling/MinistryOfDarkness, with Wrestling/TheUndertaker, the Acolytes ([[Wrestling/RonSimmons Faarooq]] and [[Wrestling/JohnBradshawLayfield Bradshaw]]), Mideon, Viscera and the Brood ([[Wrestling/DavidHeath Gangrel]], Wrestling/{{Edge}} and Wrestling/{{Christian}}).
*** The Corporate Ministry, with [[Wrestling/VinceMcMahon Vince [=McMahon=]]], [[Wrestling/ShaneMcMahon Shane [=McMahon=]]], [[Wrestling/BigBossman the Big Bossman]], Wrestling/TripleH, Wrestling/{{Chyna}}, the Mean Street Posse (Rodney, Pete Gas and Joey Abs) and everyone in the Ministry of Darkness except for the Brood.
* PunnyName: Pall-bearer, anyone?
* SharpDressedMan
* SinisterMinister: When presiding over Undertaker and Wrestling/{{Stephanie McMahon}}'s "wedding".
* StartMyOwn: In 2005, he started his own promotion, Gulf South Wrestling, which he dissolved in 2007 when his business partners had wanted to continue it without him.
* SweetHomeAlabama: He was from Mobile.
* TalkShowWithFists: "The Funeral Parlor", an interview segment he had with Wrestling/TheUndertaker in the early 1990s. His show replaced "The Brother Love Show," which was where he debuted shortly before ''Wrestling/{{WrestleMania}} VII'', replacing Brother Love as Taker's manager.
* WeaponOfChoice: The urn.
* WhamLine: "He's alive! Kane is ''alive'', Undertaker!"
* WrestlingDoesntPay: Inverted, as he was actually a certified mortician in real-life, and also operated a funeral home in Mobile, Alabama.
** In a more literal inversion, his WWE appearances in 2004 provided him the cash he needed to undergo gastric bypass surgery.