[[caption-width-right:282:The voice of the WEBALSD.]]

->''"Uno, dos, adiós!"''

Michael David "Mike" Adamle (born October 10, 1949) is a sports personality and former National Football League player. He is best known as the co-host of ''Series/AmericanGladiators'' for seven years and as arguably one of the [[strike:worst]] [[{{Narm}} greatest]] wrestling personalities in the history of the Wrestling/{{WWE}}.

On January 27, 2008 at the Royal Rumble, Adamle began working as an interviewer for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), making multiple mistakes with every onscreen appearance. On his debut, he referred to Wrestling/JeffHardy as "Jeff Harvey" and ''still'' managed to become the play-by-play commentator on ECW. He was well known - and mocked (by his color partners Tazz and later Wrestling/JerryLawler, former ECW owner and booker Wrestling/PaulHeyman, and former talent Lance Storm, among MANY others) - for being unable to keep up with the commentary, using terribly unfunny {{Catch Phrase}}s, and generally being a poor substitute for Wrestling/JoeyStyles.

On the July 28, 2008 episode of Series/{{RAW}}, Executive Vice President Wrestling/ShaneMcMahon announced that Adamle was the new General Manager for the Raw brand. Even though his new character allowed him to carry a script on camera, he made mistakes in every episode. In November, during an in-ring segment with Shane [=McMahon=] and Wrestling/RandyOrton, Adamle resigned from his position as General Manager, but no reason was ever given for Adamle's real life departure. (However, it was [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] on one episode of ''RAW'' that the other wrestlers - particularly Wrestling/ChrisJericho - couldn't stand him.)
!!'''Tropes associated with Mike the Miz--er, Adamle!:'''

* ActuallyPrettyFunny: His one appearance on "The Dirt Sheet" actually makes him {{Adorkable}}.
-->'''Wrestling/TheMiz:''' There are winners...
-->''Miz gestures to himself''
-->'''The Miz:''' And there are losers...
-->''Points to Adamle who gives a thumbs up. Wrestling/JohnMorrison begins to speak when...''
-->'''Mike Adamle:''' That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me since I joined ECW!
-->'''John Morrison:''' Don't interrupt me again, Mike.
* AndThereWasMuchRejoicing: His announcement that he was stepping down as ''Raw'' GM engendered the biggest pop he has ever received in his WWE career.
** Adamle even botched that farewell by getting up from the announce table too early.
* AscendedExtra: Mike came to {{Wrestling/Vince|McMahon}}'s attention back when he was doing color commentary for the [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: X ]]
tra [[/folder]]

[[folder: F ]]
un [[/folder]]

[[folder: L ]]
eague, alongside Wrestling/JesseVentura.
* CuckoolanderCommentator: At one point he forgot what a desk was called. Presumably, he was used to sitting at an announcer's ''booth'', but still.
** "[[Wrestling/TheUndertaker Undertaker]] gettin' BIZZAY!"
* DamnedByFaintPraise: ''Website/{{WrestleCrap}}'' named him the "least horrendous" recipient of their annual Gooker Award to date.
* DullSurprise: Adamle's promos really must be witnessed. He makes Cena look like Meryl Streep.
* "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Adamle's entire run in the WWE was widely criticized, with his poor memory and frequency for verbal mistakes being the instances that are most remembered and quoted. In February 2017 Adamle publicly revealed that he had been diagnosed with CTE-induced dementia as a result of the concussions he suffered during his time as an NFL running back. All of a sudden these mistakes weren't seen as being so funny any more.
* KirkSummation: Adamle, channeling (and misquoting) his idol UsefulNotes/RonaldReagan, told {{Wrestling/Kane}}, “HAND. ME. THAT. BAG.” the same way the Gipper told Mikhail Gorbachev to "take down that wall."
-->'''''[=WrestleCrap=]''''': And while most people would not put the surrender of a small sack on [[{{Dissimile}} the same level of importance as the re-unification of Berlin]], it would be Adamle’s biggest accomplishment as ''Raw'' General Manager.
* {{Malaproper}}: Poor Mike's knowledge of the product was less than nil. ("A Swing-a-Poor Cane Match!").
* MyNameIsNotDurwood: Most notably, he helped put over [[Wrestling/JeffHardy Jeff Harvey]] as he pursued the "WEBA" Championship.
** For this, Adamle was 'honored' with inclusion in ''{{Website/Botchamania}}''[='=]s main titles.
** "Let's go over to [[SpellMyNameWithAThe The]] Taz...."
** "And here comes [[Creator/TheCW CW]] [[Wrestling/CMPunk Punk!]]"
** "[[{{Wrestling/Umaga}} YOU MANGAAAAAAA!]] The Samoan Bulldog--"
*** "[[{{Wrestling/Tazz}} BULLDOZAH BULLDOZAH]]"
* NewscasterCameo: Before ''Raw'', his biggest claim to fame was co-hosting ''American Gladiators.'' --Scratch that, before ''Raw'', his biggest clam to fame was the ''Series/FamilyMatters'' episode "Surely You Joust", which featured Adamle calling a match between Urkel and Carl.
* OlderThanHeLooks: He's ''65''.
* ThePeterPrinciple: He played NFL football as a running back in the 70's, announced and hosted numerous sports programs such as American Gladiators and the Summer Olympics, and has competed in a Ironman Triathlon while he was '''''[[BadassGrandpa SIXTY]]''''' years old. A most impressive resume. Alas his obituary will probably include mention of his 2008 stint on ''Raw'' somewhere.
* PokeThePoodle: Heel Commentators everywhere, take note. Mike delivered a blistering burn to [[Wrestling/JohnMorrison Morrison]], whom he described as having "the build of Tarzan[?], but he hits like Jane."
* PungeonMaster: "[=JomamajomamajomamajomamaJAMAICANMECRAAAAAAZY!=]"
** You Ghana make me crazy {{Wrestling/Kofi|Kingston}}!
* PutOnABus: We... don't talk about Mike Adamle.
* ShipperOnDeck: While GM of RAW, he constantly referred to Wrestling/JohnCena and Wrestling/MickieJames as a cute couple, much to their annoyance. Probably doesn't help that rumors of Cena and James having an affair have persisted for the last few years.
** "Wrestling/TommyDreamer is taking it to Morrison!" Well, that certainly adds a new dimension to the storyline.