'''Michael David "Mike" Adamle''' (born October 10, 1949) is a sports personality and former National Football League player. He is best known as the co-host of ''Series/AmericanGladiators'' for seven years and as arguably one of the worst wrestling personalities in the history of the Wrestling/{{WWE}}.

On January 27, 2008 at the Royal Rumble, Adamle began working as an interviewer for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), making multiple mistakes with every onscreen appearance. On his debut, he referred to Wrestling/JeffHardy as "Jeff Harvey" and ''still'' managed to become the play-by-play commentator on ECW. He was well known - and mocked (by his color partners Tazz and later Wrestling/JerryLawler, former ECW owner and booker Wrestling/PaulHeyman, and former talent Lance Storm, among MANY others) - for being unable to keep up with the commentary, using terribly unfunny {{Catch Phrase}}s, and generally being a poor choice to replace Wrestling/JoeyStyles.

On the July 28, 2008 episode of Series/{{RAW}}, Executive Vice President Wrestling/ShaneMcMahon announced that Adamle was the new General Manager for the Raw brand. Even though his new character allowed him to carry a script on camera, he made mistakes in every episode. In November, during an in-ring segment with Shane [=McMahon=] and Wrestling/RandyOrton, Adamle resigned from his position as General Manager, but no reason was ever given for Adamle's real life departure. (However, it was [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] on one episode of ''RAW'' that the other wrestlers - particularly Wrestling/ChrisJericho - couldn't stand him.)
!!'''Tropes associated with Mike Adamle:'''

* ActuallyPrettyFunny: His one appearance on "The Dirt Sheet" actually makes him {{Adorkable}}.
-->'''Wrestling/TheMiz:''' There are winners...
-->''Miz gestures to himself''
-->'''The Miz:''' And there are losers...
-->''Points to Adamle who gives a thumbs up. Wrestling/JohnMorrison begins to speak when...''
-->'''Mike Adamle:''' That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me since I joined ECW!
-->'''John Morrison:''' Don't interrupt me again, Mike.
** '''Mike Adamle:''' [=JomamajomamajomamajomamaJAMAICANMECRAAAAAAZY!=]
* BadBadActing
* OlderThanHeLooks: He's ''64''.
* PutOnABus
* ShipperOnDeck: While GM of RAW, he constantly referred to Wrestling/JohnCena and Wrestling/MickieJames as a cute couple, much to their annoyance.
** RealitySubtext: Probably doesn't help that rumors of Cena and James having an affair have persisted for the last few years.