[[caption-width-right:202:During one of his eight reigns as [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/nwa/world/nwa-h.html NWA World Heavyweight Champion]]]]

'''Harley Race''' (b. 1943 in Quitman, MO) is a retired American {{Professional Wrestl|ing}}er and current promoter and trainer best known for his 8 reigns as NWA World Heavyweight Champion during the 1970s and 1980s. He started in Missouri as a teenager before moving to Memphis and wrestling under the name '''Jack Long''' and teaming with his [[UnrelatedBrothers "brother"]] John Long. Over time, he competed for, obviously, many Wrestling/NationalWrestlingAlliance territories, for the Wrestling/AmericanWrestlingAssociation, for Stampede Wrestling, and for Wrestling/AllJapanProWrestling, before he started winding down his career in Wrestling/{{WWE}} in the late 1980s. He retired from active competition in 1991 and became a manager in Wrestling/{{WCW}}, most famously for Wrestling/LexLuger, and, especially, [[Wrestling/{{Vader}} Big Van Vader]]. He is also the promoter of World League Wrestling in Missouri. He was inducted into the ''[[Wrestling/TheWrestlingObserverNewsletter Wrestling Observer Newsletter]]'' Hall of Fame in 1996 and into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004. He is also on the list of wrestlers who had slammed Wrestling/AndreTheGiant prior to Wrestling/HulkHogan doing it at ''Wrestling/{{WrestleMania}} III''.

As usual, you can find the basics at [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harley_Race The Other Wiki]].

!!! "Handsome Tropes":
* AfroAsskicker: Just look at the photo.
* AsHimself: As the ring announcer in the 2007 film ''Mil Mascaras Vs. the Aztec Mummy.''
* [[AwesomeMcCoolName Awesome [=McCool=] Name]]: It's his real name, too.
* {{Badass}}: Probably one of the top five legitly toughest guys in the history of the business. One of only two people Andre the Giant was afraid of, the other being Meng.
* BashBrothers: Larry "The Ax" Hennig, Roger Kirby, Bob Roop
* {{Determinator}}: Early in his career, he was in a car accident that killed his wife, and resulted in the near amputation of his leg. After his leg was saved, he was told that he might never walk again. The rest of the story tells itself.
* [[FanNickname Detractor Nickname]]: In-universe example; The Crusher would call Harley Race and Larry "The Ax" Hennig "The Dolly Sisters."
* DirtyCoward: In 1983, he tried to retire Ric Flair by putting a bounty on him.
* {{Expy}}: Some have compared the pairing of Wrestling/CMPunk and Wrestling/PaulHeyman to that of Race and Wrestling/BobbyHeenan.
* FinishingMove:
** [[SuplexFinisher Fisherman's Suplex]]
** [[UseYourHead Diving Headbutt]]- He innovated this, though he later said that he wished he hadn't.
** Piledriver
* {{Heel}}: His primary role.
* IHitYouYouHitTheGround: "If I hit him with my left [hand] and he doesn't go down, I will walk around him to see what's holding him up."
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Has gone on record to say that he wished he had never invented the diving headbutt, as it has lead to spinal and brain injuries for those who have used it (Dynamite Kid, Chris Benoit, etc.).
* PowerStable: [[Wrestling/BobbyHeenan The Heenan Family]] in WWE
* RealSongThemeTune: (as "The King" in WWE): Modest [=Mussorgsky=]'s "The Bogatyr Gates (in the Capital in Kiev)" (from his famous piano suite ''Pictures At An Exhibition''. It's the same music [[Wrestling/{{Meng}} Haku]] used during his run as the "King of the WWF" and that [[Wrestling/JerryLawler Jerry "The King" Lawler]] has used his whole time in WWE.
* RedBaron: "Handsome," "The King"
* RetiredBadass: Needed a cane just to stand by 2014 in Wrestling/ProWrestlingNoah, but there was a reason they had him announce his seal of approval prior to putting on their GHC Championship matches.
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: He and Vader knew better than to stick around when an enraged Wrestling/{{Madusa}} started kicking Paul E. Dangerously's ass after he fired her from the Dangerous Alliance and went off on a sexist rant at ''WCW Halloween Havoc 92''.[[note]]See The Dog Bites Back under Politically Incorrect Villain on Heyman's page.[[/note]]
* StunGuns: Used one to keep Cactus Jack down for a 10-count in his Texas Death Match against Vader at ''WCW Halloween Havoc 93''.
** During his stint as Vaders manager, there is a story about Race using a stun gun on a naked Vader to get him to hurry his ass out of the shower so they could hit the road. Even for a man Vaders size, getting tazered while naked and wet must have hurt quite a bit.