[[caption-width-right:339: The destroyer of 173[[note]]The exact number is up to debate, as Goldberg beat some guys more than once, and WCW seemed to lose count along the way, but even most comprehensive records show that it was around the very close 160[[/note]] wrestlers in a row!]]
->'''''"WHO'S NEXT?!"'''''

'''Bill Goldberg''' was one of the most popular {{professional wrestl|ing}}er in Wrestling/{{WCW}} during the Wrestling/MondayNightWars.

Goldberg became famous for having the longest winning streak ("The Streak" as it was known) in WCW history, having won 173 consecutive matches, and in the process, winning the [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wcw/wcw-us-h.html WCW United States Heavyweight Championship]], and later, the [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wcw/wcw-h.html WCW World Heavyweight Championship]] before [[BrokenStreak the streak came to an end]] at ''Starrcade 1998''; he also became infamous for being the man responsible for retiring Wrestling/BretHart, giving him a concussion with a kick to the head that - coupled with other concussions suffered around the same timeframe - forced The Hitman out of the ring for good. (At least until 2010.) Nowadays, Goldberg has semi-retired, and spends time doing television shows centered around motorcycles and automobiles, as well as serving as an MMA commentator.

You can learn more about his career at [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Goldberg The Other Wiki]].
* TenMinuteRetirement: Played with. Goldberg hasn't wrestled since 2004 and seemed uninterested in returning to the ring until an interview in 2015 where he expressed interest in wrestling one final match [[SoMyKidsCanWatch so his son could watch.]] On June 7, 2015 at the ''Legends of Wrestling'' show in New York, while not scheduled to wrestle at the event, Goldberg would come to the aid of Wrestling/RobVanDam after his match with Wrestling/ScottSteiner, and hit both of his finishing moves on Steiner and Doc Gallows. He's also gone back and forth on this claim, and since he and WWE weren't on very good terms, it seemed a bit unlikely that he'll return. Until he was announced as the PreOrderBonus for ''[[Videogame/WWEVideoGames WWE 2K17]]'', the same deal that led to both Wrestling/UltimateWarrior and Wrestling/{{Sting}} burying the hatchet with WWE.
** The dirtsheet rumors circulating about WWE trying to contact Goldberg about coming back for the Brand Split also don't help matters...although these are only rumors.
* BadassBeard: A multicolored beard of brown and grey.
* BadassIsraeli: Not Israeli, but proudly and openly Jewish. He even considered calling himself UsefulNotes/{{Mossad}} before going with his own name.
* BaldOfAwesome: Well, when his entire gimmick is entering a ring, [[CurbStompBattle eating somebody alive]] and leaving...
* {{Biography}}: His autobiography, ''I'm Next: The Strange Journey of America's Most Unlikely [=Superhero=]''.
* CaptainErsatz: In the handheld console ''Videogame/FireProWrestling'' entries.
* CatchPhrase: "Who's Next?" and it's variants eventually became one as Goldberg's streak grew.
* CarnivalOfKillers: Wrestling/TripleH put a bounty on Goldberg that [[Wrestling/StevieRichards Steven Richards]], [[PowerStable Thuggin and Buggin Enterprises]], [[ForeignWrestlingHeel La Résistance]], Wrestling/TommyDreamer and Wrestling/{{Batista}} all tried to collect.
* CelebrityResemblance: Wrestling/SteveAustin, from a distance; both were bald men with beards in black wrestling trunks. During the height of the Monday Night Wars, Goldberg was often mistaken as Steve Austin and vice-versa, with fans even calling them by the other's name.
* CrowdSong: "Goldberg! Goldberg! Goldberg!" There were rumors that to help Goldberg's popularity rise, the Goldberg chants were piped in through the sound system. Wrestling/DiamondDallasPage denied it, saying something to the effect of [[TakeThat WCW didn't have the ability or know-how]] [[BitingTheHandHumor to pipe things in over the sound system.]]
* CurbStompBattle: A lot of his wins from The Streak were this; though how many were against jobbers is debatable.
* DefeatingTheUndefeatable: Goldberg beating Wrestling/HulkHogan, then Wrestling/KevinNash beating Goldberg thanks to Wrestling/ScottHall and a taser. WCW was not really prepared to figure out what to do with him afterwards, either.
* DemotedToExtra:
** He defeated Wrestling/HulkHogan for the [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wcw/wcw-h.html WCW World Heavyweight Championship]] on the July 6, 1998 ''[[Wrestling/WCWMondayNitro Nitro]]'', but did not main event on a PPV until his match with Wrestling/DiamondDallasPage at ''WCW Halloween Havoc'' on ''October 25'':
*** At the July PPV, ''Bash at the Beach'', the "main event" was Hogan and [[UsefulNotes/NationalBasketballAssociation pro basketball player]] Dennis Rodman defeating Diamond Dallas Page and pro basketball player Karl Malone. Goldberg was second from the top, defeating Wrestling/CurtHennig.
*** The August PPV, ''Road Wild'', had Page and ''Series/TheTonightShow'' host ''Jay Leno'' defeating Hogan and WCW boss Wrestling/EricBischoff, who had been mocking Leno on Nitro, as the "main event," with Goldberg second from the top again winning a meaningless battle royal against a bunch of [[Wrestling/NewWorldOrder nWo]] guys. (For contrast, consider that [[Wrestling/{{WWE}} WWF]]'s ''Wrestling/{{SummerSlam}}'' PPV the same month had [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wwe/wwe-h.html WWF Champion]] Wrestling/StoneColdSteveAustin defeating Wrestling/TheUndertaker in Taker's [[DefeatingTheUndefeatable first 100% clean PPV loss ever]] as its main event.)
*** Goldberg did not even appear at ''WCW Fall Brawl 1998'', which had as its "main event" the all-time worst [[GimmickMatches War Games]] match in the match's 11-year history. It was Team WCW (Page/[[Wrestling/RoddyPiper "Rowdy" Roddy Piper]][=/=][[Wrestling/UltimateWarrior The]] [[WritingAroundTrademarks (Ultimate)]] [[Wrestling/UltimateWarrior Warrior]]) vs. Team nWo Hollywood ([[Wrestling/HulkHogan "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan]][=/=]Wrestling/BretHart/Stevie Ray [Wrestling/BookerT's brother] vs. Team nWo Wolfpac (Wrestling/KevinNash[=/=]Wrestling/LexLuger[=/=]Wrestling/{{Sting}}) in a match that featured Warrior expy The Renegade making a surprise appearance imitating the Warrior and everyone in the match having to "play dead" for Warrior's "magic smoke." Page won the match by pinning Stevie Ray, after Hogan and UW had broken out of the cage. This monstrous idiocy DID lead to the great Goldberg-DDP match at ''Havoc'', as the match had a stipulation that whoever got the pinfall victory would earn a shot at the WCW World Heavyweight Championship at ''Havoc'', plus they had to save the show after the disastrous Hogan-Warrior rematch (Hulk wanted UW to job for him in return for him jobbing for UW way back at ''Wrestling/{{WrestleMania}} VI'').
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: Goldberg didn't start using the spear until after his first two dozen or so matches, and some of his early matches were back and forth rather than the squashes he'd become famous for.
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: Kicking out of Hugh Morrus' finishing move (the "No Laughing Matter" moonsault) in his first match, then shocking the crowd by winning decisively. The kicker is when he says into the camera afterward, ''"[[BadassBoast that's number 1.]]"''
* {{Expy}}: While most often denounced at the time as a "Stone Cold" Steve Austin copy due to his bald head and similar outfit, his squash-heavy style was much closer to that of 1980s ForeignWrestlingHeel Wrestling/NikitaKoloff.
* FaceHeelTurn: Had a very ill-advised one late in his WCW career thanks to the typical HeelFaceRevolvingDoor booking of Wrestling/VinceRusso. Goldberg was the one last wrestler fans could count on to cheer for. Quite literally eating Wrestling/ScottHall's contract certainly didn't help, either, and feuding with Scott Hall and Wrestling/KevinNash in the first place ''with them as the faces'' was never going to go over the way Russo wanted it to. WCW fans just gave up altogether and it was, in some respects, the final nail in the company's coffin.
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* FinishingMove: The Spear followed by the Jackhammer (suplex powerslam).
* IKnowKarate: According to the commentators, he knew Sambo. He actually knew some Sambo through looking martial arts tapes, but had no formal training. For what is worth, Goldberg currently owns a Muay Thai training center.
* ImplacableMan: This is his shtick, really. Generally, the worst parts of Goldberg's career are when he's doing anything else but this.
* JobberEntrance: How he started on WCW, though in a subversion of expectations, he won and kept on winning.
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* LastNameBasis: Though referred to as Bill Goldberg on numerous occasions, he's mostly known by his last name alone.
* LightningBruiser: Agile enough to do a backflip ([[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1CQ5u2b12Q which he did against Hugh Morrus,]] and in his title match against DDP), was also a pro football player, so he had explosive speed and power. Could lift [[Wrestling/TheBigShow The Giant]] and Jackhammer him with one arm, and was able to tear a limo's glass with his bare hands, although it cut his flesh.
* MadeOfIron: Kicked out of a sledge hammer shot from Wrestling/TripleH, though the first time Triple H did this he did get a three count, probably because at that moment Goldberg was running towards him for a Spear.
* NoSell: Particularly memorable were his no sells to Wrestling/{{Glacier}} and, when The Rock brought him out to mock Goldberg, Gillberg.
* OffscreenMomentOfAwesome: The ''Halloween Havoc 1998'' match with DDP, largely thought to be the best of his career, wasn't seen by many fans because WCW's management was so inept at the time that the show ran over its time limit badly and the broadcast cut off. The recorded match was shown the following night on Nitro, but that was well after fans knew the outcome, so much of the emotional impact of the match (see EnforcedMethodActing on the Trivia page) was lost.
* OhCrap: Just hearing [[http://youtu.be/UNdjG2BX0go his music]] could have this effect on opponents.
* PetTheDog: He may have a mercenary attitude towards the wrestling business, but he's extremely devoted to charities, particularly the Make A Wish foundation. He's also very nice to fans as long as they don't approach him when he's with his family. He's also a spokesman for the ASPCA, making this a literal case.
* RatedMForManly: Without any single shred of doubt. It's the one thing, according to some fans, that separates Goldberg from the likes of other wrestlers with a similar build or physique-- Goldberg's aura of intensity and savagery makes his invincibility more believable.
* RealLifeWritesThePlot: Wrestling/ChrisJericho feuded, and lost, with Goldberg only weeks after fighting with him backstage. It should be noted that, by all accounts, Jericho ''won'' that backstage fight by getting Goldberg in a front facelock ([[RealityIsUnrealistic a fight-ender in real life]]) twice. Accounts vary on whether Goldberg had gotten out of it himself, Jericho had let him go, or whether other wrestlers broke it up, but at the bell, Jericho was definitely ahead on points.
* RealSongThemeTune: Music/{{Megadeth}}'s "Crush 'Em" (as a tie-in with Goldberg's appearance in the 1999 movie ''Film/UniversalSoldierTheReturn''. After the movie ran its course, he went back to his usual production theme.)
%% * RedBaron: "The Man"
* TheRival: Wrestling/{{Meng}}, Wrestling/DiamondDallasPage, Wrestling/HulkHogan, [[Wrestling/SidEudy Sid Vicious]], Wrestling/{{Sting}}, [[Wrestling/DwayneJohnson The Rock]], Wrestling/TripleH.
* RuleOfCool: His whole entrance, where they basically threw everything the set budget had. Includes a hefty dose of OminousFog and an OutOfTheInferno walk through a fireworks shower, where he would then [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMoments INHALE THE PYROTECHNICS SMOKE AND EXHALE IT LIKE A FRIGGIN' DRAGON!]]
* ScreamingWarrior: A great moment, from the 2004 ''Wrestling/RoyalRumble'': ''[loud cobra hiss]'' "YOU SON OF A BITCH!"
* ShowyInvincibleHero: Part of Goldberg's appeal was watching his matches to see what moves he'd come up with to hurt the poor sap stuck in the ring with him this time. Despite having all the trappings of an Invincible Hero, the fans mostly couldn't get enough of him, for the first year, anyway. And after two years of Hulk Hogan and the [[Wrestling/NewWorldOrder nWo]] making chumps of the entire WCW roster, Goldberg was a fresh face with an aura of invincibility. By this point, wrestling fans were dying for a person who could finally end Hogan's title reign. He did, and for a short while, it was good.
* SignatureMove: Canadian fans generally disliked him for a mule kick they claim ended Wrestling/BretHart's career. Also, a gorilla press transitioned into either an Oklahoma slam or spinebuster in WWE with no controversy surrounding it.
* {{Sitcom}}: There's a clip of him in the opening credits sequence for ''Series/MalcolmInTheMiddle.''
* SoftGlass: Apparently, Goldberg was supposed to smash several limousine windows with a pipe concealed in his hand, and he lost the pipe. He decided to [[TooDumbToLive punch through the window with his bare hands]]. He [[RealityEnsues seriously injured himself]], and Goldberg was out of action for nearly six months.
* SquashMatch: What the majority of his matches in WCW were during his first streak.
* TakeThat:
** At ''WCW Fall Brawl 1998'', Wrestling/ChrisJericho brought out a midget version and easily "defeated" him.
** On the January 11, 1999 [[Wrestling/{{WWERaw}} Raw]], [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/mexico/uwa/wwf-lh.html WWF World Light Heavyweight Champion]] Duane Gill was reintroduced as "Gillberg," complete with similar mannerisms, guided entrance, his J.O.B. Squad stablemates Wrestling/TheBlueMeanie, [[Wrestling/TooColdScorpio 2 Cold Scorpio]] and Wrestling/BobHolly holding little sparklers around his head as he choked on the smoke. Gillberg entered the ring and said, "Gillberg doesn't wanna know who's next - Gillberg wants to know WHO'S FIRST?" Wrestling/LunaVachon answered and promptly [[SquashMatch squashed]] Gillberg in 1:04.
* TooDumbToLive: Tended to induce this in his opponents. For example, Van Hammer once hit Goldberg with an Alabama Slam, and instead of following up, decided to climb up on the turnbuckle to celebrate, not only giving Goldberg time to recover but enough distance to hit the Spear.
* VocalDissonance: Is a big, muscular tough dude with a high-pitched, nasal voice.
* TheWorfEffect: Goldberg served as the Worf for Meng and Batista. None of them were actually able to beat him, but simply being able to beat up Goldberg a little was enough to get them over. Goldberg also sold for jobber-to-the-stars Jerry Flynn,[[note]]Goldberg didn't like to sell for people he didn't think could hurt him in real life - despite being a jobber-to-the-stars, Flynn was a 6'7" 275 lb karate blackbelt and definitely capable of making Goldberg 'sell'[[/note]] which was enough to get Flynn promoted to midcarder for a little while.
* WrestlingMonster: One of the more mundane examples but also one of the most famous. A very rare {{face}} example of one as well.