Soon after the end of the Starborn Age, a new race appeared. These peoples had many names and labels, but the one most familiar is the label of 'Human'. Human society did not fully develop at first. In fact, for years they lived in warring tribes, factions and townships. Then one day, in the Joir (Joe-ARRE) tribe, a baby boy was born. His name was Yarrick. And then, a baby girl was born. Her name was Yonami. While Yonami grew up to be a great and powerful ruler, this was not evident in her younger years. She was a brawler who, according to legend, could wrestle a bear into submission. In fact, many thought that Yarrick, her older and more mature brother, would become ruler.

Then, one night, she received a dream. The details are not certain, but it is assumed that her dream for told an invasion of her home by a close tribe. Almost immediately, she told her dream to her brother who dismissed her vision. Granted, about a month later, the neighboring Anxon (Anx- ON) faction invaded the Joir people. She fought and fought, but could not save her people. She watched her brother die in front of her.

Escaping into the desert with only the clothes on her back, a pistol, and a backpack full of rocks. No one knew what the point of the rocks were, but she kept them with her for her life. Some say that those rocks were the same rocks that were used as funeral decorations for her parents.