The rise of The Solar Empire saw a resurgence in efforts to recover the legacies and lost technologies of the First Age, with limited success owning to losses in the preceding ages of strife and warfare. Nevertheless, archaeological and scientific expeditions were approved by the Unitary, with the implicit goal to bolster the Solar Empire's ability to wage war with technological and magical superiority.

Most of what was recovered highlighted a cosmic past dependent solely on technology and tools, as opposed to both the historically known magitech used by the old Solarian elites or the colonists of the Illuminated Periphery. Technologies from the era of the Wars of Knowledge and Power were adapted to enhance the existing knowledge of the Solar Empire, with [[WorldBuilding/ScienceAndInventions Starbolt Steel]] as one of many achievements derived from the union of old technology and new magic.

Culturally, the Solar Empire gained lost information from both abandoned Union outposts and War-era relics. Indeed, most of what is currently known of the First Age of Knowledge in the Solar Empire has been derived from these discoveries, each rediscovered piece of pre-Solar lore preserved and republished in the Libraries of New Solarius. Naturally, these historical artifacts have become the basis for new pro-Solar literature as the Solar Empire claimed itself as the sole successor of [[WorldBuilding/TheGloriousEmpire The Glorious Empire]], protector of all Solarians against the Alien and the Strange.