Getae had existed for several hundred years. Humans had begun to expand across all three central continents, and cities were built across the Exterior.

Seven hundred years after the creation of Getae, the Starborn, or Nehzaria as they called themselves, began to emerge. None know where they came from. The Starborn themselves claim to be "spun from the celestial threads", which means that they were spontaneously generated within the Heavenly Storm. However the Starborn came to be, they began to expand outwards from the Heavenly Storm, heading for the Interior surface of the Medigaten Desert, searching for the crystal fields that dotted the barren realms.

These early Starborn needed these crystals - they had no physical form, just masses of light and energy, and a single consciousness among them. By sleeping within crystals they could absorb sustaining light and channel their considerable physical and mental powers.

Eventually, the singular consciousness of the Starborn lead them to build a home for themselves. Their great powers manipulated the crystal fields, combining them into a whole - a city of crystal spires and towers. The crystals allowed the Starborn to feed on light, and allowed them to channel their powers. This city eventually became known as Luminosse, or "Country of Light" in the Nehzarian language. Luminosse became the center of an empire that they created across the Medigaten Desert and the Interior's barren marshland.

It was another four hundred years before any Nehzaria began to expand into the Exterior, via the Great Fault. Drawn to the light coming from the Exterior, the curiousness overwhelmed their ties to Luminosse and the Interior, and the Nehzaria left for all three of the central continents.

This was the time when the Nehzaria, or Starborn as the primitive humans began to call them, began to interact with humans. The inhabitants of Submidia and Vasilia, being more developed technologically, were slightly suspicious of these beings of glorious light, but the more primitive and isolated inhabitants of the Onidian river lands were utterly in awe.