[[caption-width-right:311:[[TheWoobie Poor, poor]] [[TearJerker Fluttershy.]]]]
Don't get us wrong, this cartoon is generally a happy one and does a great job of being positive. However, the show also does an excellent job of making us really feel for these candy-colored ponies. You really need the sad bits to make the happy bits richer after all.


[[folder: The Mane Cast]]

!! The Mane Six (excluding Rainbow Dash)
* [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E3LessonZero "Lesson Zero"]] implies that Twilight Sparkle was regularly teased in school as a filly, invoking this interpretation for some fans.
** Even outside fan interpretation, she has a high order case of SuperOCD, and (at least once [[SanitySlippage literally]]) drives herself crazy trying to make everything perfect and appease her self dictated high standards, terrified of losing the approval of her peers and friends, especially Princess Celestia.
** From her reputation as a bookworm and model student, her asocial behavior early in the series, her casual comments to Spike in the first episode that show she doesn't see any value in making friends, and her intense fear of failure in "Lesson Zero", it isn't hard to infer that before she came to Ponyville, Twilight didn't have ''any'' friends outside of Celestia, and her dedication to being a good student could be either the cause or effect of that. Either way, in "Lesson Zero" she's clearly freaking out at losing the friends she's come to value and being forced to give up her new and improved lifestyle to go back to being that asocial bookworm, this time knowing exactly how lonely and isolated she'll be now that she's had friends and has lost them because of her "slip-ups". She also has a fear of failure if Lesson Zero and The Crystal Empire are any indication.
** Her InferioritySuperiorityComplex, combined with her NoSocialSkills, also makes her even more of this. She begs her friends not to hate her, puts herself through hell and back just to fit in and secretly fears that she isn't worth the attention of her loved ones, especially Princess Celestia. That her SuperOCD isn't just funny finnickyness but portrayed as a legitimate mental illness does ''not'' help things, as it seems to be in part responsible for this line of thinking. Watching episodes like Winter Wrap Up with her low sense of self-worth makes them HarsherInHindsight, and a lot of her {{Determinator}} status [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation can be seen as]] a desperate desire to [[IJustWantToBeLoved prove she's worth the affection she doesn't think she deserves that she gets from those she loves.]]
** The season 2 finale also turns her into this. Although she was acting grouchy about Princess Cadance's unusually bad attitude, her friends, brother, and Princess Celestia all lose their respect for her and leave her alone in disappointment when she speaks up and calls Cadance evil. She feels ''horrible'' about what she'd done, knowing that she probably wouldn't be able to redeem herself in their eyes...[[spoiler: and even worse, it turns out that she was ''right'' to be suspicious, since "Cadance" reveals herself to be an evil impostor and imprisons Twilight in the Canterlot Caves.]]
** Season 4 plays with this a little, her worrying about her princess duties keeping her away from her friends, as well as worrying about Celestia dying (there's that scene in Princess Twilight Sparkle to consider), even though she didn't die, she still was injured before Twilight's eyes. Twilight is most certainly an AllLovingHero after CharacterDevelopment in Seasons 1 and 2, but still retains woobieish qualities in later seasons.
* [[http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/12/lauren-fausts-animation-faq.html When asked about Applejack's parents]], Lauren Faust said that she did consider the idea of them being deceased. Of course, it was deemed too sad and other suggestions were made - ranging from them being salesponies to explorers. But since the subject has never been brought up in the show, it remains a mystery until the writers choose to define it. Until that day comes, fanon continues to run with the tragic stories in particular.
** Applejack's hat is commonly believed to have been passed down from her late father, hence why she seems almost inseparable from it.
*** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=uWcxeBCOst4 Jossed, she won the hat on a fair.]] Even so, that hasn't stopped people from coming up with theories that make both origin stories true, [[http://joeywaggoner.deviantart.com/art/Bobbing-for-Apples-403197186 like so.]] Though, even that got Jossed by "Somepony to Watch Over Me," showing she has a closet full of identical hats.
** Her stubbornness in ''Applebuck Season'', where Applejack tried to harvest all of the apples alone without any help, is seen by some fans as her trying to live up to some standard she set herself between her parents passing away, and her taking on most of the responsibilities of the family business.
** In ''Apple Family Reunion'', it was confirmed by Senior Storyboard Artist Sibsy that the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXTmuhzc2BM two shooting stars]] that appeared a couple of times in the episode were a nod to Applejack's parents. As it was said in-episode that the whole family was coming to the re-union, but we didn't see her parents at all, they could well be deceased, although it still isn't certain.
** ''The Perfect Pair'' all but writes "THEY ARE DEAD" on a stick and hits you over the head with it. To make matters worse, Applejack's dad is shown wearing the exact same hat as her, rekindling the TragicKeepsake aspect of it: it might not be the same hat but she was still likely inspired to wear it by Bright Mac.
* Fluttershy oozes woobie to such a degree that even [[CloudCuckoolander Pinkie Pie]] avoids playing harmless pranks on her. In fact, the other 4 ponies have tried to be {{Cool Big Sister}}s towards her, despite being around the same age (and at least older then Pinkie).
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dsl6s--DYZk It is considered an unforgivable sin by bronies to make Fluttershy cry.]]
** It doesn't really help that while most of the Mane 6 are known for their strengths (Be it athletic ability, amazing talents or winning personality), she's mostly known for her ''weaknesses''. They usually play up the "shy" part of her personality a lot. In the Discord two-parter, she admits herself that she's weak and is glad that her friends point out her flaws. If she was being sincere, she seems to have a very low opinion of herself. Even Creator/TheHub labels her as "The Misfit" in their commercials.
** "Hurricane Fluttershy" seems absolutely dedicated to turning Fluttershy into a woobie, what with the flashbacks to [[KidsAreCruel her time at flight camp]] and her inability to fly nearly as fast as the other pegasi helping with the tornado. It also gives her one heck of a happy ending.
*** Adding to the effect, this is the only episode where we see Fluttershy actually cry. Not goofy cartoony OcularGushers or quiet sniveling. Full-on tears streaming down her face crying.
** "Putting Your Hoof Down" had the vast majority of the townsfolk take a few [[JerkassBall jerkass pills]] and be downright ''rotten'' to poor Fluttershy. Then again, this is also the only episode [[FridgeHorror where we see her interact with the townsfolk at all]]. Is it any wonder why she prefers the company of her animals?
** In "Twilight's Kingdom", [[spoiler: while everyone else in the Mane 6 lashes out at Discord after he betrays them, Fluttershy is crying because she's the only one who believed in him and didn't see the betrayal coming. This actually makes Discord reconsider his FaceHeelTurn, and after Tirek turns the tables on him he feels bad about how he'd treated her in that episode.]]
** Various scenes seen from Fluttershy's point of view show that her stress distorts innocent or even positive reactions towards her into a huge crowd cruelly mocking her. She even seems to feel this way about her friends. The musical number in "Bats!" portrays a disagreement between her and the remane-ing five+Spike. It's the only disagreement we see from Fluttershy's point of view and we perceive Spike and the remane-ing five act intimidating towards her, circling around her menacingly and angrily looking down their noses at her at the end as she recoils in fear. When it's not her point of view, they normally speak to her as though she was on the verge of jumping off a building with her wings tied to her torso (disregarding Rainbow Dash's impatience and Pinkie's InnocentlyInsensitive moments).
** Unsurprisingly, it is also suggested that [[IJustWantToHaveFriends she feels lonely]]. Her [[OutOfFocus lack of screentime]] in comparison to the rest of the mane 6 infers that she doesn't even hang out with them very often, so when she finally got to spend time with another pony at a picnic only to have her leave unannounced before the food was even served, she was visibly and audibly crushed. As much as she loves animals, not even they are a fulfilling substitute for friends of the same species.
* Ironically, if you think about it, Pinkie Pie may actually qualify as a Woobie just as much as Fluttershy; she just doesn't ''act'' it. Think about it: On the surface, Pinkie is a fun-loving GenkiGirl who loves to throw parties. But as [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS1E25PartyOfOne some]] [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E1TheReturnOfHarmonyPart1 episodes]] show us, she actually comes off as something of a StepfordSmiler and she throws parties as a way of validation- and she thinks that if nobody likes her parties, then nobody likes her. This alone caused her to famously and completely '''[[SanitySlippage lose it]]''' for a short while during "Party of One". Not to mention, grew up on a '''Rock farm'''. In her own words, "There was no talking. There was no smiling. There were only rocks." And then there's how viciously [[BigBad Discord]] [[CircleofShame dealt with her]]. And her breaking down in BerserkerTears in 'Baby Cakes' because of the twins antics and how desperately she wanted to prove she could handle the responsibility of looking after them. (Look at her hurt and offended reaction when Twilight tells her ''to her face'' she didn't think Pinkie could handle it.) Her desperation to get [[GrumpyOldMan Cranky]] to accept her friendship also called into question ''why'' Pinkie Pie wants so many friends. And then in "Too Many Pinkie Pies", she's so desperate to make her friends happy and spend time with them, she clones herself and it all blows up in her face. And in "Wonderbolt Academy", she's convinced Rainbow Dash will have forgotten about her and the others, to the point where she has to go see Dash in Cloudsdale, although she seems resigned to the possibility that it's too late. Poor Pinkie Pie...
* Rarity is kinda a woobie as well when you think about it. She puts so much effort on her work in the boutique and gets little appreciation most of the time. Suited For Success, and Sweet Elite definitely proved it. While she may seem prissy and a bit prim, she has the element of generosity for a reason. Not only that but despite her [[LargeHam overdramatic]] breakdowns and difficult to understand at times, it's fairly easy to relate to many people whom work hard.
** Rarity's woobie status is cranked up in the Nightmare arc of the [[ComicBook/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicIDW comics]]. [[spoiler: She has bad self-esteem issues, and is afraid that her friends will abandon and forget about her once they find somepony kinder or more talented than her. The Nightmare Forces end up taking advantage of these fears in order to [[DemonicPossession take over Rarity's body]] and make her the new Nightmare Moon. Needless to say, the real Rarity doesn't enjoy being the arc's main villain.]]
---> '''Rarity''': [[spoiler:[[BreakTheCutie Please, no! I don't want to go back! It was so cold and lonely - and I wasn't helping anypony! I was hurting them. Help!]]]]
** Rarity gets woobiefied again in ''Rarity Takes Manehatten'' being [[InnocentlyInsensitive insensitive]] of her friends feelings, and yet being extremely generous to everypony. Her generosity ends up almost being her downfall in Manehatten when resident AlphaBitch, Suri Polomare copies her design and tells her she didn't win. After realizing what she put her friends through, causing them to miss the play they all wanted to see (yes even Rainbow Dash) it becomes too much for her to bear and she runs to the street in tears only to be confronted by her friends who say that it doesn't matter that she didn't win. Then it's revealed by Coco Pomell that she ''did'' win. Feeling better, Rarity takes her friends to a private showing of the play they wanted to see.
** [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS4E20ForWhomTheSweetieBelleToils "For Whom the Sweetie Bell Toils"]] doesn't just Woobify Sweetie Belle but Rarity as well. If Sweetie hadn't have fixed her dress, Rarity would have gone into seclusion bawling her eyes out at the loss of her job. What's worse is that she worked hard to keep the kids at her sister's party receiving no thanks from anypony and unwittingly caused her sister to feel inadequate.
** The Season 7 episode [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS7E14FameAndMisfortune "Fame and Misfortune"]] where Twilight publish the old Friendship Journal that become a sell-out sensation across Equestria. While all of the Mane Six suffer from the harassment of the Journal's fans, Rarity got it the worst gaining an {{Hatedom}} because some snobbish pony didn't like her lessons. Not only does Rarity get chewed out by them, but her business suffers because of her haters' success in getting her boycotted. She spends nearly the entire episode in a crying mess.

!! Rainbow Dash

* Despite her egotism and ItsAllAboutMe moments, Rainbow Dash has woobieish elements when you consider her talent: Winning. Winning is ''everything'' to Rainbow Dash and she almost has a breakdown in "The Sonic Rainboom" when she's scared of failing in front of her friends and The Wonderbolts. The amount of fear/desperation she demonstrates during times where she does badly at something (Has a temporary HeroicBSOD in "The Mysterious Mare Do-Well", is scared of her friends mocking her over something she loves in "Read It And Weep", wants to beat the record in "Hurricane Fluttershy" to impress Spitfire and can't) makes you wonder just how low is Rainbow's self-worth that she thinks she absolutely ''must'' be the best or she's an unlovable [[SecondPlaceIsForLosers loser?]] Not to mention, neither Dash or Fluttershy are shown to have any family so far... She has a father if Games Ponies Play's flashback is to be believed, but no known mother. She's also terrified to be left alone in Ghastly Gorge during ''May the best pet win'' despite her earlier bravado.
** In Wonderbolt Academy she [[WellDoneSonGuy desperately tries to please Spitfire]], being crushed when Spitfire chose Lightning Dust over her as a leader. It turns out [[spoiler: Lightning Dust doesn't give a crap about the other recruits and would do whatever it takes to become a Wonderbolt.]] This causes Rainbow Dash to give into peer pressure and [[spoiler: help Lightning Dust make a tornado nearly killing Rainbow Dash's friends.]] When Spitfire finds out about this, she is enraged and [[spoiler: gives Rainbow Dash the team leader insignia she had stripped off Lightning Dust.]]
** Her crushed expression when Cloudsdale, her home town doesn't host the Equestrian games is heart wrenching. This becomes a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming when Ms. Harshwhinny gave her the rights to coach the young fillies to help with the Equestria Games. She's actually able to do something for the Equestria Games this time around!
** Let's not forget, she's been excluded more than any other pony of the Mane 6 (like May the Best Pet Win!) and sometimes other ponies unintentionally make it sound like they're trying to exclude her. To elaborate, she wasn't invited to the Pony Pet Playdate, which all her other friends were there simply because she didn't have a pet. Then again in Daring Don't when she's not invited to a party because she's reading Daring Do. Imagine being close friends with someone and not being invited to a party because your friends thought you were busy. If you've ever been excluded from anything, you can really sympathize with Dash.
** In a few episodes we can figure out that her bravado is simply a facade (meaning she's been putting on a brave face this entire time) and she's really a very insecure pony. In Castle Mane-ia she's just as easily spooked as the other ponies. Most of her brashness and arrogance is really just a JerkassFacade and she's really a sweet and caring individual underneath it all. If you can figure that out, she's far more huggable than she was before. A few of her focus episodes (most infamously The Mysterious Mare Do Well) focus on her flaws and shortcomings. And she's also the ''only'' pony who stood up for Fluttershy back in Flight Camp. You have to wonder if she's been holding back the tears this whole time. Imagine being a friend of an unpopular girl. And to drive the point home, you're the ''only'' friend of this unpopular girl. Imagine having to deal with your peers making fun of this unpopular girl but not having enough authority to stop it. That's how Rainbow Dash probably felt when she stood up for Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash is a total Woobie, she just [[IronWoobie doesn't ''act'']] like one.
** When Daring Do rejects her help, she seems broken. Especially when her trying to help supposedly got her captured. Daring Do herself is very similar to Rainbow Dash before character development and without ThePowerOfFriendship. To meet the pony you've been idolizing ever since you got into books and having her reject your friendship is heart-wrenching. [[spoiler:She does, however, form a sort of friendship with Daring Do/A.K Yearling in the end and even becomes her sidekick in the new book which she gets a week before everyone else, including fellow fan Twilight Sparkle.]] And according to synopsises from Creator/TheHub she's become something of a ReasonableAuthorityFigure in that she herself is given the opportunity to coach the young ponies to hold Ponyville's flag in the Equestria Games. Sure enough, she's matured enough to be a ReasonableAuthorityFigure and helps get Scootaloo out of a rut. Which she does just that in the episode itself.
** Here's another thing to consider: The reason Rainbow Dash sympathizes with ponies being teased is probably because she herself was teased as a filly, as proven by bullies (and a Discorded Fluttershy) calling her "Rainbow Crash" in Sonic Rainboom, possibly giving her PTSD. It's quite possible her passive-aggressive tendencies could very well be the result of a mental disorder, especially since in the beginning she couldn't tolerate Fluttershy possibly because she didn't understand. This could lead one to assume Rainbow Dash's social skills aren't [[NoSocialSkills very good]] and she doesn't pick up on social cues the way a normal pony would. It's quite possible she may have some sort of social disorder which would explain her difficulty understanding certain emotions in certain episodes. Her friends usually have to tell her when something's wrong for her to say anything. (Except in a few instances, like Filli Vanilli, Hurricane Fluttershy, and Flight to the Finish.)
** ''Testing 1, 2, 3'', reveals Rainbow Dash has great difficulty paying attention, which makes it impossible for her to study. Sure, she was acting really smug and stubborn in this episode, but its easy to feel bad for her when she realizes that this could affect her dreams. She gives up and thinks she'll never be a Wonderbolt. This may lead some to believe Rainbow was kicked out of flight school because she just ''couldn't'' study. Another possibility is that she was teased for being a class clown by other students back then. You have to wonder if maybe she was kicked out of Flight School because they didn't understand her class clown behaviour and also because she couldn't focus. This, coupled with Rainbow Dash's anxiety when it comes to preforming in front of others, makes her an easy target for woobiedom.
** Although her plans to sabotage winter were very selfish and irresponsible and could have permanently damaged the weather factory, Dashie becomes a WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds in "[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS5E5TanksForTheMemories Tanks for the Memories]]" when she realizes Tank, who has quickly become one of her best friends in addition to being her pet is hibernating. She enters a SanitySlippage state, and finally breaks down crying near the end [[EverybodyCries causing Fluttershy, Pinkie, and Rarity to start blubbering as well]]. This is '''only''' time we've ever see Rainbow Dash outright ''cry'', and while it's somewhat played for laughs, she has the same tears streaming down her face as Fluttershy in "[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E22HurricaneFluttershy Hurricane Fluttershy]]".
** "Rarity Investigates!" has a pretty curious case. Rainbow Dash regards Wind Rider as her inspiration to join the Wonderbolts in the first place. But rather than be honored or touched she felt this way, he moved heaven and earth to have her kicked out of the Bolts simply because, as Spitfire stated (''in his presence,'' no less), she was on track to shatter his still-standing flight record. Ironically, the shoe wound up on the other hoof; he was stripped of his status as a Bolt and Dashie was given his spot in the performance. She broke his record, anyway. Woobie no more.
** Speaking of the Wonderbolts, Dashie gets her time in the Woobie spotlight once more in the episode ''Newbie Dash'' by being hazed and given an EmbarrassingNickname by the Wonderbolts who unknowingly call her Rainbow Crash the exact same name her flight school bullies called her and is probably the reason why she dropped out. We even get to see everypony but Fluttershy (even the supposedly responsible adult, although that could be Dash remembering things wrong) laughing at Rainbow crashing into a cloud then landing in a trash can, in the exact same pose in the present day. This was apparently meant to humble Rainbow and make her realize being a Wonderbolt isn't always sugar and rainbows, though some think the Wonderbolts went [[KickTheDog too far]] and utterly broke her. We even get to see Dashie tear up several times and make cringe-worthy impressions of her friends to try and change her nickname. Although this could all be due to Rainbow's own pride not allowing her to tell the Wonderbolts just how much that nickname hurt her. Also as predicted by many fans, Rainbow Dash does indeed have PTSD from her days at Flight School/Flight Camp.

!! Spike
* [[HyperCompetentSidekick Spike]] is this to a lot of fans. Especially when he and Twilight Sparkle are like family to other each other. The reason fof his woobie status is that one of his worst fears is no longer being Twilight's assistant and he often tries to help out whenever he can. Episodes like [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS1E24OwlsWellThatEndsWell Owls Well That Ends Well]] and [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS3E2TheCrystalEmpirePart2 The Crystal Empire Part 2]] proves that Spike cares about Twilight Sparkle very much.
** Even if he isn't considered a woobie at the moment, he definitely has woobie in his future as due to his elongated lifespan, he will in all likelyhood outlive Twilight and all of her friends (including one [[MayflyDecemberRomance he has a crush on]]) by a long way, excluding the apparently immortal alicorns.
** However, since [[spoiler:Twilight ''is'' an alicorn now]], one potential source of angst may now have been eliminated.
*** [[http://www.equestriadaily.com/2013/04/twilight-sparkle-wont-outlive-her.html Jossed.]]
*** Although that's kinda a vague description to go on. Some believe that they were playing with the words, considering that Celestia Luna and Spike are her friends too, Twilight won't outlive them. Think about it, why would an alicorn die? She holds an element that is too important to Equestria. Or the others (including Spike) will become immortal too.
** Spike generally de-evolving from ButtMonkey to ChewToy to NoRespectGuy and possibly even CosmicPlaything ''definitely'' puts him on this list. Considering that he actually had to put a picture of himself on top of another photograph of the Mane Six to make himself feel included in the picture, and the fact that he wasn't able to come to Twilight's birthday in "Sweet And Elite", became a monster that almost destroyed Ponyville on his ''own'' birthday in "Secret Of My Excess", and also was the only one who ''wasn't'' invited back to the Crystal Empire [[spoiler: after he basically saved it from King Sombra]] (although it's soon made evident that there were understandable reasons as to why he wasn't invited) and he essentially rivals ''Fluttershy'' for top woobie in the show.
** Here's a thing to consider: Spike is pretty much an outsider in a lot of respects. Not only is he the only male character in a group of females (not that unusual), but he's the ''only'' dragon in a society of mostly ponies. A society that barely knows just what is considered normal for a dragon. At best he's probably treated as a page boy or servant and at worst he's an exotic pet. It also doesn't help that it is in his nature as a dragon to become a greedy destructive monster. This is made worse when he actually meets other dragons and has a bad experience with them due to his upbringing, making him an outsider to his own kind as well. This gives the implication that while ponies appear to be inherently good by just being themselves, in order to "fit in" with what he knows, he has to fight against his natural instincts to get to the same level of "good". So it's very easy to feel bad for him when he's left out of things.
** ''Power Ponies'' starts as pretty much a big TheReasonYouSuckSpeech to poor Spike. When the ponies tell him they don't need his help, Spike feels left out and starts reading his comic book. When the ponies enter the comic and become the Power Ponies, Spike becomes Humdrum, the sidekick of the Power Ponies who can't do anything right and only gets in the way. Everyone gets captured and he blames himself for it. However, Spike is able to help Fluttershy save the day and [[HeartwarmingMoments the mane six tell him that he ''is'' needed]], even if it's not all the time.
** In ''Simple Ways'', the mare he's liked since the beginning has a major crush on somepony else. And yet he still helps her, because [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy he wants her to be happy.]]
** In ''[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS4E24EquestriaGames Equestria Games]]'' his cringe-worthy rendition of the Cloudsdale anthem brings him down even further. At least everyone else was embarrassed for him and not laughing at or booing him.

[[folder: The Cutiemark Crusaders]]

* Apple Bloom also qualifies as a woobie. To elaborate, before she made friends with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, she was led to believe that she was the only one without a cutie mark, right after Twist got hers. It's also implied that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon just love bullying ''her'' rather than bullying ponies with "blank flanks." Plus, in the episode "The Cutie Pox," [[spoiler: she ''desperately'' wanted to earn her cutie mark so badly, she steals the "Heart's Desire" plant from Zecora to get one, without thinking of the possible consequences. All goes well until she ends up having the cutie pox and she is unable to stop performing her talents. She then confesses to what she did to Zecora and ends up as a blank flank again.]] Poor, poor Apple Bloom....
** Look at the above woobie section for Applejack. These also apply for Apple Bloom as well, only she may have been too young to really know her parents.
** Apple Bloom is also the woobie in ''Somepony to Watch Over Me''. She desperately wants Applejack to accept her as responsible, but Applejack just doesn’t take her seriously and over-cares for her to the point where she’s almost harassing her. No wonder Apple Bloom felt the need to put herself into danger in order to escape that.
* In some ways, Scootaloo can be seen as this, even without fan-interpretations. Within the show, Scootaloo has never been seen legitimately flying, and can only manage to hover above the ground while dragging her hooves at best. This is probably why she has a crazy obsession with Rainbow Dash, who is arguably the best flier in Equestria, to the point that she'd be her personal servant if it meant spending time with her.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UztWnWOdAyc&feature=player_embedded This video]] claims that during the 2012 Brony Con, Lauren Faust said that Scootaloo was originally planned to be a character with a disabilty, and that an idea for an episode centered around Scootaloo involved the pony learning to accept that she cannot fly. While it hasn't been confirmed nor denied by Lauren Faust, leaving it's validity in the air, it has served as further fuel to the fan-theories that place Scootaloo in Woobie territory.
** Another thing that makes her a target for easy Woobie-dom is the fact that unlike Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, she isn't related to any of the Mane 6, nor does she have any known relatives or seem to live anywhere in particular. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy don't have any known relatives either, but Scootaloo is only a child. Naturally, fans have come to the conclusion that she's an orphan, homeless or both. To add insult to injury, there was a time when the trend of "Scootabuse" (fanart or fanfiction of Scootaloo being abused in some way, most often by Rainbow Dash) was popular. This plus the inability to fly gave rise to "Scootalove" (Fanart or fanfiction of Scootaloo being loved by somepony, most often Rainbow Dash).
** ''Sleepless In Ponyville'' ups Scootaloo's woobieness. It turns out, all she wants to do is [[WellDoneSonGuy gain Rainbow Dash's approval]]. You certainly want to cheer when [[spoiler:Rainbow Dash herself [[CrowningMomentOfHeartWarming takes Scootaloo under her wing]].]]
** In ''Flight to the Finish'', [[KickTheDog Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon mock her for her flightlessness]], so she wants to impress Rainbow Dash by flying in her performance. As expected, she doesn't fly, and ends up changing the entire routine till its all about her flying, which causes Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle to get annoyed with her and end up leaving her at the train station. Scootaloo, with tears in her eyes, tears down the posters of her idol and other ponies she admires and throws them (along with her scooter) in the trash. Then [[spoiler:Rainbow Dash comes in and reminds her to Be Herself and not focus on what Rainbow Dash can do. This results in Rainbow Dash affectionately [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming rubbing Scootaloo's head]].]]
* Sweetie Belle, especially in ''Sisterhooves Social''. All she wanted was to help her sister out...
** Her drawing in that episode has brought some fans to tears. And there's [[{{Tearjerker}} her and the other CMC's reaction]] to Babs Seed's bullying in "One Bad Apple." Her [[OcularGushers big cry and wails]] is one of the most {{tear jerk| er}}ing moment in this series so far.
** In ''For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils'', it's revealed that on her fifth birthday, she thought that Rarity was taking attention away from her and learned that she shouldn't try to shine when Rarity is around. It was all a misunderstanding, but that must mean that for at least a few years, Sweetie Belle thought that she would always be stuck in Rarity's shadow.
* All three get their woobie moments in Bloom and Gloom when they suffer from nightmares about getting their cutie marks. Applebloom getting exiled from the Apple family and Crusaders Clubhouse (on her own land no less!), Scootaloo almost getting killed by a dangerous stunt presumably in front of her idol, and Sweetie Belle being heckled during a play she produced.

[[folder: Other Characters]]

[[folder: Starlight Glimmer ]]

* [[WellIntentionedExtremist Starlight Glimmer]] becomes very pitiable in [[spoiler:[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS5E26TheCutieRemarkPart2 the season five finale]] after her FreudianExcuse revealed that her childhood friend abandoned her after getting his cutie mark. Her VillainousBreakdown reveals her for who she really is. Not an evil villain, but a scared, emotionally unstable pony, who is so afraid of being abandoned again that she isolated herself from the world and spent years dwelling on her own bitterness. Later episodes depict her as not only cripplingly insecure, but also anxious and prone to having emotional meltdowns. Thankfully she seems to be working through those problems fairly well. ]]
** [[spoiler:Even before her backstory was revealed, you couldn't help but feel a little bad for her when Twilight forces her to confront the future she had unintentionally wrought. It's clear she never wanted to go that far and she was visibly affected by the destruction she witnessed.]]
** In "The Crystalling" [[spoiler:the mere thought of reuniting with her old friend Sunburst almost causes her to have a disturbingly realistic panic attack. Whatever you may think of her backstory, the fact is that for her, it was a very traumatic experience that had shaped her entire worldview, and led her to become a bitter and twisted individual. And now, she's being asked to face the friend who had pretty much caused her StartOfDarkness. Her fear about the situation is totally understandable.]]
** And then again in [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS6E6NoSecondPrances No Second Prances]] where she feels as though Twilight doesn't trust her to make her own friends. It gets worse when it turns out that Trixie had just been using Starlight to get back at Twilight, resulting in Starlight crying and running away.
** In "To Where And Back Again", [[spoiler:we see that she still has a LOT of pent-up guilt over what she did to the citizens of her town, so much so that she is absolutely TERRIFIED of the possibility of being put in any kind of leadership role again. She even has a full-blown meltdown when the townspeople ask her to help them oversee the festivities.]]
** In "All Bottled Up", Starlight spends the episode frustrated with Trixie, but for fear that Trixie might decide to break off their friendship if she were to yell at her, Starlight magically seals all her anger away in a glass bottle. As the episode goes on Starlight seals away more and more of her anger, leading to her becoming visibly emotionally drained and exhausted.
** Downplayed compared to the rest of the entries here, but you can't help but feel a little bad for Starlight in "Rock Solid Friendship" when she finds out that Maud left Ponyville in the middle of the night without telling her, especially since they had spent the entire day before bonding and becoming friends. Doubly so when you remember that she's had [[StartOfDarkness a history of friends abandoning her.]] Thankfully, Maud returns and they continue right where they left off.
** In "A Royal Problem", her anxiety and fear over switching the princesses' cutie marks is enough to give her nightmares. Seeing Starlight sobbing and beating herself up over her mistakes as her imaginary world devolves into chaos around her can be really hard to watch. [[spoiler:If Celestia and Luna hadn't stepped in, there was no telling what damage that could have done to her already fragile mental health.]]
** Starlight just can't seem to catch a break when it comes to her DarkAndTroubledPast. She's helped to save Equestria on at least one occasion, but people just can't resist reminding her of her less than stellar beginnings. Even when she meets a seemingly random, unconnected pony (Maud), it still ties into her past. She's even forced to reference it herself in "Fame and Misfortune", albeit subtly, when she mentions that she learned to duplicate books to mass produce her "manifesto".


[[folder: Antagonists ]]

* Babs Seed. Just look at her face when her blank flank is brought up and how she pathetically covers it with her tail, and it's easy to see why she chose to hang with the bullies.
* [[spoiler:Discord]] of all characters becomes one in the episode ''Keep Calm And Flutter On''. [[spoiler:He's]] both genuinely suprised when Fluttershy admits that she says that they're friends and then is hurt when she gets angry and denies that same friendship later after she was tricked. Just [[spoiler:his]] saddened reaction alone is enough to make you want to hug him (And this is the same character that did absolutely ''horrible'' things to the Mane Cast).
** Despite [[ManipulativeBastard the]] [[BreakThemByTalking numerous]] [[WorldGoneMad atrocities]] he committed in his first appearance, the revelation that [[spoiler: he's never had a single friend prior to Fluttershy]], makes it pretty hard not feel sympathy for him, especially considering that he's likely gone [[FriendlessBackground more than a few centuries without one.]] It makes you wonder if his lack of companionship took a toll on his sanity and lead him to becoming the being we saw prior to Fluttershy reaching out to him.
** Throughout Season 4, most of the characters treat him badly, and take every opportunity they have to take jabs at him or let him know he's a nuisance to them. Only Fluttershy treated him like he had any feelings [[spoiler: before Tirek persuades him to come to his side. It's even implied that he switched sides because he wanted real friends, not friends who treated him like garbage.]]
** He becomes a bonafide JerkassWoobie in [[spoiler:"Twilight's Kingdom". Drained of his power, he sadly regrets having ever betrayed his dear Fluttershy. They eventually make up for it, and Discord officially becomes the main ponies' new friend.]]
* After the events of [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS1E6BoastBusters "Boast Busters"]], Trixie's career and life were ruined due to her becoming a laughingstock throughout Equestria. She turns into a WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds due to becoming bitter as a result and obtaining an ArtifactOfDoom that corrupts her mind to try and carry out her revenge.
** And again, when she returns in ''No Second Prances'' Trixie has genuinely reformed and makes a friend in Starlight Glimmer which is revealed to be her first friend. That's right, the reason Trixie was so arrogant and conceited in her first two appearances wasn't just because of Boast Busters, but because nobody would be her friend. It's pretty sad when Trixie loses her assistant and chooses to do a dangerous stunt to get some adoration. [[FridgeHorror Imagine]] what would happen if Starlight didn't step in to help with the manticore stunt and Trixie ended up being devoured by a [[MixAndMatchCritters manticore]]...
* Sunset Shimmer in Rainbow Rocks. Her only friends in Canterlot High seem to be the Humane six, who have forgiven her for what she did. Everyone else gives her dirty looks, ignores her, or outright verbally abuses her. Like Discord, it's implied she has no friends. Despite the fact she nearly caused a ZombieApocalypse, you can't help but feel for her when everyone abuses her. As the movie progresses it also becomes obvious that Sunset and the Humane five aren't comfortable around each other, and that Sunset is unsure of her position with them. The humane five are friendly with her for sure, but once Twilight shows up it becomes pretty obvious that there is still a wall between Sunset and the five.
* Gilda the griffon, yes [[TheBully that]] [[JerkJock Gilda]], becomes a JerkassWoobie in "The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone" when it's revealed she was bullied when she was younger as well, just like Dashie and Fluttershy. Then it turns out the reason she acts so cruel was because Griffonstone, her home, was ruined and every griffon she would talk to was a jerk to her. Even people who hated Gilda in "Griffon the Brush off" were touched by Pinkie Pie helping Gilda make friends and reconciling with Rainbow and Pinkie. This episode cements her HeelFaceTurn and it's revealed she had a hidden heart of gold after all.
* Diamond Tiara of all ponies becomes this as of "Crusaders of the Lost Mark", which reveals that [[FreudianExcuse a lot of her actions were fueled by]] [[AbusiveParents her mother's emotional abuse]], and that she legitimately wanted to be a better pony but doesn't know how. It's hard to avoid cheering when [[spoiler:she pulls a HeelFaceTurn at the end of the episode.]]
* In season 7 finale, "Shadow Play" - pts. 1 & 2, we have the Pony of Shadows, who is actually a unicorn named Stygian who was corrupted by darkness and banished to Limbo for 1000 years by the Pillars of Olde Equestria for his apparent theft of their artifacts. It turns out that all Stygian wanted was to fight alongside the Pillars and collected their artifacts so that he could replicate their magic, but instead of letting Stygian explain his motives, the Pillars (especially Star Swirl) labeled him as a villain and shunned him. Imagine being driven away by your heroes and then being banished for 1000 years...all because of a [[PoorCommunicationKills misunderstanding]]. Sure, it all worked out in the end and the Pillars realized their mistake, but still...
* Tempest Shadow is essentially a crueler version of Sunset and Starlight being the right hand mare for the Storm King in the movie, but being envious of Twilight's carefree lifestyle and happiness when the ponies in her village made her into a pariah after her horn broke. While she starts out cruel and uncaring, her villain song reveals she's secretly holding back a lot of grief and [[IJustWantFriends just wants friends]].


[[folder: Princesses ]]

* Princess Mi Amore Cadenza aka Cadance from the two-parter episode "A Canterlot Wedding". Imagine [[spoiler:being taken prisoner on your wedding day by someone who you see taking your own form]].
** Worse than simply that: [[spoiler: she was kidnapped in imprisoned alone in [[AbandonedMine some forgotten mines]] without food or water while a shape-shifter takes her form and intends to marry her beloved so she can [[EmotionEater drain all his love for her.]] Even ''after'' being rescued, she has to find her way to the surface in despair (albeit with Twilight's help), witness her husband-to-be brainwashed, her aunt defeated in combat, and her home city invaded. She really has to go through a lot before she has her happy day.]]
* Princess Celestia herself is now seen to be a woobie as she [[ShootTheDog had to banish]] ''her own dear sister'' for a thousand years... one wonders if [[StepfordSmiler she's been laughing to keep from crying all these centuries.]] [[TearJerker Poor princess.....]]
** If you look closely during the scene when she banishes Luna to the moon-a sad, heart-breaking scene in itself thanks to the voice acting-she's actually crying.
** Then there's the whole ''Reflections'' storyline in the IDW comics where [[spoiler:Celestia meets an alternate universe version of King Sombra. The two of them fall in love, but their responsibilities to their kingdoms prevent them from being together aside from whenever Celestia can find the time to sneak away through the magic mirror that links their two worlds, only to later find that her crossing over so often is creating a dimensional paradox that is threatening the stability of both their worlds. Later, during the climatic battle with the story's [[BigBad big bad]] (an evil alternate version of Celestia no less), the alternate Sombra sacrifices himself to save both Celestia and their respective worlds but winds up consumed by evil while the mirror gets shattered, separating them forever.]]
*** There are [[FridgeHorror worse implications]] on this, that just twists the knife deeper. Her love story with King Sombra (the good one) ended tragically, as said above. However, given her extremely long lifespan, she probably had more than one love story that ended this way, or worse. And the ones that '''do''' end happily take on a turn for the worse as she outlives all of them. Her smile suddenly takes on a new, unsettlingly tragic turn considering all of this.
* There's also Princess Luna, who, alongside Derpy Hooves, is one of the most popular characters despite appearing ''for only a few seconds in one episode of the entire first season''. Fans jumped on the fact that the reason she went crazy and turned into Nightmare Moon was because she just wanted friends due to the fact that everyone was asleep at nighttime and she felt unappreciated. Until season two rolled around, one of the [[OCStandIn most popular interpretations of her]] was a traumatized filly who needed lots and lots of hugs and forgiveness. When she finally returned in [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E4LunaEclipsed "Luna Eclipsed"]], she ''was'' desperately trying to [[TheAtoner make up for her previous actions]] and convince everypony that she really wasn't evil anymore, but she was still [[LargeHam a far cry]] from the sad little ShrinkingViolet {{Fanon}} had thought she was.
** Still needs hugs, though. Her delivery may have serve to hide it a bit from modern viewers during that episode, but when she simply tried to address the other ponies in what is (to her) a perfectly normal, friendly fashion, consider what the other ponies' reactions to her must have looked like from ''[[FishOutOfTemporalWater Luna's]]'' perspective.
** And ''Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?'' reveals that [[spoiler:she sees ''her own actions as Nightmare Moon'' as completely unpardonable, and is convinced that she has to make herself suffer]].


[[folder: Supporting & Other Characters ]]

* Cranky Doodle Donkey is this in retrospect. Having spent most of his life wandering in search of his love, whose fate he never knew, he eventually gives up in his old age to live out the rest of his days with his distant memories. The moment he arrives in town, he gets harassed by an unwanted Pinkie Pie, briefly blinded, loses his wig, gets publicly embarrassed for his baldness, and then loses the most precious book he has to the pony who inflicted all this on him. And then he gets relentlessly chased all over Equestria and driven to paranoia by the same pony after he thought he'd thrown her out, to the point where he boards up his house and yells at her to go away. If it hadn't been for the contrived happy ending, that episode would have been incredibly sour.
* Tank the tortoise. He just wanted to be loved...
** Admit it, you cheered loudly when [[spoiler: Rainbow Dash picked him!]]
** Tank could also qualify just as much as his owner in Tanks for the Memories just wanting sleep so badly, promising to return to Rainbow Dash in spring, and being dragged along in Rainbow's selfish scheme to stop winter. Thankfully he's very loved by the events of said episode having Rainbow fuss over him the entire episode. D'aww.
* [[WoobieSpecies The Crystal Ponies in general]]. This is one those cases where an ''entire kingdom'' can be considered to be made out of Woobies. Their memories from before Sombra ruled are gone, leaving them with only memories of being his SlaveRace under such awful conditions they're absolutely ''terrified'' of him. On top of that, they spend most of the episodes in a state of complete and utter depression due to what he did to them. [[spoiler:Is it any wonder they didn't hesitate one second to [[TheDogBitesBack blow him to kingdom-come?]]]] Oh, and they're now a thousand years behind the rest of Equestria.
** It's also noted that, whatever Sombra may have done to them, they still have some form of a post traumatic anxiety disorder that, when reminded of TheDarkTimes, incites a [[HeroicBSOD BSOD.]] It wouldn't surprise anyone if Celestia had sent psychiatrists as well as the Mane Six.
* Coco Pommel gets very little screentime in Rarity Takes Manehatten, but almost all of it consists of [[AlphaBitch Suri Polomare]] yelling at her or offhandedly insulting her for "finally" getting the dresses done (bearing in mind that she got them done in ''less than a day'' using fabric Suri [[ItMakesSenseInContext basically stole from Rarity]]). It's heavily implied that Coco does all Suri's work while Suri takes all the credit and yells at her to get coffee. [[spoiler: [[ThrowTheDogABone Fortunately, in the end, Coco quits working for Suri and Rarity gives her a much better designing job.]]]]
* Soarin, as of Rainbow Falls, the [[EnsembleDarkhorse fan favourite]] lovable adorkable goofball of the Wonderbolts becomes this after he [[spoiler: injures his wing while flying. None of the other Wonderbolts go to check on the guy. They even lie about his injuries! It's because of him that Rainbow Dash makes the decision to stay with the Ponyville team.]]
* Cheese Sandwich (yep, the character who is literally a pony version of Music/WeirdAl and happens to also be voiced by him) counts as one after his backstory is revealed. [[spoiler: He was painfully shy and presumably teased much like Fluttershy as a colt, and as a kid, he probably suffered from depression. It was only until Pinkie threw a party in Ponyville that he started to become the energetic pony he is today.]] He's also a traveller and his only companion is a rubber chicken, meaning he hasn't made many friends until the Mane Six.
* Troubleshoes Clyde. His Cutie Mark is an upside-down horseshoe, which he believed burdened him with bad luck. Because of his misfortune and clumsiness, he was branded as an outlaw in Appaloosa.
* The new ponies introduced in The Cutie Map could definitely qualify. They're living under the totalitarian rule of Starlight Glimmer being unable to focus on their talents and being forced to fake smiling all the time when they pretty much lost their reasons for living. When they finally got their cutie marks back, you'll want to cheer. The mane six also get woobie moments in this episode upon losing their cutie marks.
* In "Slice of Life", it's hard not to feel sorry for Derpy when she laments that she screwed up big time.
* Moondancer in "Amending Fences". While one could say that ''all'' of Twilight's old friends in Canterlot were affected, Moondancer was hit the worse. She was essentially a shut in who saw Twilight as the closest thing to a friend. Remember the scene in the very first episode where Twilight snubs her friends' invite to a part to focus more on Nightmare Moon's imminent arrival? Yeah, that was Moondancer's party and Twilight snubbing the party (and worse, staying in Ponyville and gaining the Mane Five as her friends there) broke her, turning her to a recluse shut-in, focusing on nothing more than studying. Worse, that party was the first time she willingly put herself out there, and she became convinced she had no value or true friends.
* Shining Armor himself could qualify in a few episodes. He is getting married to the love of his life who was not only kind to him, but also to his beloved sister, Twilight. But then, Twilight viciously insults Cadence out of (seeming) petty jealousy. And since he was brainwashed, he was not only unable to defend Cadence, [[WhatTheHellHero he lashes out at Twilight for upsetting the bride, not realizing he she was only trying to protect him]], and ends up causing both to be trapped by the imposter. [[FridgeHorror Imagine]] if he ended up killed because of Chrysalis and could never see his beloved real bride nor his sister again and realizing what a [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone horrible mistake he made]]. There's also the comics where he's just as (if not moreso) {{Adorkable}} as Twilight being a D&D nerd who lives in his parents basement desperately trying to get the attention of bombshell princess Cadence, who was his sister's foalsitter. It even exists in the show. Just look at how he complete geeks out in ''The one where Pinkie Pie knows''. Shining Armor is probably a case of a HollywoodNerd though, as he is far from ugly. But still, you can't help but feel for the guy when you know his backstory and considering what happened at his wedding, you can understand why he'd cry at weddings. And in ''The one Where Pinkie Pie Knows'' it's revealed he and his wife earned their happy ending and are having a foal of their own.
* As of "Brotherhooves Social", Big Macintosh and [[IJustWantToBeSpecial it's not hard to see why.]] The fact that he's willing to disguise himself in drag if it means spending time with his sister and making her happy, even if she will likely [[InnocentlyInsensitive ignore him]] in favor of Applejack when she returns is pretty heartwrenching. Plus he feels like he was her hero and now that Applejack has become a hero, he's no longer his sister's hero. He even almost cries near the end. It's especially sad in hindsight when you watch Do Princesses Dream Of Magic Sheep where he's cuddling the toy he used to play with Apple Bloom with (Apple Bloom thought he could use magic) and he tries to play with her again only to have her forget about it. Poor guy...
* Sunburst. He turns out to have a case of [[DreamCrushingHandicap Sorry, Billy but You Just Don't Have Legs]] regarding his magical ability — and worse, his immense magical knowledge makes him fully aware of it — so he ended up becoming overwhelmed and now lives an insecure, reclusive life. Fortunately, he's able to not only fix his social standing, but also put said knowledge to good use after all in the end.
* In [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyTheMovie2017 the movie]], all the Derpy-like foals we've seen on the show. That's Mom[=/=]Auntie[=/=]Big Sis [[spoiler:trapped in stone]].