Like most game shows, ''TheNewlywedGame'' has had its share of bad answers, but some truly take the cake and are either bizarre or simply mind-boggling. The latter instances are what fulfill this trope.

'''Note:''' As with the other GameShow pages in WhatAnIdiot, some of the following couples may very well have given these stupid answers ''on purpose'', while others earnestly try to give a good answer but are stumped or blurt out an answer that in retrospect makes them look bad. That doesn't make them any less stupid, mind you, but instead become far more worthy of being here.
* 1977: "Where is the weirdest place you've ever had the urge to make whoopie?"
** '''You'd Expect''': A location, such as "the park", "the hotel lobby", "a restaurant", etc. Or, as Hank replied when asked beforehand, "In the car on the freeway."
** '''Instead''': Olga says "In the ass" (with the profanity bleeped). Cue the uproarious laughter and Bob trying (in vain) to clarify the question (a ''location'', not a body part), but Olga persisted with her answer and was eventually buzzed out.
* This gem: When the women are alone, Bob asks them "How many decades will your husband say his mother has lived?"
** '''You'd Expect''': Given that the men are more or less in their twenties or thirties, somewhere in the ballpark of five to seven for each.
** '''Instead''': One woman says ''ten.''
** '''Then''': When Bob asks her husband how many decades his mother has lived, he admits he doesn't know what a decade is. He does some math out loud: four years in a decade, forty-four years old... '''''and he matches his wife!!'''''
* "What is your favorite wind instrument?"
** '''You'd Expect''': Instruments like clarinets, flutes, oboes, or bassoons.
** '''Instead:''' Wally says "guitar".
* "In what foreign country will your husband say the last car he rode in was manufactured?"
** '''You'd Expect''': Japan or Germany.
** '''Instead:''' A female contestant says "The United States." When Bob tells her it's not a foreign country, she follows that up with ''[[ArtisticLicenseGeography Texas.]]''
* There's the incident with the blonde female [[ that had no clue what "urban" and "rural" meant. Hilarity ensues!]]
* "What was the last Jewish food you ate?"
** '''You'd Expect:''' Bagels, potato latkes, matzos, etc.
** '''Instead:''' At least ''three'' asinine responses...
## Chow mein.
## Corn. Her husband said "bagels" and when she asks what they are, he answers with [[ChaoticStupid "I don't know, I'm a ]][[UsefulNotes/{{Mormonism}} Mormon."]]
## One contestant admits: [[ComicallyMissingThePoint "I haven't been Jewish in a long time!"]]
* "What is your favorite crustacean?"
** '''You'd Expect:''' Lobsters, crabs, shrimp, etc.
** '''Instead:''' While the husband says "lobster", the wife guessed "The stuff that gets in your eyes", saying "[[TooDumbToLive Isn't crust stuff that gets in your eyes when you sleep]]? [[CaptainObvious That's not a lobster]]!".
* "Who is your favorite classical composer?"
** '''You'd Expect''': Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, etc.
** '''Instead''': One wife shrugglingly says "Music/EltonJohn", while her husband guessed "Music/BarryManilow".
* "What is your favorite thing to buy by the foot?"
** '''You'd Expect''': Carpeting or rugs.
** '''Instead''': One wife says "shoes".
* "What is your least favorite fowl?"
** '''You'd Expect''': Chicken, geese, turkeys, etc.
** '''Instead''': A husband says "sauerkraut."
* "How many showers did your wife take on her wedding day?"
** '''You'd Expect''': Any number, like 1 or 2.
** '''Instead''': One husband says [[ComicallyMissingThePoint "She doesn't take showers, she takes baths!"]].
* What's your husband's favourite condiment?
** '''You'd Expect:''' Mustard, ketchup, salt, etc.
** '''Instead:''' We got answers like "pool table" and "karate school".
* "What is your favorite pasta?"
** '''You'd Expect:''' Spaghetti, lasagna, macaroni, etc.
** '''Instead:''' A husband mishears "pasta" as "posture" and answers "Flat on my stomach, looking at the TV screen."
* "What would your husband say is his very favorite kind of rodent?"
** '''You'd Expect:''' Mice, squirrels, beavers, etc.
** '''Instead:''' A wife doesn't know what a rodent is, and when the question is asked again, she replies, "His saxophone."