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* ''WhatAnIdiot/StarWarsTheCloneWars''
!The films
* ''Film/ThePhantomMenace'':
** Nute Gunray has been convinced to have the Trade Federation orchestrate a blockade of Naboo. This is a not-insignificant expenditure of resources, not to mention something the galactic community would condemn immediately if not for their extremely tight media blackout of the planet.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Given the guy is running something called ''the Trade Federation'', you'd think he'd be a little more business savvy and not blindly follow the orders of a hologram of a man he's never met or even seen the face of. Even if he ''knew'' Palpatine was behind it all, Palpatine ''couldn't'' do him any favors considering his position.\\
'''Instead:''' Not only does he do so, but he continues to be involved in a losing effort in a role that just '''''screams''''' "expendable fall guy." Sure enough, he gets arrested and the Trade Federation scapegoats him so they don't lose their empire.
** Nute Gunray has Queen Amidala under his control, and sends her off to be processed at a prison camp called Camp Four.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Given it's a ''major'' plot point that they need to force her to sign an agreement which will make this whole invasion worth it, she'd be under heavy guard at all times, and ''not'' sent to a prison camp but kept securely in the palace.\\
'''Instead:''' He sends her with a few droids who are outnumbered by their prisoners two to one, despite knowing that there are two Jedi in the area, unaccounted for and probably looking for the queen. [[ForegoneConclusion Guess what happens.]]
** After Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan rescue the Queen and her party, they need to escape Naboo and get to Coruscant. The trouble is, the Trade Federation blockade is in their direct path.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That the pilot would take advantage of space being really, really big to go ''around'' the blockade, rather than through it. If nothing else they could leave from the other side of the planet, which the Trade Federation doesn't seem to have blockaded, and go from there.\\
'''Instead:''' They proceed to ram the blockade, sustain damage to the shield generator and the hyper-drive, and need to stop to make repairs, leaving them in a position that makes it very unlikely they'll get to Coruscant at all.
** When they arrive on Tatooine, they need to replace the hyper-drive generator of the royal cruiser. Qui-Gon attempts to buy one off Watto, but he won't accept Republic credits, and he claims that no other dealers stock the part or will take Republic credits either.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Qui-Gon to immediately find an alternate means of transport, considering they are on a schedule of sorts. Tatooine has no shortage of starships that would take a few passengers and could no doubt spend the credits he has, much as Obi-Wan and Luke did with Han Solo and Chewbacca in ''Film/ANewHope. '' \\
'''Instead:''' Firstly, he decides to sit around and wait until another solution presents itself. (Seriously, he actually says that in the film.) Then, after getting to know Anakin, he decides to embark on an incredibly convoluted scheme of betting on a pod race, the success of which depends on a nine year old boy ''who's never won or even finished a race'' coming in first. You can literally see poor Padmé's horror and disbelief mount with each fresh twist Qui-Gon throws into his plan.
** The gang has made it to Coruscant, the capital of the Galactic Republic, so Queen Amidala can plead her case of the Naboo invasion to the Senate.\\
'''You'd Expect''': Amidala to have brought some proof of the invasion, given the only reason the Trade Federation is getting away with this nonsense is how effectively they're blacking out communications. If she had recorded her harrowing escape from the planet, that alone would have been proof enough. If nothing else she could have brought in Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan as witnesses to confirm her story -- and, incidentally, bring their own charge against Nute Gunray for trying to ''kill'' two ambassadors sent by the Chancellor himself.\\
'''Instead''': It's Amidala's word vs. Sen. Lott Dodd of the Trade Federation, who uses legal chicanery to drag the process out by demanding an investigation. Palpatine (who is secretly, Darth Sidious, the titular Phantom Menace) then manages to persuade Amidala to vote "no confidence on Chancellor Valorum", which results in him losing his job as Chancellor of the Senate.\\
'''The Result''': Palpatine becomes the new chancellor, and his evil scheme gets set in motion.
** Queen Amidala decides to go back to Naboo to try and fight the Trade Federation, and Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan accompany her.\\
'''You'd Expect''': Qui-Gon to leave Anakin at the Jedi Temple or, if the Temple wouldn't let him stay because they don't want to train him, some other place on Coruscant that's safe ''because why the hell would you bring a nine year old into a war zone?''\\
'''Instead''': Qui-Gon chooses to bring Anakin with them.\\
'''Then''': When Amidala launches her attack on the palace, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan again accompany her.\\
'''You'd Expect''': Qui-Gon to leave Anakin in a safe place, watched over by some spare Gungans, because '''why the hell would you bring a nine year old into a war zone?'''\\
'''Instead''': Qui-Gon chooses to bring Anakin with them '''again.'''
** Padmé reveals to Boss Nass (and the audience) that ''she'' is actually the real Queen, and the girl who everyone's believed to be the Queen for most of the film is actually a decoy, done in order to protect herself.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That Padmé, the decoy Sabé and (presumably) Captain Panaka would have clued in Qui-Gonn and Obi-Wan about the whole decoy set-up ''long'' before this point. The Jedi have taken it upon themselves to rescue Queen Amidala and get her to Coruscant, and they'd do a much better job of it if they knew who the actual queen ''was,'' instead of, for example, regretfully sacrificing Padmé should it come to a fire fight, needs of the many, etc.\\
'''Instead:''' They continue to keep the switched roles a secret, just for this oh so dramatic reveal - although it's implied Qui-Gonn had seen through the ruse in any case.
** A large army of Gungans has massed outside the city.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' The Trade Federation would take advantage of having a fortified position and simply wait for the Gungans try to penetrate it, firing from behind the walls which are a few dozen feet high and look sturdy.\\
'''Instead:''' They engage the Gungans on their terms, leaving defense of the city to engage in an open field where the Gungan weapons are most effective. It also acts as a wonderful distraction for the Jedi operating in town. These guys never read up their SunTzu.
** On that note:\\
'''You'd Expect:''' The Federation to maintain the blockade to prevent the Queen from returning, much less bringing allies with her.\\
'''Instead:''' The Federation has abandoned the blockade, leaving a single space station behind, lightly defended. You know, the station that ''controls the entire Federation robot army''. Leaving aside the idiocy of having all of the robots controlled by a single source, why did they abandon the blockade in the first place?\\
'''The Result:''' Some small child manages to blow up the station almost by accident, disabling the entire army and winning the war.
** During the control ship battle above Naboo's surface, Anakin accidentally blows up the ship's reactor, causing it to rip apart. The ship's communications officer reports this disturbance to her superior, Captain Daultay Dofine.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Captain Dofine to order an evacuation of all ship personnel, and the crew to ''immediately'' get out the control room, since they won't have enough time to stick around until the explosion reaches the room. He should know full well that any problem with the main reactor should be taken seriously, regardless of the situation.\\
'''Instead:''' The incompetent captain dismisses the report, believing that a starfighter could never have penetrated the ship's deflector shields, ignoring that Anakin had spiraled into the station while the shields were down unloading lander crafts. The captain doesn't show any concern about what's happening in the hangar, as if he is blindly certain nothing is wrong.\\
'''The Result:''' Dofine lets himself and his entire crew perish in the eventual meltdown of the control room.
** Darth Maul has knocked Obi-Wan into a pit, where Obi-Wan is now hanging for dear life from some random outcropping.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Maul to finish the job and force-push Obi-Wan to his death. Obi-Wan is in no position to block it.\\
'''Instead:''' He just swings his lightsaber at the edge of the hole, showering sparks on Obi-Wan, until Obi-Wan pulls Qui-Gon's lightsaber to himself and manages to force-jump back out of the pit, bisecting Maul.\\
'''Even Worse:''' Maul just stares while Obi-Wan jumps from the pit directly over him, and doesn't make a single move to defend, or more effectively, attacking him mid air just like Obi-Wan would do to Anakin at the third film. [[MemeticMutation Maul had the high ground!]]
** Qui-Gon had tried to free Shmi Skywalker along with her son, but Watto wouldn't agree to it, and Qui-Gon didn't have the time and resources to negotiate further.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That once all the dust had settled and the Trade Federation got kicked off Naboo, Anakin would pipe up about his mother, to either Obi-Wan or Padmé, and they would take steps to buy her freedom. Even if Jedi are supposed to sever ties to their families, Obi-Wan would surely see the sense in making sure Anakin doesn't have to worry about his mother when he's embarking on his new life, and Padmé has already grown close to Anakin, presumably feels gratitude towards Shmi for helping her, and could certainly afford to pay any price Watto might ask.\\
'''Instead:''' They just leave Shmi on Tatooine, presumably without checking up on her even ''once,'' and without any explanation given for why they do so. As a result, she eventually gets captured and killed, leading Anakin to brush the Dark Side and become more ambitious and grimly determined to prevent the deaths of those he loves, which leads to disastrous consequences in the third film.

* ''Film/AttackOfTheClones'':
** After an assassination attempt, Padmé is being guarded by Obi-Wan and Anakin, plus R2 in her room.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That she'd appreciate how much danger she's in, considering someone's tried to assassinate her ''twice.'' \\
'''Instead:''' [[SkewedPriorities She's more concerned about Anakin snooping on her and turns off the cameras in her room]].\\
'''Even Worse:''' Exactly what was going on with [=R2-D2=]? Robots don't sleep. He was ''facing'' the window and didn't even make a single bloop.
** Jango Fett is hired to kill Padmé.\\
'''You'd Think:''' That Jango, being an experienced bounty hunter and assassin, would do the job himself.\\
'''Instead:''' He assigns the job to a less experienced and less skilled assassin, Zam Wessell, even though the only reason to do this (making her a patsy) is ruined by working with her directly.
** Now Zam Wessell is on the job.\\
'''You'd Think:''' Given how many ways death can come in this universe, for her to do anything other than what she does (such as having the droid that flies to Padmé's apartment shoot a grenade or fire a laser cannon into her room (as done in the WebAnimation/HowItShouldHaveEnded parody). There wouldn't be a need to worry about subtlety, as it's already known from earlier in the day that Padmé is targeted for death.\\
'''Instead:''' Jango gives Zam [[AnimalAssassin a couple of venomous millipede creatures]] to slip into Padmé's room. She dispatches a droid which flies up to Padmé's window and releases them inside, and Anakin easily kills them. A thermal detonator would have gone off in ten seconds and vaporized the room.\\
'''For Added Stupidity:''' The droid sticks around to confirm the kill, allowing Obi-Wan to grab the thing and ride it back to Zam. [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] thoroughly in [[http://www.darthsanddroids.net/episodes/0226.html this]] ''Webcomic/DarthsAndDroids'' strip.
** After crashing during the speeder chase, Zam escapes into a Coruscant nightclub to outrun Anakin and Obi-Wan.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Zam would use her shapeshifting to hide or disguise herself as someone else and leave undetected.\\
'''Instead:''' She exposes herself (without shapeshifting or donning some other disguise) by trying to attack Obi-Wan.
** To protect her from further assassination attempts, the Jedi Council decide to send Padmé back to Naboo. Since Padmé represents her home planet in the Galactic Senate, she'll need to get someone else to be the representative while she's gone.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Padmé would pick someone who's competent, doesn't let themselves be pushed around, and preferably supports her beliefs of non-militarization. It's not hard to imagine Naboo having such people, considering the planet's pacifism resulted in no standing army in the first film, and it shouldn't be too much of an issue to fly them to Coruscant. \\
'''Instead:''' She picks Jar-Jar Binks, a guy with virtually no experience in politics. Jar Jar subsequently ends up being manipulated into convincing the Senate to approve the creation of the Grand Clone Army of The Republic, the ''last'' thing Padmé would have wanted. The only consolation that comes from this is that Obi-Wan got rescued, and eventually would go on to train Luke Skywalker in Episode IV, but nothing else good comes from this. This was also lampshaded in the ''WebAnimation/HowItShouldHaveEnded'' parody.\\
'''And You'd Expect:''' The Jedi Council would send a Jedi with plenty of experience, maybe two, to protect her, since Obi-Wan is going to be busy investigating the mysterious Bounty Hunter. Why not even send Yoda or Windu, if Padmé is worth it? It's not like they have a war to fight.\\
'''Instead:''' They send Anakin, alone and inexperienced, as if there was no other Jedi available around. To make it even worse, Obi-Wan is well aware that his Padawan is infatuated with the person he will have to protect, and that he's been having nightmares about his mother. And yet he doesn't mention it to Yoda and Windu, and just tells them Anakin is too "arrogant". The reactions of Yoda ["many Jedi are arrogant, I don't care"] and Windu ["Anakin is supposed to be the Chosen One, I don't care"] are priceless, especially if you remember how they treated Qui-Gon and Anakin in ''The Phantom Menace''.
** Mace Windu's first appearance on Geonosis shows him being able to sneak up on the viewer's balcony in the arena, without Dooku, the Neimoidians, Poggle the Lesser, or Jango Fett realizing.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Mace to use this golden opportunity to capture and/or kill quite a few Separatist [=VIPs=].\\
'''Instead:''' He wastes valuable time holding Jango at blade-point for no other reason than to hold somebody hostage, expecting Dooku to relent and halt all his plans because he thought a hired gun bodyguard was in danger. Naturally, a squad of super battle droids shows up, and Fett is able to drive him off with his flamethrower after his attention turns to them.
** During the arena fight, Jango Fett rockets down to confront Mace Windu, who dropped his lightsaber while running from the Reek.\\
'''You'd Think:''' That Jango, who has in this very battle managed to gun down an armed Jedi that tried to confront Dooku, would simply shoot the unarmed Mace with his blaster pistol, killing him.\\
'''Instead:''' For some reason, he forgets about his blasters and then he ''dives for the lightsaber'', which naturally fails since Mace uses the Force to pick it up first. Jango subsequently gets trampled by the Reek, damaging his jetpack, and dies a ridiculously anti-climatic death by being [[OffWithHisHead decapitated by Mace]].
** During the Battle of Geonosis, Anakin and Obi-Wan's gunship spots Dooku escaping on his speeder bike, accompanied by a couple of Geonosian fighters. Anakin orders the gunship to shoot Dooku down, but the pilot says, "We're out of rockets, sir.".\\
'''You'd Expect''': Anakin to order the pilot to use the gunship's laser cannons and laser beam turrets (that were seen blasting droids away during the extraction from the Geonosian arena) and blast Dooku and his Geonosian fighter escort away with them, problem solved, the Clone Wars doesn't have to happen, the end!\\
'''Instead''': Anakin ''completely'' forgets that the gunship has blaster cannons and orders the pilot to just follow Dooku, without ''any'' attempt to use the laser cannons to blast Dooku away. Dooku then orders his fighter escort to fire on the gunship which knocks Padmé overboard, and eventually, the fighters shoot down the gunship after Anakin and Obi-Wan track Dooku to the hanger.
** Yoda is dueling with [[BigBad Count Dooku]]. Realizing that he might not win this fight, Dooku decides [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere to flee]], and uses the Force to cause a [[BuffySpeak giant metal cylinder thing]] to fall towards the wounded Anakin and Obi-Wan, in the hope of distracting Yoda.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Yoda to use the Force to quickly pull/push Anakin and Obi-Wan out of the way of the metal pillar, before turning his attention back to Dooku.\\
'''Instead:''' He chooses to dramatically lift the entire thing and ''slowly'' toss it aside, while Dooku uses the distraction to flee.\\
'''The Result:''' "Begun, the Clone War has."
** In one of the worst StrangledByTheRedString moments in recent memory (also pointed out by WebVideo/RedLetterMedia), Anakin and Padmé's interactions throughout the film. From the moment he meets her as an adult, Anakin comes off as ''very'' unprofessional and somewhat creepy. He makes inappropriate and arrogant remarks whenever he's around her, openly defies her authority on at least one occasion - in front of the new queen of Naboo, no less! - makes bizarre, leering gestures towards her, shows open support for dictatorships (stating that politicians who don't agree should be "made to"), and attempts to justify [[MisplacedRetribution his massacre of the Sand People - including women and children]] - to her (with her reaction making it look like she's incredibly freaked out by this revelation).\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That, after ''all'' that, she'd politely cut off ties from him after the threat is over and avoid him as much as possible, seeing as he's already proven multiple times over that his actions are incredibly inappropriate. Or, if she's attracted to him, wait a few years so the somewhat perverted nineteen year old boy can grow into a (hopefully) more mature adult.\\
'''Instead:''' She not only flirts with him by wearing revealing clothing (and toys with him by saying that she can't love him because she's a senator), but she marries him at the end of the film, after knowing him for about two weeks ''tops!''

* ''Film/RevengeOfTheSith'':
** Count Dooku has just been literally disarmed and is at the mercy of Anakin Skywalker. His master Darth Sidious, who is also Chancellor Palpatine, orders Anakin to execute Dooku on the spot.\\
'''You'd Think:''' Since they were in cahoots until that moment, Dooku would speak up about the script Palpatine just went off from and out him as Darth Sidious in front of two Jedi Knights. It's clear from the look on Dooku's face that he wasn't counting on this sudden change of plans, but he's still a Sith, and betrayal is kind of their thing.\\
'''Instead:''' Dooku keeps his trap shut and gets his head scissored off by Anakin, allowing Sidious to continue his charade unimpeded.
** Anakin goes to see Master Yoda after having a terrible dream (possibly a premonition) about Padmé suffering and dying.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That the wise and compassionate Master Yoda would explain the nature of self-fulfilling prophecies and recommend that Anakin not go to dangerous extremes even to do something so noble as save the people he cares about. At the very least, he would say something to placate him. Something like, "Always in motion is the future. Do not be reckless."\\
'''Instead:''' Yoda quite callously tells Anakin to let go of ''everything he loves,'' never mourning their loss or even ''missing'' them. As a result, Anakin stops listening to the Jedi and starts listening to Palpatine.
** Speaking of the above dream - that Padmé will, for an unknown reason, die in childbirth - Anakin is convinced that it will come true unless he does something about it. Understandable, due to him once having a similar dream about his mother, who did die.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That Anakin would ensure that there's no chance of Padmé dying, using methods he should know and understand. He could try and convince Padmé to have an extensive medical check, in case the cause of death is a pre-existing condition they don't know about. He could also arrange to have her give birth and recover from it in secret, if he thinks someone will try to assassinate her when she's having the kid.\\
'''Instead:''' He decides to join up with a Sith Lord, who claims that the Sith have the ability to save people from dying, and that if he follows his orders, which at a very early point include [[WouldHurtAChild the deaths of children]], Padmé will be saved. And Anakin remains convinced of this throughout and never asks himself what any of this has to do with saving Padmé.
** Palpatine keeps acting and behaving suspiciously around Anakin, like knowing things about the Sith that he shouldn't, prompting Anakin to kill defenseless captives, suggesting he ''abandon'' Obi-Wan needlessly to his death and making broad comments about how the Sith were able to prevent people from dying.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Anakin to take a hint.\\
'''Instead''': Palpatine does everything but scream in Anakin's ear "'''I'M A SITH LORD!'''" before tricking him -- not seducing him, but ''tricking him'' -- into following the Dark Path, to the point where Anakin does everything including ''killing young children''. And ''then'' Palpatine tells him more and less that ''[[ILied he lied]]'' about bringing keeping people from dying and utters some bullshit about "finding out together" how to do it.\\
'''You'd Then Expect:''' Anakin to take the time to either gut Palpatine like a fish or return to the Jedi Council and admit his mistake.\\
'''Instead:''' Anakin continues to do Palpatine's business for him and tries to murder Obi-Wan, despite the fact that ''everything'' Palpatine told him was a blatant lie.
** On Utapau, Obi-Wan tracks down General Grievous, who then surrounds him with a lot of Battle Droids. When he sends his Magnaguard bodyguards to confront Obi-Wan, he pulls down some metal thing from the ceiling and crushes 3 of the droids and beheads one of them. The droids then prepare to fire on Obi-Wan.\\
'''You'd Think:''' Grievous would just let his battle droids shoot Obi-Wan to death since they've completely surrounded him and outnumber him 20 to 1, like any smart villain would do. Then Grievous can escape and live to fight another day (granted Obi-Wan's 212th Attack Battalion is on its way to Utapau, but Grievous wouldn't have known that). This is even covered in WebAnimation/HowItShouldHaveEnded.\\
'''Instead:''' Grievous tells his droids to back away to let him "deal with this Jedi slime… myself", and gets into a lightsaber fight with him, resulting in Grievous losing a couple of his hands to Obi-Wan, getting chased by him, and eventually being shot to death by Obi-Wan by Grievous's own blaster. So uncivilized, indeed.
** When Anakin reveals the truth about Palpatine to Mace Windu, Windu rounds up several Jedi Masters to arrest the Chancellor.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Windu to formulate a "Plan B" in case the mission goes awry. Windu should know full-well arresting a Sith Lord would be extremely dangerous.\\
'''Instead:''' He and the masters decide to make the arrest alone, without any perimeter or surveillance of the exits whatsoever. The results end up being disastrous for all four Jedi Masters, as Anakin's intervention into the confrontation causes the mission to fail.\\
'''Even Worse:''' The now non-canon ''Legends'' universe had a counterpart to Order 66, named Order 65. That order calls for the arrest or execution of the Chancellor by the Clone Army. If Windu knew the Clone Army had this kind of Order, which he certainly did, why the ''hell'' did he not think about that?
** Near the end, Gunray and other separatists are hiding on a distant planet. Sidious contacts Gunray and promises to send his apprentice to them, who will "... take care of them."\\
'''You'd Think:''' Gunray would say "Thank you" to Sidious, end the communication and ''immediately'' [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere get the hell out of there]]. You'd have to be TooDumbToLive not to pick up on the hint that "take care of them" usually means "kill you".\\
'''Instead:''' They just sit on their butts until Anakin Skywalker (aka Darth Vader) arrives and... well, [[DeadlyEuphemism takes care of them]].\\
'''Even Worse:''' In the non-canon video game adaptation, they get holographic footage of Anakin killing a couple of Nemodian aides and several guards, and make the guards try to stop him, and even then, they don't try to escape until Anakin is about to enter the room they're in.
** During the climactic duel, Obi-Wan jumps onto the lava bank and shouts to Anakin, "It's over, Anakin! I have the high ground!"\\
'''You'd Think:''' Anakin would stay on the platform and wait for a better opportunity. It's currently a stalemate, as neither can attack unless the other makes a move. He could always ride the platform somewhere else and start the duel back up later.\\
'''Instead:''' He says, "You underestimate my power.", and after Obi-Wan tells him not to try it, Anakin jumps at Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan proceeds to do Mou kei, a lightsaber move that takes off as many of an opponent's limbs as possible. If Obi-Wan underestimated anything, he underestimated Anakin's tendency to lose limbs.
** Obi-Wan and Anakin's battle has ended with the latter minus every limb but his artificial one, slowly sliding into a lava flow. Obi-Wan senses that Emperor Palpatine is approaching via shuttle.\\
'''You'd Expect''': He may be on the clock, but Anakin already has one foot in the grave and there are several methods Obi-Wan could use to finish him off in a few seconds. A simple force-push into the lava or thrown lightsaber to the head would finish the job. Obi-Wan may be a Jedi, but surely mercy-killing a guy who is quite literally on fire isn't a Dark Side act.\\
'''Instead''': He leaves Anakin to a painful death, assuming that it would be left to the will of the Force... [[DoomedByCanon and has to deal with the consequences.]]
** After Anakin is encased in the black armor of Darth Vader, he learns that Padme -- the one character he gave up everything for -- died because of his actions. Actions that were spurred by his attachment to the Dark Side of the Force. Which Palpatine taught him about.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That Anakin, having been ''thoroughly'' screwed over by Palpatine in the most complete way possible, would finally realize what has happened: that he was suckered into becoming a Sith and that, effectively, Palpatine turned him into his wife's killer after promising to do the opposite. You would also expect that Anakin, at this point having nothing left to live for after having been forced to betray the organization that raised him and kill the only person he cared about, would probably be a tad bit miffed at Palpatine. A "I'll kill you or die trying" attempt would be a logical result.\\
'''Instead:''' Anakin just sort of decides to go along with it all, blindly following the orders of the man who destroyed his life for another ''19-20 years.''

* ''Film/ANewHope'':
** Vader and the crew of his Star Destroyer have captured the Rebel Blockade Runner with Princess Leia and the stolen Death Star plans aboard. An Imperial gunner and his commanding officer detect a jettisoned escape pod with no life readings aboard.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That they'd blast the pod just to be on the safe side, or at least have it tractor-beamed into an empty cargo bay and send in some Stormtroopers to check it. After all, data is not alive. Leia could have tossed the plans inside and jettisoned it for the Rebels to find later. Or there might be droids aboard! (Imagine that.)\\
'''Instead:''' The officer orders the gunner to just let it go. Turns out that the plans WERE in there, and they ultimately make it into the hands of the Rebels, giving them a way to destroy the Death Star.
** In the Mos Eisley cantina, Greedo has Han Solo at gunpoint with every intention of killing him.\\
'''You'd Think:''' Greedo would say the line used by everyone who's ever had someone at gunpoint: "Keep your hands where I can see them!" It may be a cliche, but it's used for a reason. Or, even better, [[WhyDontYaJustShootHim just go ahead and shoot Han]].\\
'''Instead:''' He strikes up a conversation with Han while not noticing one of Han's hands going under the table. Where his blaster is. Bye bye, Greedo.
** Admiral Motti boasts that the Death Star with its giant, planet-killing laser cannon is "the ultimate power in the universe." Vader admonishes the Admiral for such hubris by saying "the ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force."\\
'''You'd Think:''' Motti would smile and nod and avoid saying anything at this juncture that might anger the Dark Lord of the Sith.\\
'''Instead:''' He kicks things off by insulting Vader and his religion right in front of everyone in that meeting room. That alone was highly uncalled for and would very likely get you fired in real life. As if he hasn't already committed an act of monumental douchebaggery at this point, he then insinuates that Vader is incompetent because he has yet to "conjure up the stolen data tapes or find the Rebels' hidden fortr--", which leads Vader to strangle Motti, saying that he "finds his lack of faith disturbing". He's only saved from being telekinetically strangled to death when Grand Moff Tarkin orders Vader to stop.
** When the ''Millennium Falcon'' escapes from the Death Star, pursued briefly by a mere four TIE Fighters, Leia correctly deduces that the Empire deliberately allowed them to leave and are currently tracking them in an attempt to find the secret base that they've been searching for the entire film.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Han to take Leia's words into consideration. They could then have Leia to immediately contact the rebels and arrange a drop-off at some remote system, where they could transfer her and R2 to a different, untracked ship before the Empire could catch up to them and pay Han and Chewie a big bonus if they agree to lead the Empire on a wild goose chase. Even though Han is in command of the ''Millennium Falcon'', it still isn't really an excuse to disregard her warning.\\
'''Instead:''' Han disregards her warning, just because he's in command of the ship, and they fly the ''Falcon'' directly back to the rebel base, with the Empire happily following a few hours behind them.
** During the Rebel attack on the Death Star, one of Tarkin's minions, Bast, comes up and tells him that there is a pattern to the attack and that it might be a good idea to evacuate.\\
'''You'd Think:''' Tarkin would listen to him. If the rebels are attacking a specific point on the Death Star, that would suggest that there ''is'' a weakness of some kind. After all, Darth Vader is taking the threat seriously enough to be dogfighting the Rebels at that very moment.\\
'''Instead:''' Tarkin tells Bast to shut up, saying, "Evacuate? In our moment of triumph?? I think you overestimate their chances." So, when the Death Star goes boom, Tarkin and many other Imperials are killed.

* ''Film/TheEmpireStrikesBack'':
** The Imperial fleet gets the info that the Rebels are on Hoth. In command of the fleet is Admiral Ozzel.\\
'''You'd Think''': Ozzel would have the fleet come out of hyperspace at a good distance that is not too close to the Hoth system, that way, the Rebellion wouldn't be alerted to their presence.\\
'''Instead''': He has the fleet come out of hyperspace far too close to the system, which alerts the Rebels, allowing them to buy a little bit of time of preparation for evacuation.\\
'''The Result''': Darth Vader [[YouHaveFailedMe strangles Ozzel to death with Force choke for this act of stupidity]]. At least the film acknowledges Ozzel was an idiot and gave the Rebels a huge break.
** Near the end, the Millennium Falcon's escape is stopped dead in its tracks by the still broken hyperdrive. Meanwhile Imperial fighters are shooting at the Falcon. Chewbacca frantically tries to fix the hyperdrive and R2 also goes in to help with repairs. 3PO yells at R2: "Let Chewbacca fix it! Come here and reattach my broken leg!".\\
'''You'd think''': 3PO would urge R2 to do his best on the Falcon as R2 is a highly skilled ''Astromech'' droid, born and bred to ''fix starships'' and that a broken leg makes no difference if the ship you're traveling onto blows up in space. Even more so, R2 even ''explains'' to him that he found out the drive had been ''tampered'' with in the first place - and [=3PO=] for whatever reason disbelieves him!
** After our heroes escape Cloud City, they go to the rendezvous point of the Rebel fleet, so that Luke can get a cybernetic replacement for his hand that got cut off by Darth Vader. After that, time to go rescue Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt and Boba Fett.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' The heroes to go straight to Tatooine and rescue Han. After all, Jabba the Hutt does NOT go anywhere else. Plus, as Vader said earlier to Boba Fett, "You may take Captain Solo to Jabba the Hutt..." And where does Jabba live? Tatooine. Which is controlled by the Hutts.\\
'''Instead:''' They waste a whole year (even in canon, Episode VI takes place ''a whole year'' after Episode V) looking at other locations that are NOT Tatooine.

* ''Film/ReturnOfTheJedi'':
** Emperor Palpatine clearly desires to turn Luke to the Dark Side of the Force because he basically has all of his father's potential, but not the crippling injuries that make him a DarkLordOnLifeSupport. To achieve this, he emotionally antagonizes Luke and then gets him and Vader to start dueling to the death.\\
'''You'd Think:''' That Palpatine would remember that when he turned Vader in the first place, it was by exploiting his fear of a loved one, his pregnant wife Padme, dying.\\
'''Instead:''' Palpatine seemingly forgets where Vader's BerserkButton is and assumes that Vader, and Luke, are each willing to kill the other at his bidding.\\
'''The Result:''' When Luke refuses to turn, Palpatine decides to slowly kill him using Force Lightning, ''while Vader watches''! Vader, who has been visibly conflicted and putting up a half-hearted fight at best, refuses to lose another member of his family to Palpatine's schemes and throws his boss into a bottomless pit.
** Meanwhile, although the Death Star is "fully operational" in terms of being able to blow stuff up, the superstructure is still open and the ''only'' thing keeping the Rebels from getting inside is the deflector shield.\\
'''You'd Think:''' That Palpatine would be monitoring the status of the battle and making sure that his forces are defeating the Rebels both in space and on Endor.\\
'''Instead:''' Palpatine has apparently set the comm in his throne room to "Do Not Disturb" and is devoting his entire attention to watching the Father[=/=]Son lightsaber fight.\\
'''The Result:''' Palpatine is oblivious to the fact that his forces are ''losing'' and that the deflector shield has been successfully brought down. He is so fixated on Vader and Luke that he does not realize his Death Star will soon be blown up.

* ''Film/TheForceAwakens''
** Kylo Ren has captured Rey and is trying to MindProbe her for information on Luke Skywalker. However, she is a latent Force sensitive and manages to flip the probe on him. Concerned, Kylo decides to report this to Snoke.\\
'''You'd Think:''' Given that Kylo knows that Rey can use the Force to some extent, even if she isn't trained, he'd make sure to limit her options in the meantime. She's already restrained, but make sure she's watched closely or leave her alone in the room so she has nothing to work with.\\
'''Instead:''' He leaves a single guard in the room, and Rey quickly figures out how to JediMindTrick him into releasing her.