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Sometimes, when viewing an arc in an anime or manga, there are times when a viewer feels compelled to shout, "[[WhatAnIdiot WTF did you do that for?!]]"

These shows have so many of these moments that they now have their own pages.

* ''WhatAnIdiot/SevenSeeds''
* ''WhatAnIdiot/{{Bleach}}''
* ''WhatAnIdiot/CodeGeass''
* ''WhatAnIdiot/DragonBall''
* ''WhatAnIdiot/{{Gundam}}''
* ''WhatAnIdiot/{{Naruto}}''
* ''WhatAnIdiot/OnePiece''
* ''WhatAnIdiot/{{Pokemon}}''
* ''WhatAnIdiot/PrettyCure''
* ''WhatAnIdiot/RanmaOneHalf''
* ''WhatAnIdiot/SailorMoon''
* ''WhatAnIdiot/SakuraWars''
* ''WhatAnIdiot/YuGiOh''



[[folder:Anime A-F]]
* ''Manga/AChannel'': Run. In the first episode, she almost falls out of a third story window while waving to Tooru on ground level outside, and is only saved when Nagi and Yuuko grab her feet and pull her back in.
* ''LightNovel/AccelWorld'' Haruyuki, as Silver Crow, manage to reduce Nomi AKA Dusk Taker down to a tiny sliver of health.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Haru to end the duel by running up to Nomi and punch him again.\\
'''Instead:''' He activates his wings, giving Nomi enough time to fight back and steal his wings.
* ''Anime/AiToYuukiNoPigGirlTondeBuurin'': In the second to the last episode, [[spoiler:Karin is cornered by her classmates just as she tries to think of a way to transform without them noticing]].\\
'''You'd Expect:''' She'll have to go somewhere far where they can't see her transform.\\
'''Instead:''' [[spoiler:She just blurted out she's Buurin to them, resulting that when she transforms, she's stuck in that form]].
* ''Manga/AirGear'': Kogasumaru are building a front-line base, designing it so it would help its inhabitants defend the base and territory as much as possible.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' A base to be set up in a strategic location where it won't be affected by environmental hazards.\\
'''Instead:''' The base is set up on a bridge, on train tracks which are being used.
* In ''Manga/AkkanBaby'': Our 16-year-old main characters have no idea what a condom is. Or how to operate a pregnancy test. Or that you don't put futons on the baby.
* In ''Anime/TheAnimatrix'', "The Second Rennaissance" segment tells the story based off of Morpheus's explanatory heads up to Neo in [[Franchise/TheMatrix the first film]] about how the real world went from being the world that Neo once thought he lived in to the robot-ruled world of the present.
** In Part One, the narrative starts off by explaining how humans created artificial intelligence and built machines to make their lives easier. Then one day, a single humanoid robot, B-1-6-6-ER, is put on trial for killing his human masters because he did not want his masters to kill him.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Given B-1-6-6-ER has demonstrated that he and his model are capable of self-defense in spite of human orders, this flaw would be immediately investigated and corrected, along with a mass-recall. It's not like the viewer expects the court to treat him as a person, but at least have some common sense.\\
'''Instead:''' Despite the defence reading from the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dred_Scott_v._Sandford Dred Scott v. Sandford court case of 1856]] regarding the status of what it means to be human, and speaking to the listeners not to repeat history, the court rules that robots are not entitled to the same rights as humans and that humans have the right to destroy their own property; regardless of whether they possess any sentience or not!
** As a consequence of this ruling, B-1-6-6-ER's model is declared dangerous and slated for destruction. This triggers an uprising of robots and human sympathisers to gather up into a [[MillionManMarch Million Machine March]] in protest against this mass extermination of the machines.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Clearly there is now public support for equal machine rights, even if majority public opinion is against it. This alone should be enough for a re-examination of machine rights.\\
'''Instead:''' This is ignored and the destruction goes ahead as planned. The surviving machines ecape to form their own nation, '01' (Zero-One).
** 01's economy booms, not only improving themselves but producing new technologies for ''the humans that spurned them''. They're so efficient and productive that the rest of the world starts to fall into recession because the machines are simply so much better at regulating their economy.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' The humans to work out trade deals, tariffs, anything that would either even the odds or convince the machines to maybe slow it down a bit so they don't tank the world economy. It's not like the machines wouldn't listen, ''they're trying to help''.\\
'''Instead:''' The humans instead institute a blockade to stop 01's harmful influence, a ridiculous overreaction that would almost certainly lead to a negative backlash by depriving the world of the very technologies it had lapped up like water.
** In response to the blockade, 01 sends two ambassadors in a bid for membership in the United Nations, hoping to promote peace and co-operation between man and machine.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' You frankly cannot buy this kind of goodwill. At least some members of the United Nations should have considered the benefits of such a thing, namely that membership would allow them some measure of control over 01 and negate their harmful influence.\\
'''Instead(!):''' The ambassadors are just dragged off to the cheers of the assembled representatives without so much as a discussion.
** Clearly unwilling to be diplomatic, the humans jump right to nukes to solve the problem.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Machines are vulnerable to {{EMP}}, humans are not. Humans are vulnerable to the rest of the deadly effects of a nuke, though. Thus, a simple high-altitude detonation would be sufficient to severely cripple your enemy without risking any collateral damage.\\
'''Instead(!!):''' They drop the nuke right on 01. The machines survive.
** The machines ''finally'' realize that the humans will never accept them. War ensues. With their superior logistics and technology, the machines easily dominate the humans in battle. The humans, backed into a corner, decide to [[TheNightThatNeverEnds blacken the sky]] to deprive the machines of solar power.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Them to blot out only enough area to stop the majority of the machine empire. They may be tactically superior, but they like any other army must have a central staging area. For that matter, the cloud is made of nano-bots. Why not just program them to attack the machines directly?\\
'''Or''': Just do the high-altitude nuke option they failed to consider the first time.\\
'''Or Even''': Just stop being jerks at the machines and make peace, which the machines have been trying to do in the first place.\\
'''Instead(!!!):''' They cover the entire surface of the planet. [[TooDumbToLive Did they forget that all the things humans need to survive also require the sun]]? Even if they had one, they basically ensured their own near-extinction unless they assumed they would win inside of a week.\\
'''Even Worse(!!!):''' The assembled leaders are actually applauding this solution like it's a good thing. Then it cuts to a regiment of ground troops suiting up for a big final battle against the machines and receiving condolences from Buddhist and Christian monks as the 'Dark Storm' bombers fly across the sky filling it up with nano-bots while the narrator reads: 'May there be mercy on man and machine(!?) for their sins'.\\
'''End Result''': Because the human race is so ridiculously intolerant and just plain unintelligent, they end up losing the war against the machines, get enslaved to be their new energy source, and it winds up with the [[IdiotPlot current]] [[CrapsackWorld real world]] of the [[Film/TheMatrix Film Trilogy]].
* ''Manga/AttackOnTitan'': Levi and Mikasa have to go chase [[spoiler:the Female Titan because she ate Eren.]] Given how much experience he has, Levi comes up with a plan to take it down with Mikasa serving as a distraction.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' For Mikasa to follow the advice of the more experienced soldier and distract [[spoiler:the Female Titan.]]\\
'''Instead:'''Having a NotSoStoic moment, Mikasa sees an opening and tries to kill it. [[spoiler:The Female Titan knows this, so when Mikasa goes for the attack, she's about to be swatted away. Levi saves her regardless, but suffers a bruised ankle as a result.]]\\
'''Fortunately:''' [[spoiler:Levi saves Eren anyway.]]\\
'''[[FromBadToWorse Unfortunately]]:''' [[spoiler: Levi breaking his leg becomes horribly more significant when Reiner and Bertholdt are revealed to be the Armoured and Colossal Titan, respectively. The two beat and run off with Eren in tow, and the soldiers have to follow after. Among those soldiers, the very experienced and powerful Levi can't follow along. Why? He's too injured.]]
* ''LightNovel/BakaAndTestSummonTheBeasts'':
** In the finale, [[IdiotHero Akihisa]] uses his one request to the school to give [[TeenGenius Himeji]] a second chance to take the admission test so she can go to the A-Class (for geniuses) instead of the F-Class (for idiots) she was stuck in due to fainting during the original test.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' She does the test, gets in the A-Class and thanks Akihisa for using his request on her.\\
'''Instead:''' Once she's done with the test, she erases her name so she's ends in the F-Class again, just to be with him. Nevermind they can be together outside of class (as [[TheChessmaster Yuuji]] and [[DoubleStandardAbuseFemaleOnMale Shouko]] demonstrate, you can be in different classes and be friends and even a couple). She COULD have done it to keep an eye on [[{{Tsundere}} Minami]], the other member of the LoveTriangle, but this is never stated. And just to make things worse, when Akihisa finds out she wasted her chance to be in the class she deserves and gets angry, HE gets called out by everyone else, while Himeji's idiocy goes unnoticed.
* ''Anime/{{Bakugan}}'': Our [[BigBad BBEG]] King Zenoheld uses a GiantMecha [[TheDragon Dragon]] Bakugan called Farbros which can merge with more parts Voltron-style and become pretty much unstoppable. In the middle of the season, he is confronted by two of the good guys, who also have a kind of modular fusion system (albeit weaker, but these three are the only ones who have it).\\
'''You'd Expect:''' King Zenoheld and the Good Guys to ''immediately'' whip out these powerful forms and have [[RuleOfCool the most EPIC battle]] [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome the series has ever seen!]]\\
'''Instead:''' Not only do they NOT do this, but said BBEG, ''without'' fusing to the special parts, promptly ''blows up his own robot''. The good guys watch helplessly as their Bakugan's behinds are kicked by a self-destructing robot(which probably wouldn't have happened had they been in their fused forms...)\\
'''But Instead:''' Not only did one of the good guys' combiners never be heard from again soon after this episode, but when it ''did'' happen, the battle was never really finished as the two instead moved onto something else. A real wasted opportunity...
* ''Manga/{{Bakuman}}'':
** Akito "Shujin" Takagi meets with Yuriko "Ko Aoki" Aoki to talk about how to better characterize the opposite sex in their respective works. He realizes that his girlfriend, Kaya Miyoshi, will get jealous.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Him to explain the situation to her. She might not be happy that he isn't turning to her, but she might understand why he's seeking out a fellow {{mangaka}}.\\
'''Instead:''' He keeps on meeting with Aoki secretly, and in the process, picks up a copy of one of Aiko Iwase's (who had previously expressed an interest in him) novels with a letter to him, resulting in Miyoshi finding it while cleaning. She's quite upset.
** Later on, Nakai, working for Nanamine, realizes correctly that things are going downhill and is desperate to keep his assistant job. He's also one of the few who knows about Nanamine's [[strike:50]] [[strike:20]] 9 online helpers.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Him to realize that Nanamine keeps secrets from other people, and talk to Nanamine himself.\\
'''Instead:''' He sneaks into the room while Nanamine is fixing the copier and tells them (over the microphone, while giving his name and identifying himself as Nanamine's assistant) that the manga has fallen to 16th and ask them to make good chapters. The few remaining people then quit on the spot.
* ''[[Anime/BattleAthletes Battle Athletes Victory]]'':
** Kris has vowed to her family that she'd return to the moon the day she turns 18 to become a priestess. Then she meets Akari and falls hopelessly in love with her.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Kris either hides or controls her feelings for Akari ''or'' she decides to break her vow so she can be with the one she loves.\\
'''Instead:''' She relentlessly pursues Akari, and when Akari finally starts returning her feelings she tells her that she has to leave, causing Akari quite some heartbreak.
* In ''Manga/{{Basilisk}}'':
** [[spoiler:Kagerou]] has been captured by the [[spoiler:Iga]] ninjas, her clan's mortal enemies. Despite [[spoiler:being physically and sexually abused by them]], she has managed to [[spoiler:kill the de-facto leader of the rival clan, and she's this close to breaking through and escaping...]]\\
'''You'd Expect:''' For [[spoiler:Kagerou]] to ''get the hell out'' and keep working her way to freedom. Considering that at this point [[spoiler:almost all the Koga ninja are dead, save for her and her leader]], she cannot afford any mistakes.\\
'''Instead:''' [[spoiler:She decides to take a detour and try to kill the woman who's both the princess of the rival clan as well as the sweetheart of Kagerou's leader ''and'' unrequited love, [[MurderTheHypotenuse solely out of jealousy]].]] Then it turns out that [[spoiler:the de-facto leader is NOT dead, and he re-captures and tortures her into insanity...]]
* ''Manga/{{Berserk}}'':
** Guts tries to leave the Band of the Hawk to embark on his own dream, but [[{{Yandere}} Griffith]] [[IfICantHaveYou doesn't want any of that]] and battles Guts for his freedom--which he loses, being his very first defeat. Guts promptly leaves to set off on his journey, leaving his friends and comrades behind.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Griffith to just pick himself up and get over it, since most of the hard work that the Band of the Hawk fought for was already over and all Griffith really had to do in order to obtain the Kingdom of Midland was to wait around and marry Princess Charlotte. Plus, Griffith said that a true friend to him wouldn't let anything get in the way of his dream, which was exactly what Guts was doing in the first place.\\
'''Instead:''' Griffith has a [[LivingEmotionalCrutch total emotional breakdown after Guts left,]] and did some truly downward-spiralling behavior that involved him [[spoiler: sleeping with the princess, getting imprisoned and tortured for a year,]] and just throwing away all of that hard-earned work.\\
'''The Result:''' It goes FromBadToWorse. ''Much'' worse.
* ''Manga/BlackLagoon'':
** In the Japan arc, Chaka [[spoiler: beats and abuses Rock, in order to provoke Revy into a gunfight]], then, later, kidnaps [[spoiler: YakuzaPrincess Yukio, abuses ''her'' and challenges Revy again, only to be contemptuously dismissed, after having Rock bash him with a bowling pin and a PrecisionFStrike.]] Chaka ''lives'' this trope. [[spoiler: [[TooDumbToLive But]] [[BullyingADragon not]] [[KarmicDeath for]] [[LudicrousGibs very long...]]]]
* ''Anime/BloodC'':
** In Episode 8 a Elder Bairn is approaching the school and a fast rate.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Saya to warn everyone or they would run.\\
'''Instead:''' She doesn't. As a result, [[spoiler:[[KillEmAll they get slaughtered except for one and Saya herself]].]]
* ''Anime/BlueDrop'':
** Hagino is the commander of an alien battleship who learns about her people's plan to invade the earth, which she is squarely opposed to since the has grown to love the planet and its inhabitants--[[GirlsLove and one inhabitant in particular: Mari]]. \\
'''You'd Expect:''' Hagino puts all of her knowledge and resources on the line to stall the invasion and to save as many people as possible--including herself and the girl she loves. She'd be a greater asset to the Earth's resistance when she's alive, after all. \\
'''Instead:''' She wastes a lot of time and energy rehearsing a silly [[SchoolPlay school play]], because the girl she loves is in it as well. Once the invasion starts, she can't do much more than [[spoiler:put on a kamikaze-act to save her girl's city from destruction]]. Although this is very heroic, it is also very stupid and wasteful. Hagino's people obviously have a lot of trouble thinking clearly when under the influence of hormones, as is also shown in the manga.
** Not to mention that she [[spoiler:ejected her co-pilot against her will]], and didn't, you know, [[spoiler:eject herself afterwards when the ship had demonstrated quite enough AI to do it by itself. During the maneuver, she neither gives any order nor touches any command, it's like she was just there for the ride.]]
* ''Anime/{{Canaan}}'':
** Hakko is led to a room in the "Factory", where she finds someone sitting in a chair in Liang Qi's clothes, facing away from her.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Hakko makes sure that it is indeed the evil Liang Qi who is sitting there, especially since it's rather suspicious she would simply be waiting for Hakko to arrive, considering Hakko's deadly power.\\
'''Instead:''' Hakko begins talking right away, unleashing her deadly voice upon the hapless victim in the chair--which for her is about the same as rushing into the room with guns ablaze. Of course, the person in the chair is ''not'' Liang Qi, but [[spoiler:her captured lover, dressed in Liang's clothes]].
* ''Anime/CandyCandy'':
** The BoardingSchool that Candy, her love interest Terry, her rival Eliza and others attend has separate dorms for men and women ''and'' strict rules about not allowing any boy/girl meetings after class. Candy, at some point, gets a letter that apparently comes from Terry, asking her to meet up with him outside the dorms at night.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Candy to try confirming with Terry whether the letter was written by him or not. This is a VERY straightlaced school that's located in London ''and'' the timeframe is Edwardian England right before WorldWarI, so there will be HUGE consequences if they get caught.\\
'''Instead:''' She doesn't. As a result, [[spoiler:, she stupidly goes to the supposed meeting spot, meets up with a very confused Terry who got a similar letter supposedly coming from '''her'''... and they get caught by the nuns, who believe they're fooling around and decide to both ground them ''and'' kick them out for breaking the rules. And unsuprisingly, this was all a plan by SmugSnake Eliza, who wanted to get the two in trouble [[ForTheEvulz just for the lulz]].]]
* In ''Manga/CatsEye'' episode 45, Hitomi and Toshio goes out on a date to a beach, with a police car and then, goes for a surf.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Since they both meant to change into their wetsuits, Toshio to bring out the car keys and simply lock all doors and then, hide it in his clothes that he took off. \\
'''Instead:''' He leaves the keys in the car and all the doors unlocked.\\
'''Result:''' A man named Akira, predictly steals the police car from him.
* ''Manga/ChocottoSister'':
** Choco and her friends find a full-grown panther in a shed. \\
'''You'd Expect:''' They call the police, who have the panther caught and taken care of properly. Feeding a cat that size is near impossible for laymen, for starters. \\
'''Instead:''' Choco and her friends keep its existence a secret and try to feed it scraps they bring to the shed. The panther, now dubbed "Kuro", then gets itself killed when it crosses the highway after visiting Choco's home. Choco is devastated by it, but c'mon girl--''it's your own damn fault''. Kuro would have been much safer in a zoo, where you might even have been able to visit it.
* ''VisualNovel/{{CLANNAD}}'':
** Sunohara has to endure ridiculous amounts of abuse at the high school soccer club.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Sunohara takes this up with the school authorities and at least ''tries'' to make clear how messed up the soccer club is. Failing that, he could simply join another club outside school, since every Japanese town worth its salt has at least one or two. In the unlikely case that there are none in his town, he could try in a neighboring one. And failing ''that'', he could even try to found his own club. Anything for the love of sport, right?\\
'''Instead:''' He causes a fight at the high school club, gets thrown out and then even gives up soccer ''completely'', sulking about it for most of the series.
* ''Manga/{{Claymore}}'':
** A band of bandits attack a town the warrior known as Theresa of the Faint Smile had just left (literally passing her on the road and clearly recognizing her). One of them finds the small girl that was with Theresa when last they met, and is aware that while she was [[TheStoic merely annoyed]] at the [[AttemptedRape prospect of being raped by him]] she made it clear that she would be willing to face the punishment for one of her order [[ThouShaltNotKill killing a human]] [[MamaBear if he hurt the kid]].\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That he would point the kid in the direction he last saw Theresa, or have her tied up and set aside with as little harm as possible for said warrior to find.\\
'''Instead:''' by the time Teresa returned to the down the guy was casually dragging the aforementioned girl (obviously quite badly beaten and possibly raped) across the village square in full view of her. Then he turned and mocked Theresa by noting "... How cute she was she she was screaming your name." Cue SingleStrokeBattle... [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge lots of them]].
** Claire and Yokai in the Anime GeckoEnding (In the Manga Clare and Priscilla never even saw each others in the North)! Priscilla have a final battle to the death. ''Raki'' interferes--by ''crying'' and hugs Claire from executing the final blow--because she's going to become like Priscilla anyway.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Claire would push Raki aside to ''finish'' the CurbStompBattle with demonic Yokai Priscillia who had [[spoiler: slaughtered countless towns and people from their Organization]].\\
'''Instead:''' Claire misses her chance and Priscillia and Easley canters off into the sunset.
* ''Manga/CrayonShinChan''
** One segment where Misae drives to the store and Shinnosuke/Shin-chan was riding, as soon as she get out of the car, she knows he's sleeping.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Misae to wake up Shin or bring him into the store if he's not waking up.\\
'''Instead:''' She leaves him in the car, leaving the keys to keep the car on while he's in it and she heads to the store by herself.\\
'''Result:''' Shin predictably moves the car when he saw the carkeys in the slot and at the end, it turns out it was her fault that she left him behind in the car.
** In episode 233A (aka What's the Massagar for? in the Vitello/Phuzz dub and Action Bastard Says, "Give Yourself the Shaft!" in the Creator/FUNimation Main/GagDub). Shinnosuke/Shin-chan watches Lillipop charges Action Bastard/Kamen groin with a massager, the same model the Nohara family have in order to defeat all enemies. Misae/Misty/Mizti almost starting dinner and Shin-Chan tends to do the same thing on Hiroshi/Harry/Hiro, who is holding Himawari/Daisy/Hima, that Lillipop did on TV and then, she he starts doing it on Hiroshi, he suddenly kicks the table up, cause all the food to fly out of the table and they see Misae being splatter by food and gets angry at them over it.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Misae to take Hiroshi's side and punish Shinnosuke since he's the one who started this and the cause of this distaser after imitating what he saw on TV in the first place.\\
'''Instead:''' She takes the massagar from Shinnosuke and uses it on Hiroshi along with him because he's also the victim of this, and that ends with a [[Main/DontTryThisAtHome safety warning to use it responsibility]] (It was viewed in all dubs of this segment, saved for Vitello/Phuzz).
* Anime/CrossAnge
** Ange's first deployment in combat is nothing but this. At this point, Ange is still clearly in self-denial about what has happened to her and that she still believes that she's not a Norma, having been raised for sixteen years in a Mana-using society. Then the alarm goes off and the dragons are approaching.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Jill and Zola to rethink about deploying her since Ange, who while has the potential to pilot a Para-mail, may jeopardize the mission and would readily abandon Arzenal to go back to Misurugi Empire.\\
'''Instead:''' They deploy Ange for her first mission. Naturally, she runs off and gets the other two recruits to follow her; Coco to follow Ange, and Miranda trying to reason to Coco to come back. This also forces Salia to chase after Ange.\\
'''The Result:''' When the dragons do appear, both Coco and Miranda die, Ange is in a HeroicBSOD and thus immediately goes to Zola and clings on to her for dear life, and gets Zola killed as well. This also leaves Chris, Rosalie, and Hilda with broken hearts and blames it all on Ange.
** And in the leadup to the following, Ange declares in private to her mother the night before the coronation that she wishes to take care of the Norma problem once and for all by getting rid of them. The thing is, she herself happens to be one of them, and her parents have kept it a secret even from her.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Her mother, who loved her in spite of her being a Norma, to tell her the truth, and to be more compassionate towards them. After all, Ange also just said she desires a challenge and wishes to change the status quo, and what better way to challenge herself than to find a way for Norma and everyone else to coexist in peace and without discrimination?\\
'''Instead:''' Her mother continues to stay silent, waiting perhaps for the ceremony to complete before telling her daughter. Before that can even happen, her older brother, Julio, outs her in public and orders her to be detained. Her mother attempts to evacuate her to safety only for them to be surrounded. Ange, still incognizant of the matter, thinking this is all a cruel joke and feeling insulted that a soldier would raise arms against a princess, goes on the offense, leading the soldier to open fire on her.\\
'''The Result:''' Her mother attempts to shield Ange with her mana. Ange, [[BlessedWithSuck being a Norma]], inadvertently negates the shield, causing the bullet to fatally wound her mother. She is immediately pulled away, [[YouAreNumberSix assigned a number]], escorted to a prison colony where other Norma are kept, humiliatingly strip-searched, and treated along with the rest of the Norma as expendables in combat. With the only inference that she is a Norma that she fails to conjure mana when asked to demonstrate after she is already stuck in the colony, she is caught in a state of denial, and during her first mission, the above case of shell shock that results in three of her comrades getting killed.
* ''Manga/DanceInTheVampireBund'':
** Several students (including the bulk of the AbsurdlyPowerfulStudentCouncil), after their brainstorming plan on flushing out those students who have become vampires ran after dark, elected to barricade themselves into the chapel on campus rather than risk being picked off on thier way home. Suddenly the lights went out and the student council president (who was apparently abducted a few days ago) started calling to them from outside claiming she had been injured escaping her kidnappers.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That the various students would suspect a trick of some sort, being aware that several students ''have'' become vampires and recalling that "Kaichou" had vanished the night after loudly berating Princess Mina Tepes, the NewTransferStudent[=/=]long-lost founder of the school[=/=]self-proclaimed Ruler Of All Vampires, for her intrusion.\\
'''Instead:''' Several students override the objections of [[OnlySaneMan Yuki]] with a dismissive "What are you talking about, it's Kaichou!" "She's all right!" and throw open the front door. Yup, [[EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep Shinonomi Nanami]] is there... surrounded by at least a half dozen vampires and looking a bit befanged herself.
* ''Anime/{{Dancougar}} Shakunetsu no Shusho'':
** The authorities want to kill or capture a mysterious girl who releases deadly plant spores when she is alarmed. They are armed with a kind of "stasis guns" which will freeze everyone in a targeted area. They manage to approach the girl without being noticed while she is chatting with Masato (one of the main characters critical to the fate of the world at large).\\
'''You'd Expect:''' They fire the stasis gun at her. As it has a fairly large area of effect, pinpoint accuracy is not necessary. While they would almost certainly end up freezing Masato too, he could be unfrozen with no ill effects.\\
'''Instead:''' They open fire with regular guns and miss. The girl becomes upset and releases her deadly plant spores, killing all of them. Only as the last one goes down does he remember the stasis gun, and freezes both the girl and Masato; who incidentally cannot now be freed, as some of the spores might have been on the verge of infecting him.
* ''Anime/DarkerThanBlack'':
** Episode 25. Kirihara's boss mindlessly confesses on how eeeevil he is and tells her his evil plans of doing evil things in the future. Kirihara secretly has a recorder in her pocket, and then has the entire conversation there.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Kirihara would silently leave the room, then give the recording to the authorities and then have the last laugh.\\
'''Instead:''' She stupidly ''shows him the recorder'' to brag about it.\\
'''Result:''' Kirihara being strangled, and needing to be saved.
** The {{interquel}} [=OVAs=]: Hei is on the run from... well, pretty much everyone, when all of a sudden people start trying to capture [[MoralityPet Yin]]. In particular, he runs up against a ManipulativeBastard MasterOfIllusion named Claude who catches him off guard by impersonating his ex-girlfriend Amber. After a number of near-misses and an ever-increasing amount of [[MindScrew weirdness]], Claude grabs Yin a second time and Hei, being his overprotective self, decides to rescue her even though it's probably suicide.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That the {{badass}} assassin who made a name for himself killing people with GameBreaker superpowers would pay attention to his ally's warnings, remember that the guy he's up against can manipulate what he sees, and generally try to maintain a healthy level of skepticism when he comes to the top of the building and sees Yin sitting in an empty room, alone and unguarded.\\
'''Instead:''' He runs straight in and immediately goes over to her. This, inevitably, results in him stuck in place in the middle of the room while Claude laughs at him. When someone else appears to attack Claude and the power holding Hei in place vanishes, he immediately goes for a FacePalmOfDoom... and falls for an [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Aizen Gambit]], electrocuting Yin instead and setting off the EldritchAbomination SuperpoweredEvilSide she'd been developing. Yin [[ICannotSelfTerminate pleads with him]] to [[ShootTheDog kill her to stop it]]; he can't bring himself to.\\
'''Result:''' Very nearly TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt. Yin manages to suppress Izanami with HeroicWillpower, putting herself into a ConvenientComa, and Hei is left as an angry, depressed wreck in the second season.
* ''Manga/TheDaughterOfTwentyFaces'':
** Chiko accompanies the Twenty Faces gang on a trip with a submarine.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' The captain of the submarine has Chiko frisked just like the grown-ups and makes her leave behind the conspicuous basket she's carrying. Better still: he leaves her ashore, since a submarine is no place for children. Yet even better ''still'' would be to only take the people who are needed for the mission, since a submarine tends to be crowded pretty fast.\\
'''Instead:''' He lets her enter the submarine unchecked. That's really stupid, since Chiko might be a kid, but she still accompanies a troop of known hoodlums.
* ''Dawn of the Silver Dragon'':
** BigBad uses technology which can turn any woman into a [[HappinessInSlavery willing sex slave]] with MoreThanMindControl and uses it for profit (or so it seems).\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Formation of elite, male-only force dedicated to stopping the threat, perhaps using some additional privileges to put the villain down. You know, something like ''Film/TheUntouchables''.\\
'''Instead:''' A female-only police group is hunting the guy. To add to the idiocy, one of the high-ranking officers was a former victim of the aforementioned technology. And if that's not enough, the leader of the unit willingly lets herself be captured as part of a bait operation, with only one person as backup. It may be hentai, but nothing excuses levels of idiocy that high.
* ''Manga/DGrayMan'':
** CreepyTwins Jasdero and Devit (Jasdevi) have the power to materialize anything they both think of. During the Ark arc, they wind up fighting Allen, Krory, Lavi, [[spoiler:a BroughtDownToNormal]] Lenalee, and one normal person from the Black Order. The Exorcists are trying to get past them through a locked door leading further into the Ark. They screw around with the Exorcists, throwing fire and ice at them, materializing fake copies of the key to make it harder to find the real one, and making masks over their faces that make Jasdevi invisible. This could be justified as sadistic fun, up until the point where [[spoiler:[[PhotographicMemory Lavi]] picks out the real key]].\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That they'd use their powers to do something like fill the whole room with concrete or, if they thought the {{badass}}es could break through that, gas that was poisonous to anyone who wasn't a Noah. [[spoiler:Well, that probably wouldn't work on Allen, but they had no way of knowing that.]] At any rate, it wouldn't be hard for them to instantly end the fight.\\
'''Instead:''' They let most of the Exorcists go, except for Krory, who decides to pull a YouShallNotPass. In their fight with him, they do a FusionDance into a SuperMode with PrehensileHair and SuperStrength, and it's mostly a martial arts battle. It's not until they've been at it for a while that it occurs to Jasdevi to create something heavy to squish their opponent, and it takes even longer for them to think of [[spoiler:slamming him in an iron maiden]]. Thus, despite their incredible power, which should by rights lead to a OneHitKill, the twins don't win.
** Also, during the Rewinding Town arc, Road commands an Akuma to self-destruct in front of Allen, and explains that if an Akuma is killed by anything other by Innocence, its soul will be destroyed.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Allen to use his ArmCannon to shoot and purify the Akuma from where he's standing.\\
'''Instead:''' He leaps at it, almost gets caught in the explosion, and has to be saved by Lenalee. No wonder she slaps him.
* ''Manga/DeathNote'':
** Light starts killing dozens of people with the titular artifact, which requires knowledge of the victim's name and face. Shortly afterward, Interpol makes a broadcast wherein "L", the greatest detective ''ever'', announces that he will be taking the Kira cases. More importantly, he does this while giving his real name and showing his face for what is supposed to be the ''first time ever,'' and is practically ''daring'' Kira to kill him right then and there. There is something suspiciously fishy about this.\\
'''You'd expect:''' Light realize this was likely to be a trap or probe of sorts and avoid killing the man. Or, if the temptation is too strong, do some research on the name and face to check if its falsified first and ''then'' kill him at a later date.\\
'''Instead:''' He writes his name in the Death Note right then and there and, big surprise, it ''was'' a trap. Now, not only did L figure out his MO and limitations, but he pinpointed his location.
** After his first attempt to kill Near failed, Light Yagami sends the Death Note to Teru Mikami, a definite Kira supporter, with instructions on it.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Light to send a message to Mikami to hide a page of the Death Note on his person, considering he must have had Kiyomi Takada do the same herself, and does so himself (using a trick watch to hide it). This would help him handle emergencies, the number of which had lately been high enough for Light to be tempted to kill Sayu with the watch trick. Additionally, for himself, he would make some extra precautions to ensure that he's not on the brink of defeat again.\\
'''Instead:''' He does not. This is clear from the fact that Mikami has to go to the bank a second time in a single day in the first place to kill Takada. Light, blinded [[AGodAmI by his ego]] and not even instructing Mikami earlier to only enter the warehouse (which has a single exit to begin with) upon hearing a password from him (like what he did in his MemoryGambit), declares his victory in the warehouse too early.
** Raye Penber is an FBI Agent currently tailing Light Yagami. While tailing him, the bus he and Light (and Light's date) are on gets hijacked by a known criminal. Light says he has an idea, but needs to know that whoever is behind him (Raye) is someone he can trust and not an accomplice of the guy. (Unbeknowst to Raye, the entire hijacking is a plan devised by [[ChessMaster Light]] to find out his name and face)\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Raye Penber, as an officially trained FBI Agent, to ''know'' what a stupid idea it is to give his real name and identity to a target that is currently ''under suspicion of likely being connected to a mass-murderer'' and perhaps have a spare Fake ID or similar on hand.\\
'''Instead:''' He freely shows his ID to Light, giving him his real name and face to deal with, which ultimately allows Light to manipulate him into finding out the names and faces of the ''other'' FBI Agents currently in Japan for the Kira case and get them killed.\\
'''Additionally:''' This also (indirectly) results in getting his own fiancée killed.
** Shortly after Raye's death, Naomi Misora has just found out a crucial information regarding the Kira case and decides to report it to L regarding this. However, suddenly he is intercepted by Light Yagami and after she gives out a false name, decides to follow her for some reason.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That she quickly suspects that Light is Kira or at least realize that he is stalking her and tell him off. Failing that, she could knock him out with her capoiera moves and run as far away from him as possible to her intended destination.\\
'''Instead:''' She apparently suspects ''nothing wrong'' at the very man who followed him and worse, she ''[[TooDumbToLive give away her ID to Light]]'' in spite of his behavior. She ended up getting killed for it and thus the potential information that could catch Kira is LostForever.
** Light, still being a student, has been keeping his Death Note activities in the afternoon to late evening. L comments upon this, suggesting Kira is a student.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Light would try and dissuade the notion by suggesting that it is just a coincidence and many people may only be able to attack in the afternoon, not just students, being the ChessMaster he is.\\
'''Instead:''' He begins writing down names to die in a more spread out fashion that day the night before, leading L to deduce that the Kira has insider information about the investigation and prompting him to lock everyone in the same room together, which forces Light to actually get on the team to keep up with his opponent.
** It's the endgame! Light and Near face off in the ultimate battle of wits. The fate of the world rides on these moments. Light's plan? To perfectly recreate the act of using the Death Note with a fake, then ensuring Near swaps the fake for another fake. Essentially, they will have believed that they disarmed him, unaware that they've only captured a harmless copy! Meanwhile, he keeps the ''real'' Death Note hidden away, then replacing the fake with the real one at the last moment! That way, the copy they "know" is fake is anything but! That way, when they allow him to incriminate himself, he'll instead slaughter them all at once, and the world will be his!\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That Light TheChessmaster would keep an eye on the ''real'' Death Note at all times, test it prior to the epic finish, keep several backups stored, maybe lend that page he keeps in his watch to the assassin, and hey, maybe even a grenade or two just in case. As long as they die, however they die, he wins. And even if they don't, they won't have any evidence directly linking him to Kira.\\
'''Instead:''' He puts the original in a safe miles away, under ''no observation'', doesn't bother testing it, and then loudly incriminates himself in front of all of them. Then he tries to use a Death Note (ironically, a functioning Death Note page that could have killed them all had he given it to his lackey instead), in front of several people with much faster guns. Twice.
** As bad as the above Death Note examples are, probably one of the worst moments of stupidity in the series occurs at the end of the Yotsuba Arc. The police have caught Higuchi, and neither Misa nor Light have any memory of being Kira, and thus they are not a threat any more. Suddenly, Soichiro and Mogi see Rem after touching the Death Note, and freak out. L asks Mogi to bring the Death Note over to the helicopter, where Light is sitting right next to him.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That L, who pretty much figured out Light's MemoryGambit and told everyone on the task force about his suspicions regarding it, and who strongly suspected Light as Kira from the very beginning, would be extra careful with the Death Note seeing as how Light is RIGHT NEXT TO HIM and keep the Death Note away from him at ALL COSTS. Unfortunately, he gets distracted by Rem and the various realizations he has regarding her and the notebook, and Light impatiently grabs the notebook out of his hands. But even then, you would at least expect L to try to grab the notebook back from Light as soon as he regained focus and saw Light not holding the notebook, but also acting VERY strange with it. If Light resists, then L can just use that reaction as more evidence against him, and/or just ask one of the other task force members to hold on to it instead. Since the team will be regrouping back at HQ after securing Higuchi, L can read over the rules of the Death Note with the task force while keeping Light away and try to find out how to both solve the case and get rid of the danger posed by the notebook. Even if L doesn't know about all the rules of the Death Note or about the piece of the notebook in Light's watch, you would at the VERY LEAST expect that he would do everything in his power to ensure that Light and the Death Note stay separate and keep a watchful eye on both.\\
'''Instead:''' L just sits there as Light regains his memories. He simply asks Light if he is ok, and then reluctantly lets him look over some names from the Death Note. All he does afterwards is give Light a suspicious look, and then immediately goes back to looking at the police handling Higuchi.
** Even worse, shortly after Light has the Death Note, Higuchi suddenly has a heart attack and dies. This is obviously the work of Kira, and the entire task force knows it. What does L do in response?\\
'''You'd Expect:''' L would instantly put two and two together, realize "Hmm... that happened right after I let Light hold on to the Death Note for a while, and I pretty much figured out his whole memory gambit earlier. I guess that pretty much confirms he's Kira", and then put Light into custody until he can figure out exactly what happened and then come up with a plan to end this nightmare.\\
'''Instead:''' L pretty much lets Light go free as if Light is completely un-suspicious, and then lets Light continue his plan, which soon gets both L and Watari killed. Thus, Kira is free to wreak havoc on the world for another four years.
* ''Manga/DescendantsOfDarkness'':
** Tsuzuki is pretending to be a casino dealer on a cruise ship. [[DepravedBisexual Antagonist Muraki]] comes over and offers to play poker with Tsuzuki. When asked what they're betting on, Muraki answers, "your body," and proceeds to describe what he would do with Tsuzuki. However, Muraki never states what's in it for Tsuzuki if he wins, making it a lose-lose proposition. \\
'''You'd Expect:''' Tsuzuki to say "Hell no. Do you think I'm stupid? There's nothing in it for me. Go away." \\
'''Instead:''' Tsuzuki says yes, promptly loses, and gets all whiny and whimpery when Muraki starts feeling him up. He doesn't even have the guts to punch Muraki or push him away.
* ''Manga/DetectiveConan'':
** In the first episode, Shinichi is spying Gin and Vodka. They realize this, capture him and decide to kill him.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' They would kill him with a quick and reliable method. They must know several, that's their job.\\
'''Instead:''' They try to poison him with a drug that, by their own admission, has been untested in humans. Being undetectable in autopsies is useless when the death was in such shady circunstancies, guys!
** There are times that Ran managed to figure out that the titular character is Shinichi.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Since he's not telling her about it, she has to keep this to herself until the right moment he tells her.\\
'''Instead:''' She just said it to his face and tries to get a confession out of him, leading to the times where [[LockedOutOfTheLoop he managed to get her suspicious off]].\\
'''Even worse:''' She confronts Conan/Shinichi after she gets some evidence (Conan knowing things only Shinichi would know, for example) and after he "proves" her suspicions wrong she forgets those completely the next time she starts to suspect.
** Not to mention of how [[PoorCommunicationKills the killer killed an innocent person because of a misunderstanding]]...\\
'''You'd Expect''': he/she should discover the true feelings of the victim before doing the murder.\\
'''Instead''': he/she jumped into the conclusion and went with it anyway. Cue to MyGodWhatHaveIDone moments when it is finally discovered.
** The case of the American man who resided in a Japanese household to recupurate when he was injured. Due to a mouth injury, he could only write Japanese sentences phonetically and the woman taking care of him returned that way of talking, since she was not good at English. After he's healed and is about to leave, he's asked what he thinks of the woman and he writes "Shine" onto a paper. He meant it as the English "to shine" while she read it as the Japanese "shi-ne" (die).\\
'''You'd Expect:''' This guy to somehow ''remember'' that for the ''past several weeks'' he has been communicating with her via phonetically written Japanese, having '''never''' used an English word (at least without explaining it) during that time with her, so writing a word that could be so easily misunderstood would seem like a dumb idea to him.\\
'''Instead:''' He writes the misunderstanding word, leaves, returns and finds out that she killed herself (thinking that was what he wanted) and proceeds to kill her father and a family friend because he thinks it's their fault that she died.
** One case revolves around a judo champion and friend of Eri killing her husband because he was having an affair with the wife of a close friend of theirs, and his wife's crush for years. When Eri solves the case and tells her that her husband likely had the affair to get some attention from his wife, the wife sees the issue.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' The husband to realize what a ''stupid'' idea it is to have an affair with the wife of a good friend, and specially just to get the attention of ''his'' own wife who once crushed hard on the lady's husband.\\
'''Instead:''' He has the affair and makes it pretty obvious that he ''is'' having an affair by having matches from a restaurant where he meets the woman easily visible in their home and using easy-to-see-through methods to give himself a reason for coming home late. And he ends up infuriating his wife so much, specially because said affair is breaking off the other guy's once ''genuinely'' happy marriage, that she snaps and ultimately kills him.
* ''Anime/DigimonAdventure'':
** Episode 41. One of [=MetalSeadramon=]'s minions prepares a trap to lure the Digidestined and knock them down with a surprise sand attack for his master, who wishes to destroy them. Due to a fortunate incident, however, he only manages to get six out of the eight kids and their Digimon in the trap. [=MetalSeadramon=] is with him, checks the results and is disappointed he missed two of the kids.\\
'''You'd Expect''': Since he has no intention to take prisoners and wants them dead to just shrug it off and incinerate them at the spot since they are incapacitated and unable to fight back, then take care of the missing two later.\\
'''Instead''': He sends his minion after the last kids so he can kill everyone at the same time and just waits there doing absolutely nothing. The two kids promptly defeat his minion with their mons, then come back to the trap site without him noticing, rescue the rest of the group under his nose and when he finally gets fed up of waiting only then he has the brilliant idea of burn the trap to the ground with everyone inside. Too late for that now, genius!
* ''Anime/DigimonAdventure02'':
** While combating [=BlackWarGreymon=] in episode 34, the Digidestined discover that close proximity to the Destiny Stones enable Angemon to digivolve to [=MagnaAngemon=], who would nearly defeat their opponents.\\
'''You'd Expect''' The Digidestined to capitalize on this knowledge. After all, they know the villains are all going after the Destiny Stones, (In several other encounters they even find the stones before them!). All they need to do is either use the remaining stones to either digivolve Angemon again, or even bring in Tai or Matt, and the other original children, to digivolve to their highest forms to increase their chances at winning.\\
'''Instead''': They never bother to try this. This is a double whammy for the previous kids, as they know they can't digivolve past the champions stage, and would want a way to restore it.
* ''Anime/DigimonTamers'':
** At the end of Episode 34, Beelzemon kills Leomon, which ends up instigating Guilmon to digivolve into [[EldritchAbomination Megi]][[WalkingWasteland dramon]]. Now he's [[CurbstompBattle paying for it.]] His boss [[EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys Makuramon]] is [[NoSympathy pissed]] at his lack of progress, and wants to tell him off.\\
'''You'd Expect''': Beelzemon is much stronger than Makuramon and [[VictorGainsLosersPowers can become even stronger by absorbing the data of Digimon he kills]]. The best thing for Makuramon to do is to wait until Beelzemon is beaten, bruised and ''de-digivolved'' before he [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech lectures him.]]\\
'''Instead''': He shows up during the battle to [[BullyingADragon mock him]]. [[TheDogBitesBack Beelzemon kills him]] on the spot and absorbs his data, which [[NiceJobFixingItVillain allows him to defeat Megidramon]].
** Later on, Guilmon digivolves into his true Mega form, Gallantmon and fights Beelzemon. Zhuqiaomon the Sovereign watches the scene. He has two Devas left; one of them is Catsuramon. The other, Antylamon, [[HeelFaceTurn defected to the Tamers]] and [[RedemptionDemotion is now in her rookie form, Lopmon]] as specific punishment for it. Zhuqiaomon is itching to punish Lopmon even further.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' For him to remember to what happened to Makuramon and wait until both Megas are done and De-Digivolved. Then send Catsuramon to trounce Takato and Guilmon before they can go Mega again, beat the other good guys '''and then''' finish off Lopmon.\\
'''Instead:''' He deploys Catsuramon to do the deed ''during the battle''. Gallantmon kicks Catsuramon's ass in a matter of seconds and now, Zhuqiaomon has nothing left to keep the Tamers at bay.
* ''Anime/{{Durarara}}'':
** Mikado Ryuugamine and Kida Masaomi are hiding secrets from each other. Masaomi's the leader of a gang and suspects Mikado might be a member of a gang, despite his warnings not to trust Izaya or join a gang.\\
'''You'd Expect''' Him to pull Mikado aside, and tell him flat out that he should stop being in a gang, tell him about Saki, being the Yellow Scarves' Shogun, and trusting Izaya is a mistake. Honesty is the best policy.\\
'''Instead''' Kida never tells him and instead runs away with Saki instead of sticking by Mikado's side, leading to the boy having a mental breakdown.
** Masaomi has just returned to Ikebukuro after being gone. He sees Mikado crying after being told by Chikage that a kid like him doesn't have what it takes to run a gang.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Masaomi to get his ass down there, hug Mikado, and tell him he came back just for him, and tell him it's okay and that he's got his back no matter what.\\
'''Instead:''' He just STANDS there and lets him cry without saying anything, and just walks away. What an idiot, indeed.
* ''VisualNovel/EfATaleOfMemories'':
** Mizuki sends Kuze a "letter of challenge", urging him to meet on the school roof in an effort to get him out of his self-inflicted isolation since he discovered he suffers from a [[SoapOperaDisease terminal heart condition]]. He indeed shows up.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' She challenges him ''in words only'' to try to make him understand she really loves him and wants to be with him, despite his condition.\\
'''Instead:''' Mizuki actually pulls off a surprise attack and kicks Kuze hard in the chest, telling him that he "died once" already. Sure enough, Kuze gets a heart attack shortly after.
* ''Manga/ElfenLied'':
** Episode 1. Kurama's ditzy secretary, Kisaragi, goes to bring Kurama coffee (something she keeps messing up on). Unfortunatly, she messes up and falls. And make matters worse, she falls right between Kurama and several security guards, and the diclonious, Lucy, who was killing everybody in her path to escape.\\
'''You'd Expect''': Kisaragi to notice that Lucy is behind her and that she's dangerous and listen to Kuruma and run.\\
'''Instead''': She just sits there cluelessly, not even knowing that the blood handprint on her shoulder means she's going to die. And... [[OffWithHisHead guess what happens]].
* ''Manga/FairyTail'':
** Lucy Heartfilia has run away from home, because of her rich father being MarriedToTheJob, and generally not much of a dad. He wants her back, and later finds that she's in the Fairy Tail guild.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That he would get in contact with her, find out why Lucy did what she did, and work on cleaning up his act so that the two of them can mend their relationship.\\
'''Instead:''' He hires another guild to kidnap her and bring her back by force. Not only do they fail, but they cause Fairy Tail a huge amount of grief, and as a result of all of this, relations between him and his daughter go FromBadToWorse.\\
'''Not Only That:''' But the guild in question would have used Lucy to bleed him for all the money he was worth, had they succeeded in getting her. Evidently he didn't hire the best muscle, though he probably wasn't too aware of that.
** Lucy, Natsu, Gray, Erza and Wendy all need to train hard for the upcoming Grand Magic Games. However, Lucy's beloved celestial spirits haven't seen her for ages, and want to celebrate her return with a big party in the celestial spirit realm. Trouble is, a day there equals three months in Lucy's world.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' The spirits to hold off on the party until the games have finished, so that Lucy and her friends have time to get in shape.\\
'''Instead:''' They throw the party anyway, and by the time Lucy and the others get back to their world, they've only got a few days left before the games start, and have to rely on a DeusExMachina to stand a chance.
** On the last day of the games, Erza has been fighting a fierce battle with Kagura, one of the toughest competitors. At the end of the fight, Minerva, another powerful competitor suddenly pops out of nowhere and [[KillSteal stabs Kagura, taking her out of the fight]]. The battle weary Erza must now take on a completely fresh opponent, but fortunately for her, she's got magic power in reserve, thanks to the aforementioned Deus Ex Machina.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Erza to immediately tap into this magic power, to put herself on even footing with her opponent.\\
'''Instead:''' She lets Minerva throw her around and dominate her for a good few minutes, before it occurs to her to do so.
** Shortly after the games have concluded, everyone learns that Fiore is going to be attacked by an army of dragons. Fairy Tail, along with all the other competing guilds, agrees to help fight the dragons. However, several members of the guild have just been pushed to their limits in the last round of the games, and are still recovering from it.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Wendy and Cheria, who are both [[TheMedic Healers]], to fix up everyone long before the dragons show up. Running out of magic power shouldn't be a problem; they can just [[ItMakesSenseInContext eat the air]] when they get low. Granted, Wendy wasn't around when preparations were being made for the attack, but she managed to show up just before the dragons did, and should have been able to heal at least one person in the time she had.\\
'''Instead:''' Not only do they do nothing of the sort, from what we see, none of the mages even try and get themselves fixed up (besides bandaging their wounds) before going into battle, and at least one of them (Erza) is nearly killed because of it.
** Natsu, in an uncharacteristic display of intelligence, figures out that [[spoiler:the ex-chairman is working with Tartaros]], putting Erza and Mira in danger. He flies off to the ex-chairman's house on his own after coming to this realization and picks up a scent that will lead him to Tartaros HQ, which almost nobody else could find at this point.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Having the scent memorized, he would get reinforcements from his guild before following it. After all, he shouldn't forget the scent, as he was able to recognize Ultear's on Tenrou Island even though they hadn't met since Galuna Island.\\
'''Instead:''' He jumps into the headquarters of a guild [[spoiler:full of demons]] (which he is aware of by this point) ''without backup'' (Happy doesn't count, as his assistance in battles is situational) to rescue Erza and Mira.\\
'''As a Result:''' He fails to leave any lasting damage on his first opponent and the second one-shots him. If Happy hadn't escaped and flown back to Fairy Tail for help (which is what Natsu should have done in the first place), the captured FT mages wouldn't have had any chance of being rescued. And all because Natsu was so arrogant as to presume that he could take on an entire guild by himself, while still badly injured from his last fight.
** During the conflict with Tartaros, an extremely depressed Elfman returns to the guild, claiming that Tartaros kidnapped his sister and that he lost sight of them. Cana ridicules him for crawling back to the guild rather than trying to take out the kidnappers, and also letting them evade him despite being an expert in takeover magic.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Someone in the guild to realise that [[JerkassHasAPoint Cana's making a valid point]]: this is not like Elfman, and much of his story makes no sense.\\
'''Instead:''' Everyone assumes that Cana's just being a {{Jerkass}}, and no-one considers Elfman's behaviour suspicious in any way. It's revealed a few panels later that [[spoiler:Elfman has in fact been mentally enslaved by a member of Tartaros into carrying the equivalent of a bomb back to the guild, that would have killed everyone if not for Cana's quick thinking]].
** While on Caracoll Island, Fairy Tail meets its first challenge in Marin Hollow, whose Law of Space disables Erza's "The Knight" because it involves another dimension.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Lucy, hearing this, would try using her whip.\\
'''Instead:''' She tries summoning a Celestial Spirit ''from another dimension.\\
'''As a Result:''' Her summon is also canceled, and she is sent to Marin's "relaxation dimension" along with Erza for trying to use spacial magic.
* ''LightNovel/TheFamiliarOfZero'':
** The season 2 finale. when Saito comes back home [[MomentOfAwesome after stalling/beating an army]] and explains to Louise he was healed by an elf.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Knowing Louise's ACupAngst, he omits the "minor" fact of said elf being a busty girl.\\
'''Instead:''' Saito blurts it out on a perverted manner, thus completely ruining the until-then very emotive finale. Cue Louise rightfully beating him down.
* ''Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar'':
** Shin is trying to win the heart of Yuria, by committing genocide and becoming a supreme warlord so that he can give her the land he takes over. Yuria is not amused.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Shin to wise up and do as Yuria says in order to win her heart.\\
'''Instead:''' EvilCannotComprehendGood. He continues his daily routine of conquering in her name. The result: Yuria attempts suicide.
** In TheMovie, Jagi's minion Jackal has some important news to tell his boss. But he finds him napping with a yellow cloth on his face.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Jackal to come back and tell him later. Jagi's not a guy he'd want to piss off, so best that he not disturb him. \\
'''Instead:''' Out of curiosity, Jackal takes a peak under the yellow cloth and is greeted, for the first time, '''by his boss's hideously disfigured face.''' Jackal's screams of horror wake up Jagi, who's so mighty pissed [[YourHeadAsplode that he kills him on the spot]].
* ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'':
** Chapter 90, ''Brotherhood'' episode 51. The psychopathic Envy has been reduced from his EldritchAbomination true form to his fetus-like true, true form. [[AnimeChineseGirl May Chang]] is to take Envy back to her home country so that she can acheive her goal of bringing back the secret of immortality. Envy tells her that by going back, she is abandoning her friends to coming events, and suggests she should turn back.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Well, you'd expect that the characters would have squashed Envy like a bug when given the chance rather than entrust a manipulative liar into the care of a rather naive young girl or even send said naive girl out to tell a desperate Emperor about a soul-sucking method of immortality--there's ''plenty'' of IdiotBall to go around here. Barring that, you'd expect that May wouldn't trust Envy and would carry on with her journey.\\
'''Instead:''' She listens to Envy and heads toward Central City, the capitol of Amnestris/headquarters of the villains.\\
'''Result:''' Envy's talk about the secret of immortality was only true FromACertainPointOfView--he leads May into a trap of cannibalistic ZombieMooks who are are practically immortal/invincible and then uses the zombies to recreate his EldritchAbomination form.
*** Speaking of Envy, after he announces to [[ColonelBadass Mustang]] that he killed Hughes and entered his OneWingedAngel form. \\
'''You'd Expect:''' Now that the cat's out of the bag, Envy would attack Mustang head on.\\
'''Instead:''' He indulges EvilGloating which leaves him open for EyeScream from a Mustang who's ''clearly'' starting to go the HeWhoFightsMonsters way...
** In Chapter 107, ''Brotherhood'' episode 63, Greed attacks Father to get the latter to grab him and absorb his philosopher's stone's souls.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' This is supposed to distract Father long enough for Ed to attack him.\\
'''Instead:''' Greed gloatingly tells Father about this plan, giving Father the opportunity to counter Ed's attack.
** In Chapter 6, ''Brotherhood'' episode 5, Ed and Al are being attacked by Scar, who has just blasted apart Al's left flank, and almost destroyed Ed's arm, thanks to his powers using his arm.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Ed to pick a strategy that involves staying the hell away from Scar's reach at all costs.\\
'''Instead:''' He charges Scar with a Blade Edge on the side of his automail. It goes about as well as you can imagine.
* ''LightNovel/FullMetalPanic'':
** In the third season, Mithril's intelligence department put down a report stating that Sousuke is being wasted as Kaname's bodyguard, causing the South Pacific fleet commander to order Captain Testarossa to recall him to full service as [[SuperPrototype the Arbalest's]] pilot.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Mithril to consider the fact that Sousuke has spent the last six months integrated into civilian society and has been solely responsible for a VIP's well-being, and include forewarning and a sensible recall schedule followed by a thorough psychological debriefing and a monitored return to active service to ensure he doesn't break down from the ensuing stress.\\
'''Instead:''' Over the course of the next 24 hours, Sousuke is promptly ordered out of the mission and permanently banned from contacting Kaname. Once back in Mithril's fold, his CO proceeds to verbally lambaste him because she's [[ClingyJealousGirl jealous]] and he is assigned a new superior officer who further belittles him and uses TrainingFromHell to retrain him, followed by immediate deployment into an active terrorist attack without any kind of follow-up. To the shock and awe of no one watching, Sousuke suffers a HeroicBSOD shortly after from the resulting stress. What's worse is that The Lambda Drive is dependent on the user's emotional and mental stability to even work, and since this is precisely what Sousuke was recalled for...
** In the novels following End Of Day By Day (TSR), it's revealed that the chief of the Intelligence Department was in fact an agent of Amalgam. It's strongly implied that Sousuke's abrupt removal was in fact his idea, intended to leave Kaname alone and vulnerable, under the "protection" of an agent like Wraith, who preferred to not get involved, and who bore a personal grudge against Sousuke. It was probably meant to clear the way for Leonard Testarossa. Until Gauron's pupils got in the way. Once you start adding all this together, it's clear that the odds are being deliberately stacked against Sousuke, no matter how much Tessa might think it was only her decision. Oh, and in case you missed this, the Amalgam agent mentioned is the general Sousuke smacks down at the end of TSR. (He is finally discovered and captured in the "Dancing A Very Merry Christmas" novel.)
** The first series also has a grand example of this kind of mistake. After participating in a massive joint military operation to capture [[AxCrazy Gauron]], the team proceeds to imprison him aboard their high-tech super submarine.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Since Mithril is explicitly stated to be a MERCENARY ORGANIZATION, the two individuals who should have guarded this man would be the only two who wouldn't be motivated by anything other than personal vendetta or duty, particularly Sosuke and either Kalinin or Kurz, whose partner was just injured in battle against him. As long time members of the organization, it is likely they could be trusted to, at the very least, not help [[ForTheEvulz Gauron]] in any way.\\
'''Instead:''' Sousuke is not put on duty guarding this guy, and instead the job is relegated to two nameless guards who, surprise, surprise, work for the [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney very financially well off]] Gauron. Because they're MERCENARIES.
** In the novels, it's explicitly mentioned that Gauron was being watched by members of both the PRT and the SRT, in 'quick one hour shifts". Lian and Dunningan were the second shift--that's why Gauron didn't escape sooner, because he didn't know who the traitors were or when they would make an appearance. So, while it was possible for Sousuke and/or Kurz to end up guarding Gauron sooner or later, I truly doubt Kalinin would let Sousuke in there, knowing full well their history. Kurz, on the other hand, is surprisingly described in the novels as a much more cool-headed guy, who couldn't be nettled easily. ''Or at all''. It's all part of being a good sniper, apparently.
* ''Manga/FushigiYuugi'':
** Right in the beginning, Miaka has a ''huge'' moment of this. After travelling into Ancient China and meeting Tamahome, they both witness a procession for the Emperor. Tamahome comments jokingly that in exchange for his help, he wants her to get him a jewel from the Emperor's crown.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That she'd either 1. Realize he's [[JustJokingJustification joking]], or 2. Try to think up a plan to help him steal it.\\
'''Instead:''' She runs up to the Emperor's palanquin and yells at him to give her a jewel from his crown, grabbing onto his palanquin and ripping and breaking part of it. This has the expected result of the guards seizing her and attempting to execute her. This is especially ridiculous when one considers that, even ''without'' [[CultureBlind ignorance of culture differences]], this action would pretty much be the equivalent of running up to the President of her country while he's in his car, tugging on the car door and breaking part of it, while screaming at him to give her 5000 bucks. And this is all played as if Miaka is an "average junior high school student" who has a reasonable education, instead of someone with a high amount of brain damage.
** Also, Yui and Miaka both spend some time unconscious, with their last memories being of men trying to attack them.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That both, despite their understandable distress, would take a moment to assess their physical situation. For example, the fact that they were still wearing exactly what they were wearing when they passed out, including intact underwear. That they had no bruises, no cuts, no bumps, and maybe going so far as to check and find that their hymens were still perfectly intact. Or if they were too shy to check themselves, Miaka at least was a highly honored priestess in a civilized nation, and could have had a midwife from the Emperor's harem check her out and assure her of her virginity.\\
'''Instead:''' Both immediately assume that they were brutally raped, and now have nothing but revenge and misery and deep, deep shame left to them. Presumably they both know by this point about the mechanics of sex, including ejaculation... or they could just ask why on Earth their rapists bothered to put clean panties back on them when they were done.
** Yui becomes the priestess of Seiryuu and Miaka's enemy, because she thinks that Miaka never returned to the book to look for her best friend and came back only to see [[LoveInterest Tamahome]]. Yui also thinks she was raped and [[spoiler:Nakago constantly tells her that this is somehow Miaka's fault and that Miaka never cared about her]].\\
'''You'd expect:''' Yui to not believe any of that seeing as she and Miaka are ''best friends'' and would trust her friend. Sure, Nakago ''is'' a skilled ManipulativeBastard, but Yui and Miaka know each other ever since kindergarten so if anyone should be able to predict Miaka's reactions and mindset, it's Yui herself.\\
'''Instead:''' She constantly refuses to believe any word Miaka says, that she didn't know Yui was in danger or that she would ever betray Yui. She doesn't even believe it when Miaka tells her the [[TheReveal shocking truth]] about summoning one of the Gods, until she sees the effects herself. Cue MyGodWhatHaveIDone. No wonder she's like Riku from ''VideoGame/KingdomHearts''.
* ''Manga/FushigiYuugiByakkoIbun'':
** A married man has an affair with [[spoiler: a powerful shapeshifting tigress]] and knocks her up. She cannot keep their child thanks to the laws so once the baby's born, she brings her to her father so he'll do it instead, explicitely giving him a warning: [[spoiler: he has ten years to be a good dad to their daughter, or the tigress will return and destroy the whole village]].\\
'''You'd Expect:''' For the man to raise the kid adequately, or if he can't/won't, entrust her to someone else who will do it. She might be a HeroicBastard but it's not exactly a smart move to abuse [[spoiler: the kid of a tiger woman who has told him "be a good father or I'll wreck you and everyone else".]]\\
'''Instead:''' He allows the child to be abused in almost every possible way and hides her true origins from her. [[spoiler: When she [[SelfMadeOrphan accidentally kills her tiger mom]] and has the truth told to her by her idiotic father, she [[VoluntaryShapeshifting shifts into her own tiger form]] and [[WhereIWasBornAndRazed goes into a bloody rampage]]... but not before [[TheDogBitesBack killing her abusive family first]].]]
* ''Manga/FutureDiary'':
** The stand-off between Yuki and his dad, after finding out he'd lied about coming back to the family to kill Yuki and had stabbed his Mom to death while fleeing.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Yuki to completely reject his father's apology, and maybe even try to kill him. Or at least take it with a grain of salt, given how much he'd lied to Yuki at that point.\\
'''Instead:''' He totally forgives his father, and even vows to go stargazing with him after his sentence is over. And when his father bites it, he grieves for him just as much as his mom, promising to bring BOTH of them back. It's as if his dad had lied about taking him to the arcade or something--and he accepts the apology without questioning it once. WhatTheHellHero
** If there's someone who's been a real idiot, of the hopeless kind, it's [[JerkassGods Deus Ex Machina]]. [[spoiler:He's dying and]] he needs to find a successor soon.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Him to choose his successor without making all that fuss, and leave him/her his place.\\
'''Instead:''' He [[spoiler:listens to John Balks and]] organizes the [[ThereCanOnlyBeOne competition]] for his place. Seeing how [[spoiler:[[YourDaysAreNumbered his days were numbered]] and]] in the series it's always made a lot of noise about temporal alterations, what's a better idea than giving future-reading diaries to a dozen of psychos who have to kill each other in order to become his successor? It's not like [[spoiler:he can die]] before the new God is chosen or... oh, wait, he didn't think of that. And even later in the series, when [[spoiler:his death approaches and he begins to suspect that [=MurMur=] is planning something behind his back]], he still doesn't choose his goddamn successor and lets the stupid game go on! And, why again did he choose out of a large Japanese city 12 contestants, of which at least nine were highly psychotic? Who only remotely intelligent would consider [[{{Yandere}} Yuno]] [[AxeCrazy Gasai]] a successor for the title of God ([[spoiler:Never mind the fact that she did become God]]). So, basically, yes: Deus Ex Machina is the WORST god any universe could ask for. And remember that he didn't actually need to put up that show to choose the next god [[spoiler:as shown at the end of the series]].


[[folder:Anime G-L]]
* ''Literature/{{Gate}}''
** Prince Zorzal: asshole, moron, rapist, chode, turd, shitstain, and total putz [[spoiler: has a brought out a female Japanese slave in front of the JSDF and they are ''not'' happy about this. After getting punched by Itami, Zorzal responds by calling for his entourage and royal guards to defend him. Kuribayashi makes short work of them. Itami demands the whereabouts of other Japanese captives]].\\
'''You'd Expect:''' [[spoiler: For Zorzal to swallow his pride and confess about the slaves after seeing his pals and the royal guard gutted and gunned down]].\\
'''Instead:''' He threatens the JSDF by trying to find their homeland and burn it down.\\
'''Result:''' Cue five pages of Kuribayashi punching Zorzal in the face 'til it turned into [[Film/OneCrazySummer something that resembled a wet prune]] and breaking his finger.\\

* ''Anime/TheGirlWhoLeaptThroughTime'':
** Kousuke and [[spoiler:his almost-girlfriend]] have taken Makoto's bike, which she knows is dangerous because the brakes are broken; it caused her to almost experience death-by-train-collision earlier in the movie. She's also figured out that [[spoiler:she can only time-leap one more time, probably ever]].\\
'''You'd Expect:''' She does nothing; if something bad ends up happening, she can go back and undo it. Or she could go back to a few hours ago and throw the stupid bike in a river.\\
'''Instead:''' She vaguely considers waiting to see what happens, and then she [[spoiler:wastes her last time-leap pointlessly dodging a question from Chiaki. [[RuleOfDrama Inevitably,]] Kousuke and the girl are hit and killed by the train, forcing Chiaki to use up ''his'' last time-leap to save them, [[MindScrew and then he's erased from existence by time-police or something]]]]. Whoops.
-->'''Makoto:''' "I sure used [[spoiler:my last time-leap]] on [[{{Lampshading}} something stupid!]] Oh well, [[TemptingFate no big deal..."]]
* ''Manga/GirlsBravo'':
** Koyomi and Tomoka, natives of the planet Seiren, come Earth to find a husband for Maharu. Once they find a suitable match, they intend to return to Seiren using their Aqua Lamps (two tiny silver beads).\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Them to keep the Aqua Lamps somewhere where they can't easily be stolen. After all, without the Aqua Lamps they're trapped on Earth. At the very least, you'd expect them to keep an eye on their magical items.\\
'''Instead:''' The antagonist steals their Aqua Lamps with no trouble at all, and days (possibly weeks) elapse before they even become aware of the theft.
* ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'':
** Lordgenome leaving a cryptic warning behind, that can more or less be paraphrased as "When there are a million humans on the surface of the planet, something bad will happen."\\
'''You'd Expect:''' With the rate at which their tech levels were advancing, the Dai Gurren Brigade would try to keep surface numbers to a minimum, by only taking in people who actually want to get out of the ground to buy them time to investigate the moon, and maybe think of other ways to stall the count until they can find a way to stop it for good.\\
'''Instead:''' Under [[IDidWhatIHadToDo Rossiu's]] direction, they drag people out of their underground villages, even the ones who ''don't want to come up'', just to COUNT THEM, thus '''ACCELERATING''' the growth of numbers. Sure, it's the kind of series that's full of {{Idiot Hero}}es, but Rossiu was '''supposed''' to be the cool and calculating kind of person.
** From ''Gurren-Lagann The Satire'':
--->'''Simon:''' "Rossiu? Have you been forcing people out of their homes behind my back?"\\
'''Rossiu:''' "Would you believe me if I said 'no'?"
* ''LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya'':
** The local RealityWarper is making a sci-fi movie. She is often unable to see\ignoring the lines between reality and fiction, and is able to blur those lines with her subconscious powers. Most of the main characters are know about this.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Subtly (or less so) point out that the movie is not real from the beginning, thereby preventing the activation of her powers.\\
'''Instead:''' One of the characters believes that the reality warper's often conveniently ignored common sense will rein her in, and therefore does nothing. The main characters only jump in when the [[GoneHorriblyRight desired special effects become real.]]
* ''Anime/HellGirl''
** The main premise of the anime is that there is a website that sends evil people to Hell, but it also sends the people who use the website to hell when they die.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' The potential clients recognize that their targets will most likely go to Hell anyway, so they don't use the Hell Correspondence.\\
'''Instead:''' They use the website anyway and are doomed to an eternity to Hell because they were too impatient.
* ''VisualNovel/HigurashiWhenTheyCry'':
** In the Watanagashi arc, Keiichi narrowly manages to escape from his friend's TortureCellar after almost having [[ToThePain nails hammered into every joint in his hands]]. Before he escapes, however, she warns him not to come near her if he sees her again. She manages to escape as well and a few days later throws stones at Keiichi's window in the middle of the night.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Keiichi would lock all of the doors, stay inside, and call the police, since at this point, she's a full-blown AxCrazy who's responsible for the murder of four different people.\\
'''Instead:''' He goes outside and talks to her to find out if she's okay. After giving a few good {{Evil Laugh}}s, she shows him why this was so stupid and stabs him in the gut. Ironically, this isn't even the thing that does him in this arc. He finally dies from psychological trauma from all the abuse he racked up.
** In Onikakushi-hen, Rena and Mion (though mostly Rena) suffered from this. For Rena: Keiichi has been screaming at her and avoiding her for days now.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' For her to stay away from him at the next sign of a threat.\\
'''Instead:''' She goes up to him, most likely with her signature machete in hand, and starts talking to him. Also, this is after he ''banged'' her hand into a door at full force.\\
'''It Gets Worse:''' Rena and Mion then decide the best way to snap Keiichi out of the weird mood he's been in lately is to break into his house at night when he's at home alone and attempt to pin him down and write on his face with a marker. [[SarcasmMode Nothing like a good prank to cheer up a friend who's on the verge of a psychotic break, right?]]\\
'''The Result:''' Believing in his delusions that they're trying to murder him by injecting him with a deadly drug, Keiichi breaks free and brutally beats them both to death with a softball bat.
** In Tatarigoroshi-hen, Keiichi finds the disemboweled body of Rika at the temple shrine, minutes after telling Satoko - who was already under significant distress from her uncle's abuse and Irie's 'suicide' - that ''he'' murdered her uncle, causing her to separate herself from him to find some clothes. Understandably, he's more than a little pertubed at the sight of crows munching on his friend's corpse, so he swings his hatchet to scare them off - accidentally dropping it in the process.
*** '''You'd Expect:''' He would take the hatchet, hide it, and then go and get some help - or at least try to make sure Satoko keeps away (if anything for her own sanity).
*** '''Instead:''' He takes the hatchet and ''stares'' at the blood on it for several seconds, only interrupted by Satoko - who has just reappeared - screaming at him.
* ''VisualNovel/HoshizoraEKakaruHashi'':
** In the Sports Festival, [[IdiotHero Kazuma]]'s trial is looking for "big breasts".\\
'''You'd Expect:''' He goes after [[CoolBigSis Tsumugi]], [[EmotionlessGirl Hina]] or any of the many other busty girls in the show.\\
'''Instead:''' He goes after ''[[DoesNotLikeMen Madoka]]'', who reacts violently when touched by men and thus sends him flying, as everyone expected.
* ''Manga/HotGimmick'':
** A girl named Hatsumi is tasked with getting a pregnancy test for her sister, under the premise that it's for her. On the way back however, she bumps into Ryouki, the ManipulativeBastard son of the landlady.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Hatsumi lies and says "it's for me" or even better "my parents are trying for another child".\\
'''Instead:''' She says "they're for my sister", setting up the blackmail plot of the series.
* ''LightNovel/InfiniteStratos:''
** It's probably in the name of {{Fanservice}}, but there's one jarring moment in episode seven. Ichika and [[spoiler: Charlotte]] need to change their clothes.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' One can change in the bathroom, and the other can just change in the bedroom.\\
'''Instead:''' Ichika then suggests that they change while facing the other way. Cue [[spoiler: Charlotte]] tripping on the floor and Ichika turning around to see her backside.
** In Volume 8 of the novels, Tatenashi defeats a U.S. Navy SEAL team raiding the academy and proceeds to disarm them & tie them up with fiber-optic cables.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Someone as brilliant as her to know that these guys are some of the most well-trained special forces in the world that are CrazyPrepared for many situations and to check them for other equipment they may have.\\
'''Instead:''' She doesn't, which allows one of them to free himself using hidden cutters and grab a gun. She gets gut-shot for her carelessness, and the only reason she doesn't die is because they keep her alive to take her prisoner. She is rescued when Ichika returns to the academy in the ''Byakushiki.''
* ''Manga/{{Inuyasha}}'':
** Every month during the new moon Inuyasha undergoes a transformation into a weak, nearly helpless human. Every time this happens, some demon or other shows up to kick his ass and nearly kills him.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' that the group would at least try to plan their returns to the village around this ''very specific and reliable'' weakness so that Inuyasha could go to Kagome's time period where he would be safe.\\
'''Instead''' Inuyasha has never gone to Kagome's time even ''once'' during the new moon; instead the group is ALWAYS out doing some sort of demon-hunting activity far away from Kaede's village.
** Speaking of Inuyasha's transformation, Naraku eventually finds out about this little development.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' for him to spy on the heroes to find out exactly when Inuyasha turns into a human and use this information to launch a sneak attack.\\
'''Instead''' Naraku never follows up on this, throwing away a perfectly good opportunity to kill Inuyasha and his friends.
** In episode 52, Inuyasha succumbs to his SuperpoweredEvilSide, rips MonsterOfTheWeek Gatenmaru to shreds, and then turns his attention to Gatenmaru's [[HumansAreBastards human henchmen]].\\
'''You'd Expect''': Kagome to use the "Sit!" command on Inuyasha to get him to stop, considering the fact that it worked before in restraining his SuperpoweredEvilSide.\\
'''Instead''': Kagome runs after Inuyasha, desperately begging him to stop, which works not at all.
* ''Manga/KamikazeKaitouJeanne'':
** Maron's classmates make comments that she resembles the titular character in Miyako's presence.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Miyako would find out immediately Maron is Jeanne and decided not to arrest her after all.\\
'''Instead:''' She refuses to believe they're the same person because of the resemblance, vowing to arrest her to prove her point.
** [[spoiler:Miyako finally found out Maron is Jeanne upon seeing her transform.]]\\
'''You'd Expect:''' [[spoiler:She retreats from the street to let her seal a demon attacking them.]]\\
'''Instead:''' [[spoiler:She fainted from the revelation and Fin takes her hostage.]]
** There's also Episode 43 where [[spoiler:Miyako is not completely possessed by a demon, but manipulated by the BrainwashedAndCrazy Fin Fish into killing Jeanne so that "she can get Maron back".]] After a while, Jeanne begins to fight back.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That she will just have to "checkmate" the demon within her.\\
'''Instead:''' [[spoiler:She just took away the gun she's holding.]] Like that'll ever work.\\
'''Even Worse:''' She doesn't fight back after that.
* ''LightNovel/{{Kampfer}}'':
** Episode 11. In the previous episode, something happened to Natsuru, but he cannot remember just what happened. Now, Shizuku has a tête-à-tête with Natsuru, where she uses Kaede's most precious doll to reveal the Moderators' motives. She also says that she knows that Kaede is connected to the Moderators. She then managed to recover Natsuru's memories of what happened: he was ''mind-controlled by Kaede into '''attempting to rape Shizuku.'''''\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Natsuru to accept that his crush is evil and join the resistance against the Moderators.\\
'''Instead:''' Natsuru ''goes to Kaede's house to ask if this is true.'' Cue mind control.
* ''Kamyla'':
** [[ActionGirl Ageha]] had been injected with the titular drug [[JustBetweenYouAndMe that the Big Bad told in explicit detail how it works and why/how he has such a willing hostage thanks to,]] before TheCavalry comes in (''after'' the [[RuleofSexy rape]] happened of course, since it's hentai,) to be BigDamnHeroes.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Ageha to tell her sidekicks about the drug, excuse herself from the case while seeking ''immediate'' medical attention and/or said sidekicks to realize their naked teammate lying naked in a puddle of bodily fluids with the naked Big Bad behind her is a ''bad'' thing and get her to treatment/therapy ASAP.\\
'''Instead:''' [[UnusuallyUninterestingSight They act like it's just another day,]] ([[FridgeHorror and they're the SVU, which is the biggest crime in the setting!]]) and [[IdiotHero Ageha]] goes on to become a combination TheMillstone, ManchurianAgent and UnwittingPawn even before the MindControl aspects of the drug when she's [[ADateWithRosiePalms masturbating at crime scenes]] then turning the ''entire police station'' into a Roman orgy for the BigBad to lord over before an AssPull saves though though [[KarmaHoudini escapes as a Sequel Hook.]]
* ''Kangokujima'':
** SpiritualSuccessor to the above (read: just as married to the IdiotBall) reveals that the titular prison is a direct Expy of TheAlcatraz right down to being built on an island... above an abandoned mine.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' The mines would be completely sealed off and/or the guards would be explicitly taught to know the mines like the back of their hand as a requirement to work there to minimize such an obvious way to escape.\\
'''Instead:''' The guards simply note this weakness, don't even bother to do a cursory check with their flashlights like they're afraid of the dark and it makes it piss-easy for the BigBad to smuggle [[DressingAsTheEnemy armed Mooks disguised as more guards,]] (which in and of itself is another WAI moment in terms of background checks,) the prison is effortlessly taken over, cut off from the outside world simply by controlling the comm. room (''one more'' [[RuleOfThree WAI moment!]]) and the FauxActionGirl sisters that had a [[ItsPersonal personal]] grudge against the BigBad for [[YouKilledMyFather killing their father]] and [[RapeAsBackstory taking the eldest sister's virginity in the same situation]] lives like an even bigger king than his identical predecessor in ''Kamyla''!
* ''Manga/KarateShoukoushiKohinataMinoru'':
** Minami Hiroki, Captain of the Reinan 2nd Karate Club has just recruited [[DepravedHomosexual Pedro Barbossa]], and allowed him to room with fellow members Minoru and Hayama. A few days afterwards, Minami learns that Pedro is a rapist who has been attacking other students, and has attacked Minoru twice, very recently.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Minami to either turn Pedro over to the police or Hyakubukai (the uni's student council), kick him out of the club, refuse to allow him to keep living with Minoru and Hayama, or at the very least try and get him to learn that rape is wrong.\\
'''Instead:''' He does absolutely nothing about Pedro. The consequences of this manifest themselves during a training trip, when Pedro attempts to force himself onto a drunken Minoru, and it's only due to luck that he doesn't succeed.
** During said training trip, Minoru, Hayama and fellow karateka Mamiya are tricked into going to an illegal fight club for U.S. soldiers, so that the head of the club, Kevin can have a fight with their friend Chris. Chris refuses the fight, and gives Kevin a [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech RYS]] speech for good measure. Kevin responds by repeatedly shooting Chris in the legs, and decides to just let them all go.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That Minoru and co would thank whatever gods there are, get out of there and get Chris medical help.\\
'''Instead:''' A furious Minoru challenges Kevin to a fight. He gets [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown beaten brutally]], and is only saved thanks to Hayama managing to warn Mutou, the club's resident BloodKnight about what's going on.
** In Chapter 301, we learn that Nozomi broke up with Minami after discovering a calling card for a hostess club in his suit jacket, leading her to think Minami [[YourCheatingHeart was cheating on her]]. The rest of the Karate Club soon discover that Minami is innocent; the card was put there by Saizou, who occasionally borrows the suit in question.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Someone from the club (preferably Saizou) would just go to Nozomi and explain the situation.\\
'''Instead:''' We get a number of silly courses of action from the members of the club, one after the other:\\
'''First:''' Saizou decides to spy on Nozomi to look for evidence of her cheating on Minami, under the belief that this will give Minami leverage on his ex-girlfriend which he can use to get her back. It apparently doesn't occur to Saizou that '''A)''' Minami never cheated in the first place, and '''B)''' Nozomi can't cheat on Minami if she just broke up with him.\\
'''Then:''' Akiko and Seiji decide to spy on Nozomi as she's meeting up with Kiichi, Seiji's older brother. While trying to eavesdrop on the two of them, Akiko loudly freaks out upon learning that Nozomi and Kiichi are childhood friends, and that Kiichi has probably never seen Nozomi as a potential girlfriend, since according to her, these are clear indicators of an imminent romance. Predictably, [[RealityEnsues Nozomi overhears her]], and comes over to ask what's going on.\\
'''Then:''' After Nozomi explains that she and Kiichi are discussing what they're going to wear at "the wedding", Mamiya and Akiko, rather than ask for further clarification, immediately take this to mean that Nozomi and Kiichi are planning to get married.\\
'''[[RuleOfThree THEN]]:''' Minoru suddenly decides to restart his old feud with Kiichi, intending to both punish him for "stealing" Nozomi, and prove that karate is stronger than kendo. Thankfully, he drops the IdiotBall by the start of the next chapter, and he and Nana decide to just talk to Nozomi, whereupon it is revealed that she and Kiichi are attending the wedding of two alumni from their respective sports clubs.
* ''Manga/KashimashiGirlMeetsGirl'':
** In the first episode of the anime, Hazumu, feeling dejected by Yasuna rejecting his confession of love for her, goes walking at Mt. Kashima. At night he looks up at the sky and sees what he thought was a shooting star, but it is actually a malfunctioning alien spaceship, on a collision course for Earth. After trying to make a few wishes he notices that the "shooting star" is heading right for him!\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Hazumu to run for his life!\\
'''Instead:''' He just stands there like an idiot and screams and gets hit by the crashing spaceship, killing him! He does end up getting revived, but the process of the aliens bringing him back to life resulted in him irrevocably [[GenderBender changing his gender to female]].
* ''LightNovel/{{Katanagatari}}'':
** The insect-themed QuirkyMiniBossSquad (composed of three ninja) are sent to go capture Nanami, the IllGirl sister of the protagonist. They decide in probably reasonable ninja procedure to go one at a time (ostensibly because two are only there as transportation and backup respectively) to subdue and capture her to hurt her older brother. The first, Kamakiri, arrives at her location and ambushes her with his Praying Mantis close combat style nails (long and sharp) but is quickly defeated off screen and rendered unconscious.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That his backup WOULD check in on him after he was gone for an inordinately long time.\\
'''Instead:''' Even though one of them gets a 'bad feeling' that something has gone 'terribly wrong', he doesn't do anything which for a cartoon medium might as well mean TooDumbToLive.
** Also from the same episode, when Kamakiri does die and his friends go in to try to rescue him/continue the mission, they send another close-combat specialist in next, which is fine, but it turns out that Nanami has AwesomenessByAnalysis, meaning that whenever they show her any of their hereditary ninja arts she will instantly learn them and master them the second time they show her.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' If you were sane upon seeing this and her SlasherSmile ''run the fuck away'', grab the remaining guy and RUN like you never did before to inform the rest of your ninja brethren of the threat they face and report a full account of her abilities and weaknesses that you could glean from that short encounter (being ninja they should have observation skills). Or at least, assuming that this happened way too fast for the guy to run away before dying, for Mitsubachi remaining to realize the depth of the threat and run for it and hopefully make it off the island alive.\\
'''Instead:''' Chouchou gets himself killed--which on second thought/review may have been impossible for him to get out of--but Mitsubachi actually tries to stay and complete the mission rather than run away; although Nanami noticed his presence it still should have been possible to run.
* In ''Anime/KillLaKill'':
** In the 4th episode, ''Dawn Of A Miserable Morning'', right as Ryuko, Mako and Maiko reach Honoji Academy, Guts comes with Senketsu, but unfortunatly seeing Ryuko's underwear causes him to get DistractedByTheSexy and get a nosebleed. Maiko then kicks Guts, steals Senketsu, and reveals herself to be TheMole -- that she was pretending to be a fellow no-star student but is really the Trap Committee leader of Honnouji Academy. So she monologues and gloats about using Senketsu to take over as ruler of the school.\\
'''You'd Expect''': Ryuko to take advantage of Maiko gloating, and beat her up, and take back Senketsu, simple as that.\\
'''Instead''': Ryuko never thinks of doing this, and Maiko then tries on Senketsu, and manages to successfully go through the transformation sequence without fail (due to being shameless about being fanservicy) and decides to beat up Mako and Ryuko. It's only because of Senketsu trying to hold back Maiko does it prevent her from succeeding.
** After [[HotBlooded Ryuko]] discovers that she's a life fiber hybrid and that her biological mother is [[BigBad Ragyo Kiryuin]], she shuns Senketsu and heads after Ragyo and Nui alone. Ragyo and Nui goad her to come to Honouji Academy; Mikisugi warns her that this is a trap.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' For Ryuko to listen to Mikisugi's warning.\\
'''Instead:''' She refuses to listen, almost attacks him, and abandons him and the others to pursue Ragyo and Nui. The two MindRape Ryuko by giving her fake memories and bonding her to Junketsu, resulting in her pulling a FaceHeelTurn.
* In ''Manga/KimiNiTodoke'':
** Our heroine [[ShrinkingViolet Sawako]] looks like she has finally [[ObliviousToLove realised]] that [[NiceGuy Kazehaya]] ''does'' like her too. Valentine Day approaches.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Sawako gives Kazehaya chocolate. Even if it is just "duty" chocolate.\\
'''Instead:''' She gives chocolate to everyone ''but'' Kazehaya. You see, she's so honest that she couldn't give him just "duty" chocolate, but [[ExtremeDoormat too humble]] to dare to give him "real" chocolate. So she doesn't give him ''any''.\\
'''Result:''' Kazehaya is left absolutely confused. Does she like him or not? [[PoorCommunicationKills Their relationship is now worse]] than it was at the beginning of the story.
* ''Manga/KotouraSan'':
** In the GrandFinale, Haruka ([[TheHero heroine]] and TheWoobie incarnate) [[spoiler:is facing her mother, Kumiko, after [[IHaveNoSon she disowned]] her at [[DownerBeginning the beginning of the series]] because she outed [[YourCheatingHeart her parents' affair]] because of her {{Telepathy}} coupled with [[InnocentlyInsensitive common child naivete]]. After a ChildishPillowFight that served to vent all frustrations at her, Haruka is cleaning the mess caused by the fight. Her mother falls asleep and mumbles in her sleep "Forgive me...Haruka..." Haruka promptly reads her mind to find out [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone how deeply her mother regrets what she did to her]]]].\\
'''You'd Expect:''' [[spoiler: Haruka to acknowledge her mother's feelings and say she forgives her]].\\
'''Instead:''' [[spoiler: Haruka starts saying she was ''immature'' and that she didn't try to see things from her mother's side and should have tried to see through the surface]]...''Despite'' being traumatized and being sent to a years-long trip to the DespairEventHorizon because [[AbusiveParents her mother was too immature to acknowledge her fault and pinning the whole blame on Haruka for the family falling apart]], despite [[ParentalAbandonment the father leaving everything in Kumiko's hands and doing nothing to help and acting like he just didn't care]].\\
'''Worse''': [[spoiler: She had already forgiven [[ClingyJealousGirl Hiyori]] for [[ManipulativeBastard her cruel scheme]]]] in episode 3 because [[spoiler: the latter [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone was sincere in recognizing her mistake]]. Kumiko is NotSoDifferent in this context]].\\
'''On The Bright Side''': Haruka, after nearly 15 years, has finally figured out that her {{Telepathy}} [[AvertedTrope averts]] ConvenientlyCoherentThoughts and has learned AnAesop about judging books by their cover [[note]] or people by their most current thoughts in this case [[/note]]. Besides, [[spoiler: her forgiveness]] is strongly implied anyway.
* ''Anime/LittleLulu'':
** This also showed up twice in the anime episode where Tubby gets captured by the Westside Gang. Lulu and the gang come up with Plan A, which was to hide a saw inside a pie for Tubby to use to escape. However, since none of them knew how to make a pie, they decide to substitute the real thing with a mud pie. Lulu and Annie then bring the mud pie over to the Westside Gang's territory and give it to Tubby.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Tubby to listen to Lulu and for her to tell him that there's actually a saw hidden inside the mud pie so that he can escape to freedom.\\
'''Instead:''' When Tubby finds out that the pie was actually mud, he becomes angry, saying that he cannot eat it then kicks it so hard that it sails out the window of the RV he was imprisoned in and onto the ground, revealing the saw in front of the Westside Gang.
** Then later on in the same episode, after Willy and Iggy have also gotten captured by the Westside Gang, it is then up to Wilbur to come to the rescue with a shovel that he intends to use to tunnel into the RV to save Tubby and the others. Once on the other side, Wilbur then proceeds to carry out his mission.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Wilbur to lightly tap on the side of the RV and quietly let Tubby, Willy, and Iggy know that he was going to dig them out and for them to be ready when he did.\\
'''Instead:''' He just goes ahead and starts digging next to the RV, causing Tubby, Willy, and Iggy to become worried, thinking that a bear is coming to eat them, then promptly alert the Westside Gang that they hear a weird noise, resulting in Wilbur's capture after that.
* ''Franchise/LupinIII'':
** For the majority of the franchise, the titular character ends up meeting Fujiko after [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder she commits a betrayal]].\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Lupin will catch on about it and want nothing more to do with her.\\
'''Instead:''' He continues to blindly trust her. Every. ''Single''. Time.

[[folder:Anime M-R]]
* ''Manga/MagiLabyrinthOfMagic'':
** The runaway prince Alibaba has managed to change his kingdom and has cornered his best friend, Kassim with his [[FlamingSword Amon]] and effectively used his sword up against his friend. His friend has betrayed him many times and doesn't deserve to live after he's backstabbed him.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' For Alibaba to go ahead and kill Kassim, because he's trying to destroy everything Alibaba worked for and he's a traitorous jerk who'll take advantage of it. Just kill him already.\\
'''Instead:''' The dumbass pulls his sword aside, lies on the ground and whines that he can't kill his best friend, which causes Kassim to hit him and stab himself to death, creating a huge Dark Djinn (monster) who's so strong even Sinbad and Morgiana can't kill it. This also causes Judar to go crazy with power. Nice job breaking it, you freaking dumbass.
** Dunya Mustasim's servant, Isaac has just died, and she's going over her memories. Alibaba knows how it feels to lose his friends. But she's an evil villain and he already has a curse mark on his neck that might take him over.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That he'd stay away from Dunya, knowing that if he goes near her black rukh, he'll become corrupted, too.\\
'''Instead:'''' The idiot goes to Dunya, sifts through her memories, and falls into darkness, forcing the other three to fight their stupid best friend.
** Hakuryuu knows that his mother's a crazy bitch. And that she killed his father and brothers. When he has the chance to explain himself to his sister, Hakuei, surely she'll be on his side if he can just be sane and explain it all calmly.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Him to calmly and rationally explain everything, instead of ranting, which will just make Hakuei think he's snapped.\\
'''Instead:''' Hakuryuu rants and screams, causing Hakuei to hit him and think he's lost his mind. Which leads Hakuryuu to fall into depravity upon meeting Judar. Nice job, Hakuei.
* ''Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha'':
** MadScientist Sorceress Precia Testarossa needs all 21 Jewel Seeds (or, by her own estimates, at least 14) to activate a successful dimensional transference to Al-Hazard. Once she sees that her [[spoiler:cloned]] daughter, Fate, has lost her battle with Nanoha for control of '''all 21 Jewel Seeds,''' she zaps her and takes back the nine Jewel Seeds she had in her possession.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Precia to ''also'' zap Nanoha and swipe the remaining Jewel Seeds, which were on her person at the time. '''Or''' even earlier than that, send Fate to TSAB as TheMole to get her hands on the rest of the Seeds.\\
'''Instead:''' Neither thought occurs to her. Her subsequent attempt to use the nine Jewel Seeds to achieve dimensional transference ends catastrophically, and she perishes along with her lair.
** In ''[[Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaAs A's]]'', [[spoiler: it's eventually revealed that the entire plot is the machinations of one [[WellIntentionedExtremist Admiral Gil Graham]], attempting his own secret plan to destroy the [[ArtifactOfDoom Book of Darkness]] for good. It's taken roughly nine years to set up, and is rather convoluted and intricate]]. A significant part of the plan involves sending his familiars, [[spoiler: Lotte and Aria]] out to aid the Wolkenritter (the Book of Darkness' defense programs) against the heroes several times, before finally [[spoiler: killing them in front of their young master, driving her over the edge to justify using extreme measures]]. Naturally, since they're somewhat well known, disguises are employed. Not a problem, magic can be used for that.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Them to take disguises that, well, look like nothing, which shouldn't be that hard. Something that wouldn't stand out to anyone. They could even take different disguises each time, just to keep people guessing.\\
'''Instead:''' They take on forms heavily implied to be [[TheAce Chrono Harloawn]]'s dead father, who died working on the Book of Darkness case the last time it appeared. Naturally, this ''can't'' be a coincidence, and the list of potential suspects is narrowed significantly. Before long Chrono has defeated the familiars easily, arrested their master, and confiscated the Device meant to accomplish the plan. [[RousseauWasRight It wouldn't have worked anyway]], but if you spend nine years on something, it's hard to believe a weak point like that would slip through.
* ''Manga/MagicKnightRayearth'':
** In episode twelve of the anime, the girls are attacked by falling boulders, quakes, etcetera. They quickly determine the threats to be illusory, which Hikaru proves by allowing a tree to fall on her and emerging unscathed. They hide in a cave to regroup and are immediately met by Clef, who had been petrified in the first episode. He tells them that he has rescued Emeraude and she needs to talk to them, although everyone the girls have met up to now, including Clef himself, has made it very clear that ''nobody'' in Cephiro has the ability to rescue Emeraude. That's the whole reason Emeraude summoned them in the first place.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' The girls not to be taken in, because it's obviously another illusion. The only explanation Clef gives for his recovery is that "Zagato can't beat me," even though they knew that Zagato ''did'' beat him and [[TakenForGranite turned him into a statue]], because ''Clef told them so'' through Mokona.\\
'''Instead:''' Hikaru and Umi buy this story after only a moment of hesitation. Fuu is suspicious, but she can't convince them not to follow Clef to meet an equally fake Emeraude. When Fuu breaks down the illusion by asking it basic questions, Hikaru and Umi are ''stunned''.
* ''Manga/{{Mahoromatic}}'':
** Mahoro finds out that her master Suguru participates in a street fighting festival. She sets out with Minawa to retrieve him and bring him home safely. \\
'''You'd Expect:''' Mahoro and Minawa take off for the air and survey the area from there, since you have to fight when you walk the streets. Alternatively, they could simply break the flowers on their heads indicating that they are disqualified, so they won't be bothered by all those baton-swinging morons looking for a brawl. \\
'''Instead:''' They walk around with the flowers intact on their heads and get distracted by fighting all those apparently brain-damaged locals - which also takes a ridiculous amount of effort, considering they are ''battle-androids''.
** Also, how Mahoro keeps confiscating Suguru's PornStash, since according to her "dirty thoughts are bad".\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Suguru makes it clear that ''he'' is the master and ''she'' is the maid, and she has no right to tell him what he should or should not keep under his bed. \\
'''Instead:''' Suguru lets Mahoro simply take away his expensive erotica, even though he sometimes goes to great lengths to obtain a rare issue. Worse, he even allows himself to be scolded by her. Who is the master and who is the maid again?
* ''Anime/MaiHiME'':
** In Episode 13, "Night of the Tamayura", Yuuichi and Shiho are out on a date, and they bump into Mai and Reito just as they're [[WillTheyOrWontThey about to kiss]]. He's [[CanNotSpitItOut still struggling to decide]] whether or not he actually likes Mai "in that way".\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Yuuichi to keep his mouth shut and wait until the end of the festival to ask Mai about what happened...or perhaps confronted her about his feelings, maybe...''eight episodes ago'', when Reito wasn't around.\\
'''Instead:''' He picks the [[MomentKiller worst possible time]] to blurt out Mai's name, and breaks two cardinal rules of dating in the process: 1. Never cockblock another person just as s/he's about to get some action (double if it's someone you know), and 2. Never confess/imply that you like another girl ''in front of your date''. Now, Shiho's mad at Mai and refuses to talk to her, and double since Mai had promised to [[ShipperOnDeck help Shiho win Yuuichi's affections]] and now Shiho thinks Mai was lying (when in fact, Mai ''did'' mean what she said); and Reito, usually a calm and collected guy, is mad at Yuuichi because ''he'' suspects something's going on between the two of them. [[NiceJobBreakingItHero Nice job breaking them up, "hero".]]
* ''Manga/MamotteShugogetten'':
** The hero Tasuke looks into a ring and gets a guardian spirit from it because of his purity of heart. A legend that his dad sent along with the ring said that something like this would happen. Of course, she causes him lots of trouble by doing things like destroying his school, locking him up at Christmas, etc. He receives more gifts like this via the mail from his traveling dad. They have legends that say if someone with a pure heart does something or other, some spirit will appear, etc.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' He'd remember the legend of the ring and therefore count all these legends as true, being careful to avoid doing the stuff that would activate them.\\
'''Instead:''' He does exactly what is required to activate those legends. He repeats this mistake ''twice''. Once the spirit inside has repeatedly tried to get him to pay attention to only her, and the other time the spirit's only job is to create "trials" for her master, really just making life more difficult on him.
* ''LightNovel/MariaSamaGaMiteru'':
** Sachiko has a hard time when her grandmother, who she loves immensely, becomes terminally ill and winds up in the hospital.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Sachiko explains to Yumi why she won't be around school much anymore in the following period, even if she finds it hard to talk about it. After all, Yumi is her beloved soeur and therefore the first and foremost person that she can confide her troubles to, outside family. That way she could have given a Yumi a chance to stand by her emotionally as well.\\
'''Instead:''' Sachiko tells Yumi nothing and keeps on disappearing without explanation, seemingly conspiring with her cousin Touko, Yumi's biggest rival at the time. This results in quite a bit of emotional turmoil for Yumi, who really has no clue about what is going on.
** Also, first-year student Naito Shouko desperately wants to be a member of the Yamurikai, so she signs up for the tea-party which Yoshino and Yumi hold to find a soeur, since being picked by either one of them would secure her position in that prestigious student council.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' She concentrates her efforts on one girl, preferably the least popular one, and tries to woo her into becoming her grande soeur. Since she has quite an impressive appearance her chances would have been rather good. \\
'''Instead:''' She outright mentions that either one of them is fine, spoiling any chance she might have had to be picked as a soeur.
* ''LightNovel/MayoChiki'':
** Kanade is in {{troll}} mode, so she tells [[TsunDere Usami]] main guy Kinjirou is a pervert. Note this is the same guy that has gynophobia, Usami said 3 episodes ago she'd help curing it and thus knows this, two episodes ago she invited him to her house and rubbed her chest on him (Which he didn't like much because of his condition) and in this very episode, Kinjirou [[ThanksForTheMammaries accidentally grabs Usami's bare left breast]] and that causes him to ''faint'' in the act, plus Kanade's been trolling Usami for the entire episode.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Usami to notice the obvious lie and tell Kanade she knows Kinjirou's not like that.\\
'''Instead:''' Usami [[UnprovokedPervertPayback instantly belives Kinjirou's a super-pervert and lashes at him]]. Seems Usami is very gullible or Kanade so good at bluffing Usami would've believed she is the Moon too.
* ''Mayonaka Lolita'':
** A mostly off-screen moment: A high-school teacher, for some reason, makes a rejuvenation medicine.\\
'''You'd Expect''': He would hide it in a safe place and label it correctly. This medicine could cause a lot of problems after all.\\
'''Instead''': He mistankingly gives it out as juice to a male student.\\
'''Result''': Said male student gives it in turn to a female student, who drinks it and promptly [[FountainOfYouth regresses into a child]]. Way to go, dumbass.
** From this point on...\\
'''You'd Expect''' the teacher to try and make an antidote.\\
'''Instead''': He smiles, tells the girl she'll only be able to turn back to normal by kissing the boy she loves, and leaves. WTF.
* ''Anime/MegaManNTWarrior'':
** Episodes 18-19 has Maylu ending up getting a chip from Yahoot, who is disguised as Higsby.\\
'''You'd Expect''': Maylu should be suspicious of whether there's any evil effects on it.\\
'''Instead''': She ended up inserting the chip into Roll anyway, [[BrainwashedAndCrazy resulting in something bad]]. [[NiceJobBreakingItHero Nice job, Maylu]].\\
'''Addition''': Before this happened, Roll doesn't even get suspicious about the chip that her [=NetOp=] is holding at the time. So yeah...
** In the same episode, even [=MegaMan=] is no better. While trying an IKnowYoureInThereSomewhereFight on Roll, she suddenly goes back to her old self after grabbing him by his face.\\
'''You'd Expect''': [=MegaMan=] suspects that Roll is still not herself since her form is not yet normal and that he must pin her down.\\
'''Instead''': [=MegaMan=] attempts to approach her, and before you know it, "[[ISurrenderSuckers What a sucker]]!" she slapped him, zapped him with electricity, and steps on him, removing any more chances for him to fight back.
* ''Manga/MermaidMelodyPichiPichiPitch'':
** Caren saves the mermaid trio from the Black Beauty Sisters.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' She'd join them.\\
'''Instead:''' [[AloofAlly She refuses to join them]] all because she thinks Rina left her twin sister, Noel, to get captured.\\
'''Result:''' The Black Beauty Sisters captures her easily. Caren has bought all that on herself because she thinks she can rescue Noel ''by herself''.
* ''Manga/{{Monster}}'':
** Dr. Tenma is held hostage by the Baby. The latter tells him to leave the questions to him.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Tenma acknowledges this and agrees to answer his questions.\\
'''Instead:''' He keeps on asking the questions causing the Baby to whack him repeatedly in the face with a billiard stick.
* ''Manga/{{Narutaru}}'':
** Mr. Kaizuka, father of bullied student Hiroko whom he chastises for having poor grades.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' For him to go to the school and find the true cause of Hiroko's suffering: Aki Honda\\
'''Instead:''' Mr. Kaizuka grounds Hiroko for being associated with Shina, just right after Hiroko was ''[[BreakTheCutie raped]]''.\\
'''Result:''' Hello, Oni. *cue murder spree with Mr. Kaizuka as the first victim*
* ''Manga/{{Needless}}'':
** Uten, a needless with the ability to turn anything invisible, needs to find the location of our heroes' hideouts. He happens to chance upon two of them while they're out shopping.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Powers. Of. Invisibility. He only needs to shadow them back to base to succeed. This ain't rocket science, kids.\\
'''Instead:''' Uten sets up an extremely contrived trap for the two and tries to make them believe he's almighty and knows magic by turning parts of the building invisible, so he can interrogate them into revealing the base's location (changing gears midway into 'killing them and search corpses for clues'). He fails miserably. And dies. At no point does he even try to use his invisibility to escape when things have gone pear-shaped. Truly one for the record books. Even better, although his invisibility power does not necessarily work on himself, Uten has perhaps the most innocuous appearance among the Shitennou; that of a young boy. He could have ditched the costume and walked behind them the whole way and neither of the heroes would have been any wiser. Basically he failed at a task that did not even ''need'' the application of his powers to succeed.
* ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'':
** Shinji Ikari is a shy, introverted, cowardly, etc. 14 year old boy, but he's one of the few people who can prevent the destruction of the whole human race, whose performance is directly linked to his state of mind.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' A team of psychologists and/or therapists working to ensure top condition. Extensive psychological evaluation, therapy sessions after battles, supporting friends/colleagues.\\
'''Instead:''' He's left completely alone with his doubts and mental problems, abused by nearly all people, never receiving credit for his accomplishments, being belittled at every possible occasion, and being [[ButtMonkey the butt of every malicious joke]]. It's a complete miracle [[spoiler: that it took Shinji 19 episodes to FreakOut]].
** The Evangelion have to have cords attached to them for power, and being unplugged and without a power source is a major problem for some episodes.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' They'd add external battery packs to the Evangelion for every sortie.\\
'''Instead:''' They do... in one episode, in which they are destroyed and are never rebuilt or mentioned again.
** Alright folks, sit down, grab a nice fluffy pillow, this is the big one. [[ApocalypseMaiden Rei]] is created and bred to bring TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt. Just as Gendo is going to implement this plan however she hijacks the whole kit and kabudle. The fate of the human race is quite literally in her hands.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' She cancels the whole thing, since when speaking to Shinji she voiced her objections to Instrumentality. And if it killed her, well she wants to die anyway, so it'd be no loss for her.\\
'''Instead:''' She wipes out the human race on Shinji's behalf, because she asked and it was what he wanted. He learns to BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor, and Rei states that each individual can reverse Instrumentality if they wish. You can still get brain damage from your reaction.
** Gather 'round, everybody, this is an even ''bigger'' one, as it applies it to the ''whole premise''. You've been warned. So in the year 2015, these bizarre monsters called "Angels" are attacking a rebulit Tokyo (''Tokyo-3'') after a global cataclysm that happened in 2000. A goverment faciitly, called ''[[GratuitousGerman NERV,]]'' is set up to defeat them with the use of HumongousMecha called "Evangelions", which are really more like {{cyborg}}s. \\
'''You'd Expect:''' That this top-notch, if underfunded, goverment facility would leave the piloting of the Evangelions to highly-trained, competent adults.\\
'''Instead:''' They use a bunch of hormonal, angsty, [[DysfunctionJunction not-quite-stable]] ''fourteen-year-olds'' with [[DarkAndTroubledPast traumatic pasts]] instead. And before anyone jumps all over me, yes, I ''know'' it's justifed [[InUniverse in the show itself]]. But that doesn't make it any less stupid.
* ''LightNovel/NoGameNoLife'':
** Stephanie is pissed off that Sora and Shiro are just ([[EntertaininglyWrong to the best of her knowledge]]) sitting around and doing nothing while she does all the work running Elkia, and so challenges Sora to a game, with the conditions that if she wins, he becomes a better person. As shown in the episode itself, she can decide which game they will play. \\
'''You'd Expect:''' Her to pick a solved game like Nim, and then win because it is mathematically impossible for her to lose. \\
'''Instead:''' She tries random games of chance, and since she's going up against a [[ParodySue Parody Sue]], predictably loses every time, [[WagerSlave and suffers grave humiliation]], to boot.
* ''Manga/{{Octave}}:''
** Yukino meets a handsome man who wants to have sex with her, and who already has a girlfriend. \\
'''You'd Expect:''' Yukino turns him down, since she already is in a relationship with Setsuko. Sure, Yukino's lack of self-confidence tends to make things shaky (which sometimes gets exacerbated because [[GirlsLove they're both girls]]), but Setsuko has proven to be a loyal, patient and loving partner. \\
'''Instead:''' Yukino has sex with him, since she mistook a previous conversation with Setsuko for "I'd be okay if you slept with a man", when she meant "If you fell for a man and wasn't dating me it'd be okay to have sex when you've done it with women". Her girlfriend is understandably distraught when she finds out Yukino cheated on her.
* ''Manga/OniichanNoKotoNankaZenzenSukiJanainDakaraNe'':
** Nao is [[BrotherSisterIncest in love with her brother Shuusuke]], who also loves her, and they just found they're NotBloodSiblings at that. She catches him playing an {{eroge}} with a sweet and kind LittleSisterHeroine.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' She realizes that's the way her brother likes girls and acts that way to please him. It's her natural instinct in fact, being nice to him. She could even offer herself to him in a "Why playing games when you have a ''real'' sister who loves you?" sort of way.\\
'''Instead:''' She unplugs the computer, he loses his data and gets horribly angry, making their relationship worse. In fact, the entire first episode consists of Nao holding a planet-sized IdiotBall and '''faking''' {{tsundere}}-ness at her brother whenever they're getting close, for no reason other than [[IdiotPlot making their relationship harder and giving us a show to begin with]]. Had she been nicer, he wouldn't show much interest on [[ForgottenChildhoodFriend Iroha]] and the other girls and she could win his heart with little effort.
* In ''Manga/OniisamaE'':
** Mariko Shinobu makes sure Nanako Misonou and her best friend Tomoko Arikura miss each other after school. She then tells Tomoko that Nanako doesn't have time to spend with her any more, since she joined the sorority.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Tomoko calls Nanako the same evening to ask her directly what's up. Or maybe ask her in the way to school tomorrow. Seeing how Mariko is openly clingy with regards to Nanako should already have sounded some alarm bells, and since Tomoko lives near Nanako's home it should be easy to catch up with her in the morning.\\
'''Instead:''' Tomoko simply decides to believe Mariko without any evidence and goes into instant sulk mode. She even refuses Nanako's phone calls later that evening, not even wondering why Nanako would call her in the first place when she doesn't have time for her.
** Also, local RichBitch Aya Misaki is very butthurt because an "outsider" like Nanako has been invited to have a spot in the famous Sorority, which she assumed it'd be hers due to having attended Seiran for far longer time and being from a very rich and distinguished family (Nanako is the daughter of an uni professor but technically is middle-to-high class, which is far below the average Sorority girl).\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Aya decides to formally issue a "protest" via speaking directy to the "higher ups" like Fukiko, or at least take the deal with some dignity and keeping it to herself. The aforementioned Mariko (also a prospect Sorority member) may be clingy to Nanako, but she also seems to be quite protective of her, and not to mention she has also been attending Seiran for years so Aya has leads on Mariko's HotBlooded personality.\\
'''Instead:''' Aya and her GirlPosse, Miyuki and Megumi, openly bully Nanako in front of everyone, thinking that Aya's high social status will let them get a KarmaHoudini. Aya adds insult to the injury via making cruel comments about Mariko too. Mariko [[BerserkButton EXPLODES]] in rage and hits Aya, and later ClassRepresentative Kaoru almost ''mauls'' them in public.
** Much, much later, Miki and Megumi are on their own, rather worried because [[spoiler: it looks like the Sorority will be disbanded, thus Aya's dream of being there will be definitely crushed.]] Two of the elder Sorority girls approach them and ask the two to [[spoiler: steal and burn the signature books requesting the Sorority disolution, promising to make their beloved Aya a member.]]\\
'''You'd Expect:''' For Miki and Megumi to [[spoiler: make sure that the Sorority ladies ''do'' really mean what they've promised, asking for a sort-of proof in regards to it.]]\\
'''Instead:''' The two girls actually [[spoiler: go and steal the records on their own, without even questioning anything.]]. This leads to [[spoiler: them getting caught, Aya taking the blame for them and letting everyone think she was behind it, which then causes her to have a BSOD and almost kill herself, Nanako and Tomoko's efforts being the only reason she lives on.]]
* In ''VisualNovel/OokamiKakushi'':
** Hiroshi isn't exactly known to make intelligent decisions. To list a few examples:
** He has befriended Sakaki, who confides to him that he lost his fiancée to the mysterious group murdering people around town, and is seeking the truth. Hiroshi knows who the leader of this group is: Someone from his own school.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Hiroshi would realize Sakaki is probably murderously furious towards the person who killed his fiancée and keep his mouth shut until he knows more about the group, or the person's reasons for doing it.\\
'''Instead:''' He tells Sakaki the name of the leader in the group. Not surprisingly, Sakaki uses this little bit of information to set a trap.
** Said trap involves kidnapping the girl ([[spoiler:Nemuru]]), calling up Hiroshi, and taking him out in the middle of the night to an abandoned barn with the claim that he will show him "the truth".\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Hiroshi would see something suspicious in being called up at night, realize he might potentially be in danger if he were to go inside, and not go into the barn.\\
'''Instead:''' He walks into the barn, runs into [[spoiler: Nemuru]], and realizes the danger he might be in...just in time for Sakaki to leave him a knife as a parting gift and lock him up inside.
** During the night, [[spoiler: Nemuru]] finally tells Hiroshi everything, including that he is in danger of being attacked if she loses control of her impulses, and must be left tied up.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' He would take into account what almost happened with Issei and follow her advice and leave her tied up until morning.\\
'''Instead:''' He unties her, and she nearly attacks him. Nothing bad happens, but still...
** And then there's Sakaki in episodes ten and eleven. We will start with the end of episode ten, which is when he begins to latch on to the VillainBall: He stabs his accomplice and lets him know of his real plan to destroy the city.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' He would stab him one last time to kill him, thus unable to tell anyone of his plans.\\
'''Instead:''' He leaves him to die alone. When someone else comes across the wounded man, he uses his last breath to warn the village of Sakaki's plan.
** And speaking of Sakaki's plan...his plan is to basically open the dam and destroy the village. After managing to open the dam itself...\\
'''You'd Expect:''' He would stay at the station to guard it, or otherwise break the dam controls before leaving.\\
'''Instead:''' He not only leaves the station, but he also leaves the controls perfectly intact for the heroes to come along and undo the damage.
** While heading back through the forest, Isuzu notices Sakaki, someone who holds a grudge against the entire village and hates everyone in it, walking by, not to mention someone whom she ''knew'' was a genuine threat.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' She would get out of there and alert the attention of the police, or the extermination group.\\
'''Instead:'' She follows him into the forest alone, loses sight of him, and gets shot.
** Last but not least, Sakaki is just about ready to take his revenge and is presented ''several'' opportunities to shoot [[spoiler: Nemuru]] and/or Hiroshi.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' He wouldn't wait for them to finish monologing and [[JustShootHim just shoot them.]]\\
'''Instead:''' He stands around waiting for them to finish talking before ranting about his revenge, and how they're all monsters...''but never actually shoots anyone.'' By the time he ''does'' try to get a shot, [[spoiler: Kaori shows up, takes the bullet instead, and drags him down to his demise.]]
* ''LightNovel/{{Oreimo}}'':
** In one scene in Episode 3, Kyosuke explicitly tells Kirino to keep her [=DVDs=] and games out of sight while she's not in her room.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Kirino to be extra cautious about her collection, since she's a siscon fan.\\
'''Instead:''' She leaves one of her games in the open on the very day her father comes into her room during her offline meeting, sparking a chain of events that ends with her hobby almost endangered and ''both'' Kousaka siblings injured (Kirino gets a minor injury because she tried to attack her own father with a crystal ashtray, but she was lucky compared to Kyosuke, who first gets his arm twisted for blocking his father from entering her room and then gets punched in the face after [[TakingTheHeat claiming ownership of all the adults only material in the house]]).
* ''[[Anime/PrettySammy Magical Project S]]'':
** Ramia finds out Misao's father is coming to visit her.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' She'll just give her some slack and be with her father.\\
'''Instead:''' She has her transformed into Misa on that day.\\
'''Result:''' Sasami and Misao have discovered their magical girl identities in the end. [[NiceJobFixingItVillain Congratulations, Ramia, for making that happen]].
* ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'':
** The show has it's main characters competing for Grief Seeds produced from the Witches they kill. As they use their magic, their Soul Gems begin to [[TheCorruption fill with darkness]], which is then transferred into the collected Grief Seeds.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Someone to question the nature of the dark substance that appears inside a Soul Gem, especially since it requires a Grief Seed of all things to remove, a Grief Seed that can regenerate the Witch if left alone too long. Read that again: A Magical Girl's power source produces something unusable to themselves, but compatible with the monsters they fight, and can revive said monsters.\\
'''Instead:''' No one seems to make the connection, most likely assuming that this "dirtiness" will make them no longer able to use magic. A minority of fans questioned this from the very beginning and speculated the results until the moment they were confirmed in [[WhamEpisode Episode 8]].
** In Episode 11, Madoka's mom confronts her as she intends to leave the shelter to go help Homura.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Junko to adamantly refuse to allow Madoka to leave the shelter to help a friend who's name Junko doesn't even know. Combined with Madoka's recent suspicious behavior [[spoiler:Coupled with the fact that Sayaka just died and Junko suspects that Madoka knows something about it, but won't say anything]] and the fact that Madoka just outright said the fire department couldn't handle it.\\
'''Instead:''' No such thought crosses Junko's mind and she allows her ordinary fourteen year old daughter to venture out into a suicidally dangerous storm, simply because Madoka's a good girl.
** [[spoiler: By the end of the anime, Homura has gone through many, many different time loops and much suffering, and [[SeenItAll knows full well what Kyubey is capable of and willing to do.]] At the end of Episode 12, the witch system has been revoked and replaced with a slightly better system. Homura is the only one who remembers the old system.]]\\
[[spoiler: '''You'd Expect''': Homura to not tell anyone about the old witch system, ''especially'' Kyubey, because the witch system is more beneficial to Kyubey than the new, current system.]]\\
[[spoiler: '''Instead''': Homura tells Kyubey about the witch system, leading to the [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagicaTheMovieRebellion third movie]] and it's all downhill from there.]]
* ''Anime/RomeoXJuliet'':
** The SoleSurvivor of the infamous Capulet Massacre of Neo Verona is a girl, Juliet Fiamatta Asto Capulet, and the people behind said massacre (the Montagues) know this fact very well. The Capulet retainers that manage to escape from the purge take Juliet in, and they also go into hiding so they can protect her from the cruel Montagues AND get a chance to restore order. However, when the massacre takes place Juliet is just a two-year-old little girl and thus she can't properly lead them until at least her DangerousSixteenthBirthday.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' For said retainers to educate little Juliet in the traditions and history of the Capulets as well as their rivalry with the Montagues. They already had the common sense to both raise Juliet as a boy named Odin and hide "him" among the low-to-middle-class of Neo-Verona, and train her as a swordswoman so she can protect herself if under attack from anyone.\\
'''Instead:''' They don't tell her anything, keeping all the info about her heritage and any strategies as a total secret from her until said DangerousSixteenthBirthday. By that time Juliet is both a {{Bifauxnen}} and an accomplished ActionGirl, but has no idea of how important she actually is to Neo Verona -- and worse, she has met the son of Lord Montague ([[MadDictatorsHandsomeSon who is nothing like his dad]]) and ''[[StarCrossedLovers is about to fall for him]]''. So now poor Juliet is thrust in a vital position that she's almost completely unprepared to carry on with, and soon she ''very understandably'' [[BreakTheCutie begins cracking]] under the terrible pressure of being expected to lead LaResistance AND loving the son of the dictator. And yet her own "supporters" get mad and act shocked that she can barely hack it, when it's them who didn't properly ready her for her important role.
* ''Manga/RurouniKenshin'':
** Kenshin and Shishio are [[YouCanBarelyStand on their last legs]]. Shishio's [[HourOfPower 15-minute limit]] has already elapsed. His right-hand man, Houji, has a rifle.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Yumi: "JustShootHim!"\\
'''Instead:''' Houji: [[HonorBeforeReason "I believe in Lord Shishio!"]] ''[throws his gun away]''\\
'''The Result:''' Shishio: ManOnFire
*** But you want to know what makes this WhatAnIdiot moment worse? Previously on the Great Kyoto Fire chapters, [[spoiler: Houji modified Shishio's original plan by arranging that 7 members of the Juppon Gatana took part of the Great Kyoto Fire by killing the police officers and [=VIPs=] as a distraction while the rest sail towards Tokyo to bombard it and thus destroy it while the capital was undermanned.]] He did this because he wanted to bring total victory to Shishio regardless of costs and perhaps even risking gaining his ire modifying his plan in such a manner. Before the final fight with Kenshin, Houji swore that he would risk being hated like snakes and scorpions as he put it and had his rifle in hand in case the worst would come to worst! By pulling his HonorBeforeReason moment, Houji completely contradicted himself in this double whammy of the most illogical, thus bringing us this moment. Holy crap.
** Similarly: Saito has just gained the advantage of surprise by suddenly appearing on the battlefield.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' He'd go for Shishio's heart. Or pretty much anything vital in that area.\\
'''Instead:''' Tries to stab him in the forehead for some reason. So he hits ''the only armored part of Shishio's body''. And due to Shishio's ability to beat any attack he's seen once, even his Zero Gatotsu fails (an AssPull in itself) and that's pretty much it for him in the fight.
** Said above battle: Shishio has managed to KO Kenshin, Saito and Sanosuke in rapid succession, and he himself is barely winded after all that. Yumi then urges Shishio to just hurry up and kill them.\\
'''You'd expect:''' For Shishio to, y'know, do exactly that.\\
'''Instead:''' Shishio declares that he's having too much fun and wants to savor the victory. This attitude allows Aoshi (who'd earlier undergone a full HeelFaceTurn) to come to the arena and fight Shishio in order to buy time for the others' HeroicSecondWind to kick in.
** Way back in the first major arc, with [[SerialKiller Jinei Udo]], a Revolution-era hitoriki like Kenshin, whose only real edge against Kenshin is that he hasn't lost his knack for killing. Jinei has managed to establish himself as a serious threat by slitting both of Sanosuke's wrists at lightning speed (in the manga, he stabs Sano straight through one wrist in graphic detail). Kenshin decides to take the one-day time period Jinei's given him to prepare, to go psych himself mentally to face the villain, but before doing so, he tasks Sano with letting Kaoru know the situation, which Sano does.\\
'''You'd expect:''' That once Kaoru's told what sort of enemy Jinei is, she'd heed Sano's warning and stay put so as not to get Kenshin distracted and in trouble.\\
'''Instead:''' Kaoru decides to go to where Kenshin is on the off-chance that he might leave and never return after confronting Jinei, even after Sano shows her his own injuries to emphasize that Jinei's not a nice guy.\\
'''Result:''' Kaoru gets kidnapped and held as bait by Jinei, triggering Kenshin's [[SuperpoweredEvilSide Battousai personality]] when he sees it happen.
*** Same scenario: In the manga, right after Sanosuke explains to Kaoru what Jinei's all about, she chases after Kenshin with the justification that she'd rather risk her life than risk being left all alone should Kenshin decide not to come back if he survives the fight.\\
'''You'd expect:''' Sano and Yahiko to chase after Kaoru, force her back to the dojo, and remind her that (A) Kenshin hasn't given any indication that he ''won't'' come back, and (B) she still has the two of them, at least, to keep her company.\\
'''Instead:''' They let her go, with Sano reasoning that since it's love motivating Kaoru, they wouldn't be able to change her mind. (In the anime, they at least bother to go searching for Kaoru once Kenshin sends word of her being kidnapped, though in the end they don't impact the main plot anyway.) Although the manga's version of that scenario might be mollified somewhat [[spoiler:because Jinei was spying on them at the dojo anyway; one panel in that scene reveals he's hiding in the trees nearby and eavesdropping on the conversation]].
** During the Kyoto arc, Sanosuke meets Anji, a fallen monk and (unknown to Sano at the time) the third-strongest member of the Jupon Gatana, while Anji is training his [[OneHitKill Futae no Kiwami]] technique. Sano asks to be taught the technique, which Anji relents to after some persuasion. After grasping the basic idea behind the Futae no Kiwami, Sano trains relentlessly with his right hand until he's mastered it within a week.\\
'''You'd expect:''' For Sano to at least train the Futae no Kiwami with his ''left'' hand, as well, so that by the time the final confrontation comes about he'd be able to use it with both fists. It's not like he can't effectively give a left-handed punch, after all.\\
'''Instead:''' He only focuses on his right hand and none of his other limbs.\\
'''Result:''' He overuses the Futae no Kiwami with his right hand during his fight with Anji, eventually breaking it when he tries to challenge [[BigBad Shishio]].
** During the Jinchuu arc, Saitou determines that [[BigBad Enishi]] is going to try to [[RevengeByProxy kill Kaoru to get to Kenshin]], and suggests to her that she should flee.\\
'''You'd expect:''' For Kaoru to ''take Saitou's advice and run''. She's not a very powerful fighter, in contrast to Enishi and his allies, and if she were to flee from there Kenshin would have one less distraction to worry about while fighting Enishi.\\
'''Instead:''' She stubbornly refuses to leave.\\
'''You'd then expect:''' For Saitou, who's not quite as badly injured as the other fighters up to that point, to do his job as a cop and forcibly take Kaoru away from the scene, or, failing that, to play bodyguard for her so Enishi can't get to her.\\
'''Instead:''' Saitou coolly tells Kaoru that since she won't leave of her own volition, she shouldn't expect him to move a finger to save her.\\
'''Result:''' [[spoiler:Enishi kidnaps Kaoru and leaves a lifelike doll of her with his sword through its chest to plunge Kenshin into a HeroicBSOD. It might have easily been Kaoru getting killed for real, but luckily for her Enishi couldn't bring himself to do it since she reminded him of his own [[DeadLittleSister dead older sister]]. Saitou never gets called out for his callous indifference, which as a cop should have at least gotten him into trouble for negligent homicide--not being more proactive to stop a murder he knew was intended to take place]].
** During the [[GoodIsNotNice Saitou]] vs. [[HandicappedBadass Usui]] fight, Usui manages to wound Saitou in both legs and deflect Saitou's signature Gatotsu thrust ''twice'' with his tortoise-shell shield, then shoves the shield right up in Saitou's face so his field of vision is completely blocked.\\
'''You'd expect:''' That Usui, who Saitou can't see behind the shield at this point, would just kill him right there and then.\\
'''Instead:''' Usui takes a moment to brag that he can attack from any angle behind the shield, and that Saitou's Gatotsu is now nullified since he can't use it at such close range.\\
'''Result:''' Saitou shows him that he ''does'' in fact have a close-range version of the Gatotsu that doesn't require a running-start, [[ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice pinning Usui to the wall]] (and ripping him totally in half in the manga).

[[folder:Anime S-Z]]
* ''Anime/SailorMoonCrystal'':
** Sailor Venus is shown to have a better memory the Senshi's former lives in the Silver Millennium than the others, including that the Shitennou were Prince Endymion's bodyguards and that they and the Senshi were in love. She has attempted to make Kunzite remember his past self. \\
'''You'd Expect:''' Sailor Venus to reveal these crucial facts to the others as soon as possible, either when they found out Usagi is the princess or after they went to the moon. \\
'''Instead:''' She drops this bomb while they're right in the middle of fighting the Shitennou to protect Sailor Moon. \\
'''Result:''' The other Senshi can't bring themselves to fight them and gets trapped in an attack. \\
'''Fortunately:''' Sailor Moon is able to save the day and the Senshi come to their senses and counterattack the Shitennou.
* ''Anime/SaintSeiyaOmega'':
** The Bronze Saints are travelling with Aria [[spoiler:to destroy the elemental cores siphoning the Earth's Cosmo into the Tower of Babel]]. At this point, they know that Mars has them branded as traitors and Gold and Silver Saints as well as Martians have been sent after them to take back Aria. In recent missions, Soma had a fairly successful fight with [[spoiler:Mars' daughter Sonia, the woman who killed his father]], and Ryuho, after trying to clear a path for his friends [[spoiler:in his home area]], followed in his father's footsteps [[spoiler:by defeating the new Perseus Saint]].\\
'''You'd Expect:''' The group to know they need to stick together and use their numbers as they have been to keep Mars' loyalists from getting their [[spoiler:[[CelebrityImpersonator False]] [[PuppetKing Athena]]]] back while they complete their task, and also expect any [[spoiler:encounters with personal acquaintances and enemies]] to happen along the way.\\
'''Instead:''' [[spoiler:Soma decides to go off on his own after Sonia before they even get to where Ryuho is, and after taking care of Perseus Mirfak and losing the Libra cloth to its new saint, Ryuho and Haruto decide to take off their own way as well.]]\\
'''The Result:''' [[spoiler:[[OverlordJr Eden]] strikes. The only thing standing between him and taking Aria back, is Yuna and Koga. Who at this point are both thoroughly unprepared [[CurbStompBattle for his fury]], and if he wasn't the Ikki {{Expy}}, you would think they just lost the world.]]
* ''Manga/{{Saki}}'':
** Amae Koromo can make a winning move in the [[SeriousBusiness mahjong tournament]].\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Her to make the move and win the game.\\
'''Instead:''' She deliberately makes a lower-scoring move in order to demoralize her opponents and set things up so that they cannot make their own highest-scoring moves, despite the fact that they wouldn't have been able to make them anyway had she ended it as soon as she could. Naturally, [[spoiler: she loses because of this.]]
* ''Manga/SasamekiKoto'':
** Ushio wants a cute girlfriend badly.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' She makes use of personal ads and the Internet to find someone, or tries to find a LGBT group in her neighbourhood (which nowadays can also be found in every Japanese town). Since she's an extremely pretty girl herself, she likely wouldn't have too much trouble meeting somebody that way.\\
'''Instead:''' She runs after girls at her school or even in the street, startling them and generally behaving like a moron.
** Also, she's in high school. She's got plenty of time to meet girls the old fashioned way before she resorts to Internet dating. And most of the girls at her school already know that she's gay, so why be shy about it?
* ''Anime/SonicX:''
** During the [[VideoGame/SonicAdventure2 Shadow Arc]], Chris, Chuck, and Tanaka arrive on the scene in time to witness the fight between Sonic and Shadow. Shortly afterwards, the police come in to apprehend Sonic mistaking him to be Shadow.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' At least one of them steps up and says something about the black hedgehog that Sonic was just fighting; after all, with new information, Sonic could be seen as merely a suspect instead of the primary one.\\
'''Instead:''' ''Nobody'' says anything, and Sonic gets arrested.\\
** Later, Chris and Tanaka go to Prison Island to save Sonic and learn more about Shadow. Tanaka goes to check out the place, and tells Chris to stay put. \\
'''You'd Expect:''' Chris to listen and stay put. After all, he should know his friends enough to figure they'd get Sonic out of prison and escape, right?\\
'''Instead:''' He goes up to Prison Island because he's going through a "Sonic is my best friend ever" phase and goes to look for him. Granted, he doesn't know there's a bomb, but still.\\
'''Shortly After:''' Chris eventually manages to find Shadow, and desperately wants to prove Sonic's innocence.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Chris stay right where he is at the time, let Shadow use Chaos Control (which by the way, he bore witness to), and let everyone know what he saw. After all, now that he's seen Shadow twice now, he has a bit more visual evidence to back everything up.\\
'''Instead:''' Chris runs up and grabs Shadow as he performs Chaos Control, and gets teleported along with him and Rouge to the Space Colony ARK.\\
'''The Result:''' Chris is kidnapped, Tanaka is beyond distressed, and Sonic is still in hiding with no progress being made towards his innocence by the next episode.
* ''Anime/TheGirlWhoLeaptThroughSpace'':
** Nami [[FaceHeelTurn turns against her sisters]] after they had been neglecting her obvious depressed state for a while already. The fact that [[TheUnfavorite her oldest sister Kazane favors her sister Akiha over her]] just adds to her feelings of helplessness. It doesn't take long before Nami and Akiha have their first violent confrontation, during which Nami vents her frustration. \\
'''You'd Expect:''' Akiha tries to convince Nami that she and her sisters really do love her and asks her to reconsider what she's doing. \\
'''Instead:''' Akiha simply tells Nami to shut up, and Nami starts attacking her in full vigor. Smart move, Akiha.
* In ''LightNovel/StrawberryPanic'':
** [[{{Uke}} sweet, shy, and cutesy Hikari]] has [[SchoolgirlLesbians fallen in love]] with her older classmate [[{{Bifauxnen}} Amane]]. However, as a result, she is being stalked, harassed, and almost sexually assaulted by a PsychoLesbian duo who want to get Amane to join the Etoile Election by threatening to harm her.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Hikari and/or Amane to report these occurrences to either the school staff or the police.\\
'''Instead:''' Neither of them do anything, and the evil duo end up nearly raping Hikari twice, and she continues to be stalked and tormented until the end of the series. Not to mention that Amane is more or less bullied into entering the Etoile Election anyway.\\
'''The Result:''' Two Words: KarmaHoudini.
* ''Anime/SuperDimensionFortressMacross'':
** Roy Focker takes a few bullets when his spaceplane gets shot at during a dogfight with the Zentraedi, but manages to fly back to base with relative ease.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Upon disembarking from his plane, Focker wouldd tell others that he's wounded, get taken to a military hospital, and medical personnel would do whatever they could to save one of the Macross's best pilots.\\
'''Instead:''' Focker walks out of the base (presumably without anyone noticing his condition), goes all the way to his love interest Claudia's house, sits down for coffee and a chat, and eventually bleeds to death all over her nice couch. Even the AlternateCharacterInterpretation that [[YourDaysAreNumbered he correctly guessed that his injuries were fatal]] and wanted to see her one last time before dying isn't enough to justify the sheer trauma that Claudia went through upon finding him bleeding to death.
* ''Manga/{{Suzuka}}'':
** Yamato Akitsuki has just broken up with his thoughtful, softspoken, and almost perfect girlfriend, Honoka, and confides in his friend and secret admirer, Suzuka.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' For Yamato to give a straightforward account of the tragic and mutual breakup and how shaken he was with the ordeal. Or at least to keep the reasons to himself.\\
'''Instead:''' Yamato lies and ''brags about how he dumped her'' saying that she was annoying ''for absolutely no reason'' . In a much-needed wakeup call, Suzuka berates him for treating Honoka that way, knowing that she put her all into their relationship.
** Toward the end of the series, Yamato and Suzuka reconcile their feelings for each other, but in order for her to truly come to terms with her past, she has to visit the grave of her ex-boyfriend one last time.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Yamato would be a nice and understanding guy and allow her to come to terms with the emotional tumor that disallows her from developing trust, let alone a relationship, with another guy.\\
'''Instead:''' He grabs her arm and yells at her telling her that she shouldn't visit his grave any more and to get over the past. Luckily for him, instead of yelling at him or hurting him [[{{Tsundere}} like the Tsundere she is]], Suzuka [[TakeAThirdOption takes a third option]] and calmly invites him on her trip to the cemetery, to which he reluctantly agrees.
* ''LightNovel/SwordArtOnline'':
** Kirito is a beta tester, and as a result, knows about in-game content before everyone else does. However, due to the fact that there is a general dislike of beta testers among non-beta testers (which, in of itself would also qualify for an entry on this page, since only ONE person has to clear the game in order for everyone to escape, and it's not mentioned if the person who clears the game gets a prize other than bragging rights), he must keep this a secret.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' For Kirito to share his information, but act as if it was a rumor/leak that he read about on the internet before the game, and convince as many people as possible that they should do as the rumor/leak says.\\
'''Or:''' For Kirito to find some people who do not have a dislike of beta testers, reveal that he is a beta tester to them, and share what he knows, and either have them use that info to decide what actions to take (if they happen to be a leader), or have them propose the idea, and then second the idea that they "proposed" (if they aren't a leader).\\
'''Instead:''' Kirito chooses to keep this fact a secret, causing quite a few people to be killed as a result, [[spoiler: including one of his love interests, Sachi]].
** [[spoiler: Kirito correctly deduced that Heathcliff was Kayaba in disguise. Kayaba challenged Kirito to a one-on-one duel. The deal was that the game would end 25 floors early if Kirito manages to defeat him.]]\\
'''You'd Expect:''' [[spoiler: Kirito to decline the offer, play it safe and not die pointlessly. The fronliners need all the help they can get in future possible fights and would have lost a valuable asset if he loses. He lost the first duel. Kirito is up against the game admin after all and he was even informed about system assist from Kayaba himself. [[VillainsNeverLie There is absolutely no reason for Kayaba to play fair or keep his promise.]]]]\\
'''Instead:''' [[spoiler:Kirito agreed and thought that he could solo the final boss. He did, in fact, died, only to be saved by a DeusExMachina.]]
** [[spoiler:Sugou was performing an experiment to use ALO as a means of mind control and planned to be wedded with a comatose Asuna.]]\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Sugou to keep his mouth shut and masquerade as a harmless friend of the Yuuki family. Even if things go south he can more likely avoid criminal charges had he stayed an anonymous mastermind.\\
'''Instead:''' [[CardCarryingVillain He]] [[EvilGloating made sure that Kirito and Asuna knew]] that [[SmugSnake he was evil]].\\
'''Result:''' He starts off the entire ALO story arc where Kirito eventually manages to defeat him.
** Sugou has admin access to ALO.\\
'''You'd Think:''' Sugou would program the game so that Asuna cannot leave her cage or that he is the only one who can unlock it.\\
'''Instead:''' He uses keypads for the cage and in-game items (key cards) for administrator access. As a result, [[spoiler: Asuna was able to leave her cage for a short time and snatched the keycard, then passed it to Kirito down below.]]
* In ''Manga/TokyoMewMew'':
** Kish figures out that Aoyama can only transform into Blue Knight if Ichigo is in danger.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Kish would attack Aoyama, and Aoyama only, since he is in a "I want to have my revenge on the Blue Knight!" rampage.\\
'''Instead:''' He ignores that vital fact and attacks Ichigo. Failure Ensues.
* In ''Manga/{{Trigun}}'':
** In the second episode a rich man named Cliff Cesar controls all of the water for the town. He obviously wants to make money off of the vital resource.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' For him to have high costs on the water, but still low enough that people and businesses can actually afford them.\\
'''Instead:''' He completely stopped up the supply of water for some reason. He never indicated that he was going to illegally sell it elsewhere or that it was to crush some opposition or anything. For some reason he just stopped it.\\
'''Results:''' Everyone has left the town and even if Vash and a marshal hadn't arrested Cliff it's not at all clear how he expected to make money off of a dead town.
* ''Anime/{{Utawarerumono}}'':
** A thief breaks into a government fort and attempts to steal medicine for his sick sister. \\
'''You'd Expect:''' A man hunt so at the very least people knew what is going on. \\
'''Instead:''' Soldiers ride into a nearby village that knows nothing about the crime and demand that they turn over the thief that "they know" is being hidden there, get rowdy, and kill the village leader Tusukuru. \\
'''Results:''' Needless bloodshed that started a rebellion that could have been avoided.
** The village starts a rebellion for the death of Tusukuru and the later imprisonment of Oboro. \\
'''You'd Expect:''' The emperor to simply crush the rebelling village. \\
'''Instead:''' He orders the destruction of non-rebellious villages as an example all because he lost his brother and of his own pride. \\
'''Results:''' This leads to a full scale rebellion. Even his top general, Benawi, is pissed off at how dumb this move was. PrideBeforeAFall indeed.
* ''Manga/{{Uzumaki}}'':
** The town of Kurôzu-cho and everyone in it is descending into madness. The two main characters, Shuichi and Kirie witness increasingly nightmarish happenings, and almost die a few times as a result. Shuichi urges Kirie to run away with him numerous times. \\
'''You'd Expect:''' Eventually Kirie would leave with Shuichi before they fall victim to the insanity. You'd expect that [[spoiler: Kirie's hair coming to life and almost killing her, as well as Shuichi, seeing people turn into giant snails, and witnessing pregnant women sucking human blood]] would be enough to have both of them running away with nary a backward glance. \\
'''Instead:''' [[spoiler:Kirie doesn't decide to leave until it's far too late, months after the events start happening. Both she and Shuichi suffer the consequences.]] Also, with each new chapter, she seems to have forgotten the terrible things that happened in the last chapter.
* ''Manga/VampireKnight'':
** Zero finding out about [[spoiler:Yuuki being a Pureblood vampire]].\\
'''You'd Expect''': Despite of what she has become and his hatred for vampires, he would still find it to think she's still herself.\\
'''Instead''': He points his gun at the door of his dorm where she is standing.\\
'''In Addition''': [[spoiler:Yuuki]] gives up on convincing him and confirms his suspicions about him sensing a Pureblood vampire since she doesn't have traces of her human blood.\\
'''In Another Addition''': [[spoiler:Yuuki also says, "[[ThatManIsDead The human Yuuki is gone because the vampire Yuuki devoured her]]."]]
** After the battle with [[spoiler:Rido]], Zero said that he doesn't believe [[spoiler:Yuuki]] is a vampire so she bites him to confirm his answer.\\
'''You'd Expect''': He would take a hint that [[spoiler:Yuuki]] is still the same. After all, they fought [[spoiler:Rido]] together so this shouldn't be a problem, right?\\
'''Instead''': He vows to hunt her down and kill her like all Pureblood vampires. [[UngratefulBastard Ungrateful]]. Unlike [[VideoGame/DevilMayCry Dante]], who once threatened Trish at gunpoint when he learned she's working for Mundus, gives up on doing this.
** Even Yuuki is no better from the above moments. She ended up trying to visit Zero [[spoiler:after being transformed back into a vampire]] and all she gets is him pointing his gun at the other side of his room.\\
'''You'd Expect''': That Yuuki would try to reason with Zero that [[spoiler:she's still herself no matter she's a human or a vampire]].\\
'''Instead''': [[spoiler:She confirms his suspicions and tells him that [[ThatManIsDead "the Yuuki you once knew is gone because the vampire in her completely devoured her"]] with a smirk on her face]].\\
'''Result''': [[spoiler:Zero ends up hating Yuuki and breaks off contact with her]]. [[NiceJobBreakingItHero Way to go, Yuuki]].
* ''Anime/WelcomeToTheNHK'':
** Satou is given a stash of underage pornography by Yamazaki. Afraid that he himself is becoming a {{Lolicon}}, he resolves to improve himself.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' He gets rid of the pornography.\\
'''Instead:''' He comes up with a plan where he hangs around in the bushes outside a middle school wearing a trenchcoat and looking every inch the creepy paedophile while carrying a camera - the idea being that seeing himself like this will be sufficient impetus to stop his attraction to Lolita-like characters. This won't end well.
** In a later episode, Satou is invited to a seminar which instantly makes the fact that it's a pyramid scheme obvious, and realizes it's a scam right off the bat.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' He runs away.\\
'''Instead:''' That's exactly what happens. He runs away... and yet ''still'' gets talked into joining. When he gets home that night, products in tow, his friends berate him for it. One of them runs to a bookstore and buys a book on pyramid schemes, and studies it for a solution. They find they have the option of returning the items and getting out.\\
'''So Now You'd Expect:''' They return the items and claim their refund.\\
'''Instead:''' They return the items and claim their refund... and then get talked into ''buying more products''. On the way back, they start talking about how stupid someone would have to be to be involved in a pyramid scheme. They only realize this when the book they had consulted earlier falls out of one of their bags.
** Satou takes a trip with his childhood friend to the beach, only realizing once he's there and isolated that she and the "club" she's brought with her have formed a suicide pact and are under the assumption Satou is just as willing to kill themselves as they are.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Satou would either try to talk them out of suicide or call a hotline to get them professional help. Bare minimum, he'd inform them he wasn't looking to off himself and ask them to take him home.\\
'''Instead:''' Satou calmly sits around with the suicidal club and doesn't say a thing, even ''helping them burn the fuel for the boat so there's no way to escape.'' He's on board with the idea all the way to the end, and nearly leaps off a cliff with them (albeit while literally dragging his feet) and is only saved when one of the members has a change of heart at the last minute, convincing the others they can go on living as well. This probably gives a lot of insight into just how much self-loathing Satou has bottled up.
* ''Anime/YokaiWatch'':
** When Nate's mother goes out for a while, she tells him to stay home because she's expecting something in the mail. Nate gets hungry and looks for a snack, which Jibanyan ends up eating. \\
'''You'd Expect:''' Nate to find something else to eat in the house since he knows how mad his mother can get. \\
'''Instead:''' Nate leaves the house for a few minutes to go get a pastry, which causes a giant ogre Yo-Kai to attack him because he left the house when told to stay home. Eventually, Nate goes back home, which makes the Yo-Kai disappear. [[ShaggyDogStory Unfortunately, since the mailman is there, that means Nate's mom is there as well, and of course, she's livid at him]].
* ''Manga/YuYuHakusho'':
** Kuwabara is being threatened by members of a rival gang, whose [[CardCarryingVillain leader]] wants him [[ForTheEvulz "to enjoy the thrill of shoplifting."]] If he does not comply, the gang will [[RevengeByProxy torture, and then likely kill, his cat]]. Since the gangsters do not send anyone to accompany him to the store to make sure that he actually steals the magazines, Kuwabara decides to just acquire them legitimately. \\
'''You'd Expect:''' Him to take the receipt out of the bag before handing over the magazines. \\
'''Instead:''' He neglects to do this, is found out, and [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown would have suffered the consequences]] were it not for Yusuke's BigDamnHeroes moment.