* ''ComicStrip/{{Candorville}}'' was once a mostly realistic strip with the occasional BigLippedAlligatorMoment. Its [[GenreShift transition]] into a darker, more unnerving brand of humor can be traced back to the first time [[BlackAndNerdy Lemont]] and [[KnifeNut Saxon]] are alone together, when Saxon's mask of sanity begins to slip. Two lines cemented the change, and every subsequent plot arc can be traced back to them: "The vampire, Roxanne, is not my lover. She's my mother." Of course, this was aided somewhat by [[spoiler:Saxon's suddenly developing MilkyWhiteEyes and fangs]].
* ''ComicStrip/RickOShay'': New preacher Jubah Lee notices Hipshot Percussion is the only town resident to not come to church. Visiting the gunslinger during his target practice, the preacher mentions how faith can give a person confidence. Hipshot explains he has all the confidence he needs, thanks. Preacher Lee replies "Oh? and is that the reason you practice with six guns two hours every day?" Stunned by the remark, an impressed Hipshot relents and goes to service the first time in his life.
* ''ComicStrip/ForBetterOrForWorse'': "I have fallen in love...but it's not with a girl."
** When Elly is informed after getting back from vacation that Kourtney has been fired in her absence.
* {{ComicStrip/Retail}}: A challenge is declared. A plot to make a rival change jobs backfires horribly.
-->'''[[TheSlacker Cooper]]''': ''[To [[InsufferableGenius Josh]]]'' Because, by this time next year, I'm going to have your job.
* ''ComicStrip/{{Garfield}}'': When Jon [[http://garfield.com/uploads/strips/2006-07-26.jpg confronts]] Liz on going out with another guy:
-->'''Liz's date:''' So, what a minute... you ''like'' this guy?\\
'''Liz:''' As a matter of fact, I do.\\
'''Jon:''' That's right! She does! ...You do?
* In a series of ''ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes'' strips, Calvin tries to join the other kids in a game of baseball as a break from his typical status as a loner. He keeps screwing up and the team berates him to the point where he wants to quit the team. When he informs the coach, rather than receiving sympathy, he gets this:
-->'''Coach:''' [[AdultsAreUseless Okay, quitter! Go home.]]
* ''ComicStrip/BloomCounty'' sometimes had these, and usually played them for laughs. In one case, Bill (in one of his occasional moments of speech) has (apparently) been born again and takes to TV as Fundamentally Oral Bill. At first, he's unsubtly begging for cash with the promise of ridding the world of the other annoying televangelists, earning a following among Bloom County's more gullible residents. However, it's the following line (where he's wagging his finger [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou through the TV]] at Opus) that leads to verbal harassment and, [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone with no shortage of overwhelming guilt]], Milo booting Opus from the boarding house and - quite literally - being PutOnABus:
-->'''Fundamentally Oral! Bill:''' ''[[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything PENGUIN LUST!]]'' Nothing but urges from ''HELL!''
** An example that's played more straight is when Opus receives a letter from his long-lost mother, who's being held for makeup tests at the Mary Kay Cosmetics factory:
-->'''Opus:''' ''SHE'S NOT DEAD!''