''What's with Andy?'' was a Canadian animated series about Andy Larkin, a boy who strives to become the greatest prankster in the world. Most episodes focus on a new prank he has in mind for his annoying sister Jen, his boring school, or even the whole town of East Gackle. The show is based on the ''Just!'' series of children's books by Australian writer Andy Griffiths.
!! This show provides examples of:
* BlackBestFriend: Danny Pickett.
* BraggingThemeTune
* CanadaEh: In Season Two, the show gets relocated to Canada.
* ComedicUnderwearExposure: A staple of almost every episode, happening to Andy.
** NakedPeopleAreFunny: And sometimes, his underwear wasn't the only thing exposed.
* CouchGag: Season One theme song has one different line per each episode, describing the premise.
* DisguisedInDrag: In the very first episode, Andy decides to annoy his sister Jen by [[StopCopyingMe mimicking everything she does]]. This bites him in the butt when Jen goes to the school dance in a dress. Craig Bennett [[AttractiveBentGender immediately falls for him]] once he arrives at the dance.
* DonutMessWithACop: Parodied. During careers week, a kid is told by the cop he is partnered with to memorize the different kinds of donuts there are, since this is a crucial aspect of becoming a real cop.
* FailureHero: Both this and InvincibleHero are averted - Andy gets a balanced amount of both victories and failures. Until Season 3 that is, where he fails and gets chased by angry mobs every time.
* HighSchoolHustler: Andy.
* LeastRhymableWord: In "Rhyme Time" Andy has to rhyme for a whole week due to a bet he has made with Jen. She tries to trick him with the word "orange". [[spoiler: He gets away with "door hinge."]]
* PottyEmergency: Soon after Andy engages in a drinking contest.
* PrinceOfPranksters: Andy's main character trait.
* SociopathicHero: Andy, who faked his own death by making a life-sized doll of himself commit suicide by jumping off a waterfall... As a joke.
* TheKeyIsBehindTheLock: In the episode "The Great American Lock-In", Andy reverses the locks in the front doors of his school, then lures in [[TheBully Lik and Leech]]. Unfortunately, he has dropped the keys outside of the school.
* TimeStandsStill