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''Wayside School'' (usually billed as just ''Wayside'') is an AnimatedAdaptation of [[Literature/WaysideSchool the novels]] from Louis Sachar, created by [[http://mycomputerhatesme.com/index.htm John Derevlany]].

While a lot of the original setting and premise from the books is retained in the series (ie the 30 story school building, [[WackyHomeroom the students]], and [[EverythingsBetterWithCows the cows]]), it also differs quite a bit from the original story. For instance, [[ButtMonkey Todd]] is made a NewTransferStudent to the school and stars as the main protagonist for the show with Mrs. Jewls already teaching at Wayside.

Originally premiering as an hour long {{Pilot}} [[TheMovie Movie]] episode on Canada's Creator/{{Teletoon}} in 2005, it was later picked up for a full, 26-episode series by {{Creator/Nickelodeon}} in 2006; the show itself premiered the following year. Despite garnering relatively favorable reviews, the show was cancelled in 2008 and Nickelodeon eventually pulled reruns after its ending, while reruns of the show still air in Canada, but have moved to Teletoon's now-sister network, Creator/{{YTV}}.


!!Additionally, the AnimatedAdaptation contains examples of:

* AdaptationalNiceGuy: In the books, Principal Kidswatter is quite mean and intimidating, to the point where all the students fear him (they don't call him ''Kidswatter'' for nothing). Here, he's goofier, more lighthearted, and much, much nicer.
* AdaptationPersonalityChange: ''Many'' of the characters suffer from this:
** In the books, Todd was one of the happiest kids in the school, but in the show, he's often bored and pessimistic.
** In the books, Mr. Kidswatter was really intimidating towards the students, but in the show, he's a harmless goofball. Though Kidswatter complaining about his job that he has to deal with kids every day, not knowing how the intercom works, and calling doors "goozacks" was kept in.
** Myron is the biggest example of this: in the books, he was "the nicest, bravest, most normal person on the 30th floor" who would do anything to help others, while in the show, he's incredibly selfish and scatterbrained. However, he usually learns his lesson and does the right thing in the end, and his selfishness could be considered endearing.
** Maurecia hated Todd in the books but has a crush on him in the TV show.
*** Maurecia having a crush on Todd was actually referenced in the first book. When Mrs. Jewls brings in an ice cream flavor of everyone in the class, it's revealed Maurecia's favorite flavor is Todd.
** Sammy was a one-shot character from the first book, [[MindScrew a dead rat who could walk and talk]], and was a complete {{Jerkass}}, trying to pass himself off as a student. The show removed all personality from him and made him a more literal dead rat.
* AdaptedOut: Several of the kids from the books, such as Joy, Benjamin, [=DeeDee=] and Allison, are nowhere to be seen in the show. A lot of the background characters have been theorized, but not confirmed, to be characters from the books.
* AlmightyJanitor: Louis is the sanest and most competent member of Wayside's faculty, which was kind of the case in the books as well.
* AnimationBump: While the designs and linework are rougher than the actual show, [[PilotMovie the 2005 Pilot]] has smoother character animation, and utliizes CGI a lot more than the show.
** Slightly inverted for the final twelve episodes of the series, when the animation style moved from traditional to flash tweening. Luckily, Creator/MercuryFilmworks (who worked on the first season as an animation service.) kept some of the bounciness and expressiveness from the initial episodes.
%%* AudienceSurrogate: Todd.
* BalloonBelly: Maurecia after drinking all the water from the water fountain in ''Slo-Mo Mo'', which later results in a PottyEmergency.
* {{Bizarrchitecture}}: Much much more so than the books. While the Wayside School was simply an [[TechnologyMarchesOn insanely tall ]][[StarScraper skyscraper]], in the series it looks like it was engineered by Creator/MCEscher. [[http://brad-graham.blogspot.com/2007/11/wayside-school-special.html Concept Art Here]]
* ButtMonkey: Todd, to an extent.
* CatchPhrase: Dana's "Enough with the fun!!", usually right after her SignatureLaugh. [[MadLibsCatchPhrase She'll sometimes replace 'fun' with something else.]] Maurecia's romantic greeting: "Hi Todd" and her main catchphrase: "Oh Todd", which she usually swoons while saying the line after Todd says or does something random, which mistakes his random acts as acts of affection for her or when she sees him
* CharacterExaggeration:The show took one tiny trait from each of the characters and exaggerated them to extremes. Such as Myron ran for class president in one chapter of the first book, in the show he can't go two minutes without bringing it up, Steven dressed as a goblin once for Halloween, now he dresses as an elf full time. The Mrs. Jewls thinking of students as monkeys was a one-shot joke in the first book, now it is used all the time.
* {{Cloudcuckooland}}: The eponymous school.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Ms. Jewls, Principal Kidswatter, Myron. Basically, ''everyone'' except for Todd and maybe Louis.
* CompanionCube: Sammy the dead rat, normally Ms. Mush's companion, all of the kids tend to like and respect him.
* CompositeCharacter: Many students qualify, Maurecia and Myron notably. The two take many elements from Joy and Jason, two characters who were in the books but were not in the show, to a point where it may have been more accurate if they just went with those names.
** Rondi could qualify as the Frankenstein's monster of characters that weren't in the show, since not only does she have the elements seen in the version of Rondi from the books, but she share's D.J.'s trait of smiling most of the time, and Paul's trait of pulling Leslie's pigtails.
* CursedWithAwesome: Not exactly "cursed", but Todd gets always sent home from school early with the pre-school bus because of his [[HypocriticalHumor "bad behaviour"]], and he dislikes it to a high degree. The thing is, a normal kid would love to get sent home early from school. Though, this could slide into BlessedWithSuck since "The Elevator" proves that he misses out on assignments when met with such a fate. This is also the reason he wasn't able to go on the "Aquarium Field Trip"
* CuteBruiser: Maurecia.
* DoubleStandardAbuseFemaleOnMale: Maurecia towards Todd.
* DrunkWithPower: Myron in "He Is It".
* EpicFail: Myron is this personified. He can't even operate a light switch.
* FluffyTheTerrible: Maurecia's pet hedgehog (who is actually named Fluffy). It's possible that his extreme resentment towards Todd might come from jealousy of having the most love and affection from his owner.
* FatIdiot: Myron.
%%* FrenchJerk: Le Chef. ESPECIALLY in "Le Race".
* FunnyForeigner: Ms. Mush.
-->"I will make millions of money!"
* GenkiGirl: Dana and Maurecia both.
* GRatedDrug: Mrs. Mush's mushroom surprise. The effects hit Todd much like a shot of LSD and cause him to become hopelessly smitten with Mrs. Jewls. A teacher, it seems, also took a hit-- er, spoonful-- and fell in love with a potted cactus. It's possible Mush may have unwittingly (we hope) used psychedelic mushrooms in the recipe.
* HypocriticalHumor: [[CrossesTheLineTwice Done twice]] in "Pull my Pigtail" When Maurecia greets Todd romantically, he covers himself with his arms begging her not to hit him, to which Maurecia replies with "Hit you?! When have I ever hit you?" Cue [[OverlyLongGag flashback]] [[ClipShow montage]] of Maurecia hitting Todd. After the flashback montage ends there was a few seconds of silence before Maurecia hits Todd again. In "Daring Love" After Jenny jumps over Todd with her motorcycle, she tells a very concerned Maurecia that there's "No way I could've hit him", to which Maurecia then asks "Why anyone would hit Todd?" Cue [[OverlyLongGag flashback]] [[ClipShow montage]] of Maurecia hitting Todd which was the same flashback montage used in "Pull my Pigtail". Todd then comes over to complain, and Maurecia hits him again.
* InformedAbility: An episode involving a dance-off with another school involved Todd and Maurecia creating a move that simply involved Maurecia punching Todd. This is treated as the hottest thing since sliced bread and even gets the rival team a really high score when they steal the move and use it during the dance-off.
* InNameOnly: Takes a 'lot' of liberties for an adaptation.
* {{Irony}}: In the books, Louis shaving off his mustache was considered (by the kids) to be one of the worst things that ever happened in the entire series. In the show he doesn't have a mustache to begin with.
* InsistentTerminology: Kidswatter has two of these: "Goozacks" and "344 South Fairview" [[DontExplainTheJoke which most people know as doors and Todd]]
* ItsAllAboutMe: Myron suffers from this.
* LawfulStupid: Miss Jewls on a few occasions, most notably at the end of "Age Of Aquarium".
* LighterAndSofter: In the original books, Mrs. Gorf after [[HoistByHisOwnPetard being turned into a (sentient) apple]] [[spoiler: was eaten by Louis.]] In the show, her fate after being transformed into an apple is left ambiguous.
** Also, darker and creepier elements from the books like the inside of Ms. Zarves' classroom, the Men in Black, and the substitute teachers make no appearances. It's possible they could have been saved for future seasons, but the show was cancelled before any more could be made. In fact, a list of unmaterialized Season 3 episodes do mention Mr. Gorf.
* LovingBully: Maurecia towards Todd.
* MagicSkirt: Maurecia.
* ManChild: Mrs. Jewls, who borders on this and CloudCuckoolander. She's been known to play pinball in class.
** Principal Kidswatter is more childlike than most of the actual kids.
* MasterOfTheMixedMessage: Soo...does Todd secretly like Maurecia or is he scared of her?
%%* {{Meganekko}}: Dana.
* MsExposition: Dana always has [[GreatBigBookOfEverything The Official Wayside Rule Book]] on hand when any school rules or regulations need to be explained.
* {{Nerd}}s: Myron, Dana, and the Three Erics.
* MythologyGag: An ironic example though likely unintended. In the show, Todd is a normal kid from a normal school sent to the insane school of Wayside. In the third book after Wayside was shut down [[MakesSenseInContext due to a cow infestation]] Todd was sent from the insane school of Wayside to a normal school with normal kids. (In fact the writer said that he was sent to [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou the reader's school]])
* NewTransferStudent: Todd.
%%* NoGuyWantsToBeChased
%%* NonHumanSidekick: Sammy.
* NoOSHACompliance: The whole school is like a fun house deathtrap. The doors are improperly placed, the most of the buttons and levers turn on something else and one Todd's classrooms is a trash compactor.
* OnceAnEpisode: Todd being sent home on the preschool bus instead of the regular bus - at first. They stopped making it an EveryEpisodeEnding after the first few episodes, only bringing it back a few times when it was plot-relevant, mostly when Todd gets in trouble and Ms. Jewls must punish him.
* OneSteveLimit: Averted, as it's a Three Eric Rule, no more and no less. Lampshaded and lampooned every way possible.
* OnlySaneMan: Todd, and it's invoked; he was sent to the school from another that was more normal. Also, he gets constantly punished by Ms. Jewls despite being the one who displays the best behaviour of all the classmates.
%%* PointyHairedBoss: Principal Kidswatter.
* PragmaticAdaptation: While the show isn't a complete adaptation of Louis Sachar's books, it is a relatively impressive show in its own right, building off the surrealness of the original books
* RaceLift: In the show, Principal Kidswatter, Myron, Eric Ovens, and Bebe are black, while in the books' illustrations, they were white.
* RedOniBlueOni: Todd is the Blue Oni to ''everyone's'' Red Oni (although Dana and Louis can sometimes be blue as well).
* SavvyGuyEnergeticGirl: Todd and Maurecia.
* ShipTease: Todd/Maurecia and Dana/Myron
* ShipperOnDeck: Dana in the pilot movie, ''Pull My Pigtail'', and ''Todd Falls in Love''.
* ShoutOut: Papa Jewls' arms are shaped similarly to {{Popeye}}'s.
* SpringtimeForHitler: Maurecia, when she tries to get out of the "stupid smart class". The class was run by Miss Mush, who is TooDumbToFool.
* TomboyWithAGirlyStreak: Maurecia.
* {{Tsundere}}: Maurecia is Type B towards Todd.
* YouDontLookLikeYou: The characters in the show look next to nothing like their illustrations in the books.
** However, it should be noted that the books' illustrations have changed many times over the years, so there is no definitive/canon version of the characters that the show is bound to.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair:
** Maurecia, who's changed from originally a redhead to this.
** Also, admittedly Louis.
** Mrs. Jewls has pink hair.
** Dana's is purple.
** Mr. Kidswatter's is light purple (On the lavender side)