The city park is 80 days away from being closed for unpaid debts and Granny wants to save it. Opportunity presented itself when she overheard Col. Rimfire claiming cats were the smartest creatures on earth and willing to wage his fortune that nobody could outsmart them. Granny then got him to agree on a bet. If Tweety goes around the world in 80 days and collects paw prints from 80 cats, she wins. Otherwise, he wins.

!!This film contains examples of:

* TheCameo: Various ''Looney Tunes'' characters appear in bit parts at various locations.
** Colonel Rimfire is the club member who makes the bet with Granny.
** Lola serves as a reporter covering the story from a studio.
** WesternAnimation/BugsBunny and WesternAnimation/DaffyDuck are at the Swiss Alps.
** WesternAnimation/PepeLePew appears in (where else?) Paris, trying to romance a skunk that's really Sylvester.
** Hubie and Bertie are on the boat heading for America.
** WesternAnimation/YosemiteSam is a tram driver in San Francisco.
** The ending reveals that one of the club members is Cool Cat in disguise.
** Various other appearances include Taz, Pete Puma, WesternAnimation/FoghornLeghorn, and Rocky and Mugsy.
%% * DirectToVideo
* DistaffCounterpart: Aoogah to Tweety.
* EveryoneHasStandards: The birds betting on Tweety and the cats betting against him are ''both'' saddened when it appears he could be dead.
* KarmaHoudini: Besides not keeping any royal passports he steals, the thief never faces any sort of commeupance.
* LaserGuidedKarma: As part of a plan to catch Tweety, Sylvester frames him with the royal passport theft. Sylvester ends up being arrested for the theft.
* MeaningfulName: Aoogah can imitate the horn.
* SavingTheOrphanage: The plot revolves around saving the city park.
* SpiritualSuccessor: To ''WesternAnimation/TheSylvesterAndTweetyMysteries''. The movie shared much of the same cast and crew.
* WalkIntoCameraObstruction: At the end of the prologue. Sylvester says, "Well, first things first," while he is walking toward the camera. And his face fills up the screen, making it completely black.
* WholePlotReference: To ''Literature/AroundTheWorldInEightyDays'', of course. It couldn't be more obvious even if they had a similar title.