''Theodore Tugboat'' is a children's show about the adventures of Theodore Tugboat and his friends George, Emily, Foduck, and Hank. The Harbourmaster (played by Denny Doherty of TheMamasAndThePapas) introduces the stories.

It was produced by Robert Cardona, co-producer of ''WesternAnimation/{{TUGS}}'', making this a SpiritualSuccessor of said show. Both are centered on the harbour activities of a fleet of tugboats who wear hats. Unlike TUGS, which was set in TheRoaringTwenties and were essentially models mounted on trolleys pulled by fishing line, the setting of ''Theodore'' is much more modern and the characters are radio-controlled.
!!This show provides examples of:
* AchillesInHisTent: Two occasions. Once with Hank and once with Guysborough the Garbage Barge.
* AnAesop
* CanadaEh: The show takes place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with many characters named after places around Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia, the Maritimes, and Atlantic Canada.
* TheCaptain
* CoolBigSis: Emily.
* CoolBoat
* FearlessFool: Carla the Cabin Cruiser.
* FiveManBand
** TheHero: Theodore.
** TheLancer: Hank.
** TheBigGuy: George.
** TheSmartGuy: Foduck.
** TheChick: Emily.
* TheGhost: The Harbormaster's friend Rodney, who often has something to do with whatever is going on but never really shows up, along with any other humans in the show.
* HatePlague: Guysborough's first appearance had this effect.
* HeavySleeper: Northumberland the Submarine.
* JerkAss: Guysborough the Garbage Barge.
* JerkassFacade: Theodore in episode ''Bumper Buddies''.
* JerkJock: One shot character Oliver The Vast.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: George.
* KidAppealCharacter: Hank.
* LargeHam: Owan the Oil Rig.
* NiceHat: The entire tugboat fleet are identified by them.
* PokemonSpeak: Donald Dock. All he can say is "Uh-huh". The junk dock Jasper can only say "nope". Apparently it's common for docks to only be able to say one word.
* RookieRedRanger: Theodore.
* ShoutOut: In the episode "Bedford's Big Move", the Harbourmaster receives cookies from his mother that are shaped like Sunshine from ''{{TUGS}}''. Some of the character names coincide with other characters' names in ''TUGS'', such as Lilly Lighthouse (Lillie Lightship).
* SuperSpeed: ''Hank, you're the fastest Tug in the big harbour!''
* TheMagnificent: Emily the Vigorous, George the Valiant, and Foduck The Vigilant.
* ThemeMusicPowerUp: An instrumental of the main theme starts blaring as Theodore is doing something heroic/cool.
* ThemeTuneRollCall
* TrueCompanions
* {{Tsundere}}: Emily is a good example of a Type-B Tsundere.
* TwinSwitch: Phillip and Philmore the ferry twins do it often as a joke.
* WelcomeEpisode