->"''Ooh, they got o-ri-gi-nality!/Living with a split... personality!''"
-->--'''opening theme song'''

The Wuzzles was the first Creator/{{Disney}} original animated series. It debuted in 1985, and aired on broadcast television as a SaturdayMorningCartoon. It is also their shortest running series of TheEighties, at 13 episodes, though it went into reruns for quite a while.

Like many other shows of the 1980s, it had a plush line (which it [[strike: may have been]] was designed to sell) and each stuffed animal character came with a picture book that helped set up the world of the series.

It was a fun little cartoon and toy line that followed the great tradition of [[TheEighties 80ís]] cartoons and toys: It was colorful, had kind of a sci-fi/fantasy theme, and [[DerangedAnimation made you wonder what kinds of legal or illegal drugs the people who came up with it were taking at the time]].

All of the main characters were MixAndMatchCritters:
* Bumblelion (bumblebee/lion)
* Hoppopotamus (hippo/rabbit)
* Eleroo (elephant/kangaroo)
* Butterbear (butterfly/bear)
* Moosel (moose/seal)
* Rhinokey (rhino/monkey)
* Tycoon (tiger/raccoon... but really, part raccoon with tiger stripes, part DonaldTrump)
* Crock (crocodile/bear or crocodile/tyrannosaurus... maybe? [see below])
* Brat (boar/rat... but more honestly Taz/Enough features from other random animals that he isn't a total copyright infringement)
* Flizard (frog/lizard... with a few monkey parts?)

The plush line actually outlived the cartoon, and [[http://ghostofthedoll.co.uk/Toys_Wuzzles_Plush.htm involved several more characters who never got a chance to appear in the cartoon]]. Additionally, a few episodes of the television show were given theatrical runs in Europe, acting as animated shorts before Disney films.

!!This show has examples of:

* AmazingTechnicolorWildlife: Said MixAndMatchCritters are often bright shades of nonsense, such as purple or pink.
* AnimalGenderBender with a sometimes ViewerGenderConfusion chaser: Eleroo, who is a male, and has a pouch.
* AppropriateAnimalAttire: Though the main characters were naked most of the time, they would occasionally wear clothes.
* ArbitrarySkepticism: One episode revolves entirely around the rest of the gang mocking Moosel for being afraid of monsters. This is after it's been established that things like [[GiantSwimmer Sharkasaurus]] (half Great White Shark, half TyrannosaurusRex) exist.
* BigEater: Eleroo and Hoppopotamus.
* BrokenAesop / MoralDissonance: [[http://www.scary-crayon.com/spectare/wuzzles1x03/ Surprisingly, a lot of it.]]
* CarryingACake: Subverted in the episode discussed in the above link.
* DinosaursAreDragons: Oh yeah. WordOfGod is annoyingly inconsistent as to whether Crock is half-crocodile, half-dragon or half-crocodile, half-tyrannosaur... or if he's a hybrid at all! Further, all the monsters Moosel lives in fear of are named [something]-saurus.
* FatAndSkinny: Hoppopotamus and Butterbear.
* FatComicRelief: Hoppopotamus. Also Eleroo to a lesser extent.
* HarmlessVillain: Crock.
* HollywoodDensity: Sometimes Hoppo would be heavier than usual when a joke called for it. At least once, she made the ground shake just by walking. Let's just say that [[ValuesDissonance watching the series now]], it is ''jarring'' how many jokes against fat girls there are.
* {{Jerkass}}: All the characters had their jerkass moments, but none more so than Rhinokey.
* LemonyNarrator: The narrator of each episode, he comes off to having a lot of personality.
* LoveTriangle: Hoppopotomus is infatuated with Bumblelion, who is head over heels for Butterbear, who isn't really interested in anyone.
* MerchandiseDriven: Though they're so rare it may pass others by, the series was in fact created to sell a line of stuffed toys.
* MixAndMatchCritters: The entire cast and the core concept. In fact, this isn't limited to just the creatures -- the gadgets they use and food products they eat all seem to be odd combinations, some of which make no sense at all (such as a pedal bicycle with pogo stick springs instead of wheels -- what do the pedals even do?)
* MoodWhiplash: The entirety of "Bumblelion and the Terrified Forest". It starts out as a lighthearted, comedic affair as Bumblelion tries and laughably fails at being a {{swashbuckler}} after watching a TV show about one, while Hoppo tries to doll herself up in hopes of getting Bumblelion to notice her. Then it does a full-fledged swing into a horror movie pastiche, as Bumblelion and Hoppo have to travel through a seriously creepy forest and then venture into an equally creepy castle being haunted by the true villain of the episode. Which is a giant "gor-rantula" and thusly takes the form of a massive ape's head scuttling around on eight hairy giant spider legs. It's a seriously creepy sight.
* NoFourthWall / MediumAwareness: In the course of thirteen episodes, Freberg manage to address the audience or the presence of the show every single time.
* OffModel: Ye Gods. Some examples can be seen [[http://babbletrish.blogspot.com/2009/07/re-wuzzle-wings.html here]].
* TheRenaissanceAgeOfAnimation
* ReptilesAreAbhorrent: Pretty hard to miss this one. All three of the recurring villains are at least part reptilian (including Brat, despite his name suggesting a wholly mammalian combination), in stark contrast with the main cast, who are all predominantly mammals with the occasional cute bug mixed in.
* SaturdayMorningCartoon
* SoapPunishment: Crock threatens to do this to Flizard for saying that he's hungry enough to go work for food.
* TalkingAnimal: The Wuzzles themselves.
* UnrequitedLove: Hoppopotamus/Bumblelion.
* WingsDoNothing: Discussed [[http://babbletrish.blogspot.com/2009/07/re-wuzzle-wings.html here]]. All the main Wuzzles have little fairy wings that do nothing aside from flapping rapidly when they are excited.
** Only Butterbear and occasionally Bumblelion can use them to hover, but they're part insect anyway, so they at least have that excuse