[[caption-width-right:250:The Circle of Life, meets the big apple.]]
A movie distributed by Creator/{{Disney}} (but made by the now-defunct [[CanadaEh Canadian]] C.O.R.E. Feature Animation studio) starring Samson the lion (voiced by Creator/KieferSutherland) and his son, Ryan, squirrel named Benny (voiced by [[Creator/JamesBelushi Jim Belushi]]), an anaconda named Larry (voiced by Creator/RichardKind), a giraffe named Bridget (voiced by Creator/JaneaneGarofalo), and a koala named Nigel (voiced by Creator/EddieIzzard).

After an argument with his dad, Ryan ran away to the African wild to be like his father. Samson searches for him to bring him back home to the zoo with help from his friends. During their search, Larry, Nigel, and Bridget notice Samson's odd behavior, unusual for a lion of his caliber. Things get worse when the gang encounter wildebeest led by the wicked and insane Kazar (voiced by Creator/WilliamShatner) who wants Wildebeests to become top of the food chain.

!!''The Wild'' provides examples of:

* AlternativeForeignThemeSong: The theme song for the Japanese version of ''The Wild'' is called [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFx4c7ZG_jI "Prisoner of Love"]] by the Gospellers.
* AnthropomorphicZigZag
* ArtisticLicenseBiology: Ryan is stated to be 11 years old in the movie. Even though he's still a cub, realistically a lion his age would be considered middle-aged.
* AscendedToCarnivorism: The wildebeest. Kazar tries to anyway. Blag and the rest of his minions don't really want to become predators but Kazar threatens and abuses them. [[spoiler: They finally stand up to him at the climax.]]
* BadBoss: Kazar.
* BecomingTheMask: [[spoiler:Samson.]]
* ButtMonkey: Nigel. Let's see, he's trampled by flamingos, has his head stuck in a coke can, falls off a ''boat'' and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking is spun round until he feels sick]].
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Larry.
* CoolAndUnusualPunishment: The antagonists are a herd of wildebeests... with near-flawless dance moves.
* CoversAlwaysLie: The posters for this movie seem to imply that the sewer crocodiles are the villains. In the movie, they're actually friendly characters who don't really play a big part of the movie other than lead Samson and his friends to the Statue of Liberty.
* DumbassHasAPoint: Larry the anaconda is normally silly and aloof, but his stroke of brilliance comes when he suggests that [[spoiler:they use their "secret plan" from curling to beat the wildebeests.]]
* FluorescentFootprints: Samson attempting to tap into his instincts to track down Ryan starts seeing arrows and designs in the scenery leading him, and he assumes this is just how it works, but it is subverted when [[spoiler:it is revealed to be chameleons secretly leading the way]]
* GenialGiraffe: Bridget the giraffe is nice despite being a bit of a DeadpanSnarker.
* HeelFaceTurn: Kazar's lieutenant Blag and the rest of the wildebeests are repeatedly threatened and abused by their boss to follow his insane plan of wildebeests becoming predator. [[spoiler: They finally stand up to him in the climax.]]
-->'''Kazar''': What are you doing? I command you to attack them! Like ''true'' predators!\\
[[spoiler:'''Blag''': We're tired of pretending to be something we're not. But most of all, we're tired of ''you.'']]
* HollywoodChameleons: They can even pile on top of another animal and render it completely invisible.
* IHaveNoSon: [[spoiler:Samson's father forsakes him for not being a ''real'' lion.]]
* InterspeciesRomance: Bridget and Benny. It's a one-sided romance.
* {{Jerkass}}: Colin the hyrax. [[spoiler:He feels insulted that Samson won't eat him.]] He bumps into a tree as he walks away insulting Samson and his friends, and curses at the tree for ruining his dramatic exit.
* LogoJoke: A jungle themed Walt Disney Pictures logo plays over Samson telling a story to Ryan. But the light fails to arc over the castle because Ryan tells Samson he heard the stories Samson told him too many times. At one point, the light ball gets dragged back by the arc line.
* MissingMom: Galena, Samson's wife and Ryan's mother. She was never even mentioned onscreen and it is thought she died. But she appeared in a deleted scene, where she's worried that her husband and son are in danger and relies on Benny to look out for them both.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Let's see... before Samson and his friends could win in turtle curling (with a cameo from [[Series/HockeyNightInCanada Don Cherry]], voicing in the appearance of a penguin, on commentary!), Ryan accidentally starts a stampede, which causes his dad to lose the game. Then Samson berates his son for costing them the game, calls him out for always moping around, and asks if he did this because he couldn't roar. The look on his son's face tells us that Samson immediately regretted saying that and instantly tried to apologize. We later learn why he felt bad saying that.
* OhCrap: Ryan's look after accidentally causing a stampede.
** [[spoiler:After Samson tells his friends he's not from the wild and he can't protect them.]]
* PsychoPoodle: The gang get attacked by a vicious back of stray dogs which was led by a crazy white poodle.
* SecretKeeper: Early in the film, Benny is the only one who knows Samson's deep dark secret. [[spoiler:The secret turns out to be he's not from the wild, but was born in a circus.]]
* SeldomSeenSpecies: The hyraxes.
* SewerGator: The film saw the zoo animals meeting up with a pair of alligators in the sewer who actually turned out to be friendly and helped the heroes find the way to the Statue of Liberty.
* ShoutOut: The back-story for the villain references Film/TheGodsMustBeCrazy. A talking koala (modeled after one of the main characters, no less) doll falls from an airplane, saving the life of a wildebeest, who reveres it as divine and sets up a ReligionOfEvil around it.
* WasItAllALie: Samson tells his son and friends stories about his adventures in the wild. [[spoiler:However, as they search for Ryan, Samson's friends find it odd that he tells them to runaway from rapid dogs rather than fighting them off. Then, when they're in Africa, he was unwilling to eat a rude hyrax. They feel as though he's not really from the wild. Samson says its true, he's a phony. And he's sorry for lying to them and unable to protect them. Followed by an OhCrap moment.]]
* WasTooHardOnHim: Samson worries he drove his son away by scolding him for costing his team the shuffleboard match.
* WhatTheHellHero: Samson calls Ryan out on endangering everyone in the zoo with the stampede. But he went too far, and Ryan gives him the [[IHaveNoSon I Have No Father]] speech.